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Last night’s episode of Q&A was a fiery one – Joe Hockey was front and centre of the wide-ranging debate on Baby Boomers, the Intergenerational Report, employment, rent, negative gearing and tax and infrastructure spending.

But one person on the panel gave Mr Hockey a run for his money – Grattan Institute economist John Daley. When asked about negative gearing, Mr Hockey cast minds back to the 80s when Bob Hawke abolished it and rents surged. He said that those who can’t afford to buy their own homes would be affected. But Mr Daley set him straight: rents in Sydney went up because there weren’t enough houses on the market.

“But look beyond Sydney and rents were dead – barely moved in Brisbane, didn’t go up very far in Melbourne, didn’t go up very far in Adelaide. They did go up very fast in Perth which makes you suspect very strongly that the race memory we have of abolish negative gearing, that rents will go up, is a race memory built on Sydney…rents shouldn’t go up because by definition what happens at the auction is that the investor doesn’t win the auction but someone who wants to live in the house”. Do you agree with his logic?

He stood firm on his belief that the impact on the rental market would be zero if Mr Hockey abolished negative gearing with gives tax concessions to those who rent at a loss.

During the ABC program, Mr Hockey said, “I’m always conscious of taking people’s money off them … sorry, I’m excluding the ABC”. Do you believe him and was this a fair comment to make?

But the real biting comment of the night was from Mr Daley who called Mr Hockey out. He said, “We as a society have essentially decided to spend quite a lot more money on health. It’s good news, it’s keeping people alive for a lot longer. The bad news is someone’s got to pay for it. We’ve agreed as a society to have an national disability insurance scheme scheme, that’s terrific but somebody’s got to pay for it.

“So far we’ve had relatively little discussion about the fact that taxes will probably have to go up, and of course no politician wants to talk about that”.

So what do you think, should an economist be our treasurer instead or is Mr Hockey the right man for the job? Did you watch the show last night?

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  1. I used to like Joe Hockey, but I think he has lost touch with reality and a little power has gone to his head…. Send him to live with me for two weeks and I will show him how me and thousands like me live….

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    • Yes Fran so right I haven’t been so dissatisfied and and worried, he and Abbott have but one aim in life and that is to look after the top end of town on taxes and their benefits so as to flog the elderly and frail, you don’t see them putting the brakes on them selves.

    • Good idea Fran. Maybe if he & his family & all politicians had to spend at least 3 months of each term of office in the private rental market on an aged or disability pension, the might remember who employs them.

    • Exactly fran, he can come to my house and learn how to live on $200. pw if he wants! Lets see if he takes our pensions off us then, the mongrel!

    • I agree with you Fran. Used to be a fan of Hockey, but no longer! He does not live in the real world!

  2. Hockey is the worst treasurer we have ever had..did they seriously think they could slap down so many Australian’s and we would still vote for them? The Economist was right about so many issues. Chris Bowen showed Hockey up too

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  3. Hockey is just not likeable nor believable, they are governing us American Tea Party style and that fool should have known it would not work with us..trouble is they are out of touch with ordinary Australian’s

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    • The trouble with Hockey he is no Treasurer. We have had some brilliant Treasurers in the past but Hockey is a total embarrassment. He is in the wrong job, hasn’t a clue!

    • according to you Noel..that is a last century will be screaming reds under the bed next

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      • According to me as well. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you are right.

  4. I loved Joe Hockey’s answer to the over treating the elderly question. I thought it showed his compassion for the elderly. I think he did really well considering the mess he was left with. Are we becoming a country of whiners who just want quick fixes?

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    • That man has no can’t take funding off the homeless, the deaf and the blind and claim to be is all an act, but now we can see through it

    • Who wouldn’t want a quick fix. How ever any type of fix is going yo cost us dearly. Its the little people who aren’t making a huge profit who are being squeezed out of existence…its the low income who are struggling.. You can’t make us us pay more for everything and expect us to stay afloat…. The parties want the banks to own us body mind and soul…. We can’t clear the debt of the country if we can’t clear our debt with the banks. Not possible…

    • The “mess” he was left with is nowhere near as bad as it is now. Too many people blaming the previous govt. without checking facts. Abbott and hockey are destroying this country, and the sooner you people pull your heads out of the sand the sooner you will see what they’re doing..

    • Give a dog a bone..these Liberals will grasp onto anything even if the evidence is too contrary.. he is being slammed by every news paper in the country today..a few words will not undo all the misery this man has caused

    • If this country is in such a mess why has Hockey doubled the deficit since being in government.

    • You must be on a different world than me. Hockey, compassion for the elderly? Please please tell me you are joking.

    • What mess ? We are in debts because he makes the rich richer. He has created the BIGGEST mess and STILL kept blaming others ! Good luck to you since you are so insist about the mess. please look at the funding that have been there to support the deaf, blind, disadvantaged, the elderly who had no other means of income… So these are the mess that you happily agreed with Hockey because it needs to be fixed. So he fixed it by cutting off the funding because we must all live within our means and TO PUT UP WITH IT as Abbott reckons is our life choices because we are blind, deaf, disabled, poor. You are happy because by cutting off the support for these people and the vulnerable old people is the good thing that Honky has done to fix the mess! Please open you eyes and look through your crystal glass. He has no compassion.. All an act! Go and visit a 90 year old with no support and was struggling alone.. It breaks your heart because he can’t afford to pay for services that he must rely on . And you think by supporting the vulnerable is a mess!

    • It was also Joe who BOASTED to NZ at the beginning of the current term that there was no deficit. Another LIE! The man is a delusional dispassionate bastard doing the bidding of Rhinehardt & Forrest & co. If THOSE parasites paid even a tiny amount of the taxes they are supposed to their would be free health & education & all pensioners could live in peace.

    • Quick fixes isn’t the answer, but, do find an easier one that’s right in front of the noses of the present gov’t. Do something about the “exorbitant salaries and overly generous benefits & allowances” that ALL politicians get; put a stop to the “tax minimization” that the top end of town enjoys; stop taking the easy way out thru targeting the elderly & the vulnerable in our society. For a country like ours with a small population, we can’t ill afford to pay the salaries of our politicians @ federal level, let alone @ state level!

    • Ohhhh FFS people I only said I liked his answer to the last question about over treating the elderly. I believe we all need to talk about euthanasia n keeping the elderly alive against their wishes. I didn’t say I love n support joe hockey!! Calm down people we live in the best country in the world because of our wonderful caring compassionate people not politicians.

    • How many woman’s lives will be lost because he cut funding to women’s refuges. 100 down to 20. 1 woman a week is murdered by. A partner and he cuts funding.i could go on and on. I hate this government with a vengeance. I didn’t think it could be worse than Howard but it is much worse.

    • As far as his answered elderly health. That’s not an answer that’s a head in the sand. I’m a Labor do gooder and a trained welfare worker. All his answer was about was not getting multi national drug companies and the medical profession up in arms.
      Budget could be balanced by promoting that everyone of age should have an end of life plan. I mean actively promoting it. Also legalising eithenasia. It will happen. Promoting dying at home rather than in hospital. With supports put in place. The list goes on

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      • Euthanasia is the answer to everything, is that what you really think. My husband had Alzhiemers disease, he was very happy in his own way, he certainly didn’t deserve to be euthanised because he ended up with dementia. He died of cancer in the end, not from Alzhiemers disease, i wonder how much money i saved by caring for him until the last 4 months of his life.

    • I guess your not one of the aged people and stop blaming other governments for there eras they give themselves raise which they don’t need give back some of that from all of them and that will help a lot

    • What mess was he left with? we are in more debt now than we were when he became treasurer. We had one of the best economies in the world when Labor lost the last election…stop believing what you read in the Murdoch rags and what comes forth from two dud politicians, Abbott & Hockey.

    • Tammy Williams take your blinkers off. This government is never responsible for anything. It’s everyone else’s fault

    • A trained welfare worker ? Not something to brag about either you never get the point of anything unless it’s about handing out free money WE DONT HAVE , seems you ‘ labor do gooders ‘ don’t have any understanding of this . You don’t grasp it do you ? Who provides work ? Huh ?
      Usually big companies . ! Yet your quick to whine when big companies are taxed out of our country and it’s always someone else’s fault ! Always ! Why don’t people wake up and start thinking about WHERE the jobs come from ? If companies don’t exit where will people work ??

    • Why isn’t a trained welfare worker anything to brag about? These people are on the front line of caring. Picking up the broken pieces of our throw away society.
      And big companies are not taxed out of Australia. They choose to go overseas to increase their bottom lines, to pay astronomical money to their CEOs and shareholders. And not have to pay the decent wages that workers have fought for just to survive. Creating more need for our welfare workers. And many welfare workers are voluntary.
      But some people are too busy making more money, to care about the suffering caused by this, which in turn is left for the caring people in society to try and deal with.

    • Carolyn Brown you need to work a day in the duties of a welfare worker before you make a comment about what they do and how they do it. So far off the mark it is too insulting for words.

    • Sandra page every smart person knows that labor left a bloody big mess and the libs had to pay for labors over borrowing and spending, hence the bills labor left would’ve quadrupled if they were still in power thankfully they are not, Hockey is 100 times smarter than swan but then again you wouldn’t have to be real bright to be smarter than swan

    • Libbi Elliot Have to disagree with you. I am profoundly deaf. I can say with confidence I’m content with what I have. It’s just a matter of how you are prepared to live within the circumstances you live in

  5. Hockey is in reverse Robin Hood mode, and cannot, or will not, see any other point of view. He and Abbott just keep putting a different slant on the same old, tired and unpassed things. Get someone who can actually know what they are talking about

  6. Hockey has no idea how the pensioner or normal everyday Australian lives, he is only interested in what he can get out of being an insufficient Pollie when he gets kicked

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    • Sorry , I am 70 ,a pensioner and I know of no pensioner , really struggling . We do have to be careful at times as big bills come in, but if you have ahome it helps. But then Govt gives you rent assist, because you never bought one. Should have been compulsory to purchase as they were years ago priced for everyone .

    • Dear Dawn, obviously the people you know all have money, perhaps you and your friends are the ones hiding away their money so they can get the full pension, I know a lot of those, in fact I advised a few on how to do it. Another good one they do is take a world trip and spend their savings so that they get the pension they “worked for”. Yes I am also 70 – worked from 16 until I was 69, ended up a single mother, and now receive a part pension (no I did not use any of the schemes to hide my money as I believe in being honest and there might be someone worse off than myself), I survive, but dread the bills coming in, especially these days with the cost of private utility companies (SA the highest electricity bills in Aust). I am hoping that the kids and grandkids have enough super to live a reasonable life in old age. PS I dislike Pyne and the fact he is going to make my grandkids with so much debt that it will be ages before they can even think about a home of their own.

  7. Lost his way like One Term Tony. Both of them need a reality check. Joe lives in a $5m home so does not realise the average persons needs.

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    • I bet Hockey is enjoying his superannuation well before he is 70. I reckon he will be getting the huge pay packet by 50

    • I don’t care who lives in what house or how they made their money as long as WE ALL pay our fair share of taxes, which is not the case at the moment, or ever will be by the sound of things. Get rid of negative gearing too, or only allow people to have two investment properties. Sydney is sooooo over priced and my grandchildren just cannot get a deposit together because the house prices are going up much faster than their salaries and savings. Very sad for all the young people.

    • Time for you to move to Russia Christa Caldecott or try to buy on Tokyo or London.or New York. All property values are what people are prepared to pay, and I am not here to supply my grandchildren a home.I had to save too to buy a property at a lower pay rate that kids earn now.

  8. I agree with you Tammy I think a lot of australians are whingers now we have had it good for a lot of years get over it

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    • Yes we have had it good but if hockey and abbott and turnbull have their way, we wont have anything. Maybe you should start listening to what other people are saying about them.

    • I wouldn’t be a politician for anything. My heart went out to Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard when Bill Shorten manipulated n stabbed then both in the back so he could take their place. It saddens me that we have no respect for any of our politicians or the elderly or the disadvantaged these days. But we do live in the best country in the world compared to none n I for one am grateful n proud to be Australian.

    • We are still the lucky country if only the whingers would stop and smell the roses. It’s hard times alright, but could be a lot worse. If you had lived in the Great Depression, then maybe you would have cause to complain! Our parents lived through it and survived. They then had to go through world war 2. You think you have it bad?

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