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The former Treasurer says he will stand down from parliament for family reasons, however the rumour mill is already working against his story.

In a statement issued last night, Mr Hockey said, “After having served for nearly twenty years as the Member for North Sydney and seventeen years on the frontbench, I advised the Prime Minister that I did not wish to continue as a minister in the Government and that it is my intention to resign from the House of Representatives.

“It has been a great honour to serve my local community as the second longest serving Member for North Sydney since Federation. I have no desire to break Billy Hughes’ record!

“It was a great privilege to serve on the frontbench.

“In each and every ministry from Financial Services to Employment and Workplace Relations, from Small Business and Tourism to Treasurer, I have sought to do my very best for the people of Australia.

“I will have more to say in due course, but for the sake of my young family – to whom I owe so much – I have decided to bring my parliamentary career to a close.”

According to The Australian, Mr Hockey was offered a junior position by Malcolm Turnbull after being demoted from Treasurer in favour of Scott Morrison, and it is understood that Mr Hockey declined the offer.

It’s not career over for Mr Hockey, however, as The Australian reports he is first in line to take over Kim Beazley’s job as US ambassador. This is considered the most prestigious diplomatic posting one can get.

Mr Hockey has not clarified whether he will serve out the rest of his term or exit before the next federal election by forcing a by-election.

As heads roll in Malcolm Turnbull’s cabinet shake-up do you shed a tear for Joe Hockey?  What do you think of his decision to leave parliament? 

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  1. why is he taking on ambassador for australia.

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    • Nothing would surprise me. He’s been a leaner all his life and he will likely be rewarded for it by his similarly-minded colleagues and continue being a leaner, keeping his snout in the trough.

      I doubt family has anything to do with it, more likely he can’t live with the embarrassment of his failures and the harm he’s done to real Australians.

  2. Whose going to pay off you wife house in Canberra Joe if your not receiving any parliamentary allowance?

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    • Who is to say there were not other tenants reducing the mortgage ~ surely the house had a few spare bedrooms.

    • Are you retired Noel? If so does your former employer pay you 75% of the wage you were on when you retired? Didn’t think so, you have your super and the age pension if you’re lucky. And you had to be 65 to get it

    • Well said Sue, yes Noel we can only hope Joe gets what he deserves not what you think he is ENTITLED TO!

    • He will miss the living away from home allowance he got more a fortnight for living in hi ages house than us pensioners get a fortnight to live on. 3 nights cover our pensions I think it’s a very unfair situation with the big wages they get

    • He will still get his living away from home allowance if he gets the ambassadors job. And yes, he does rent out his Canberra home to other politicians. And don’t forget his parliamentary pension gives him free flights and an office and staff and travel allowance. He sure knows which side his bread is buttered on.

    • Ruth Hourigan Well said and I totally agree!! Our politicians are lining their pockets with taxpayer funds!! It makes me angry when I think about it!! GRRRR!!!!

    • Why am i not surprised? Most politicians use this statement “for the sake of my family”, to rationalise their actions! The AGE OF ENTITLEMENT is not over for Mr. Hockey, only for us vulnerable pensioners, with this lucrative overseas posting in the offing, if it does come to fruition!!

    • Think of the tax free allowances he will get as an ambassador

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      • Can you imagine what sort of Ambassador he’d make. Both his and Tony Abbott’s reputations have gone before them around the world. Nobody could take him seriously or respectfully.

    • They need to bring back the gold watch and leave the money in the kitty for our health, education and pensioners.

    • Think I’m might become a pollie and the first thing I would do is get rid of the bloody stupid rules and rorts of ex pollies!! I dont mind them getting a redundancy, worked out on their achievements and put a ceiling on it? When they leave or are sacked it is goodbye a golden handshake and no more snout in the trough. Maybe a 300,000 payout and a $1000 a year for every year you have served over 5 years?? I reckon I’d voted in just on that platform!!!

    • A pox on both their houses. Committee investigating political perks has been put off until 2021. Most current pollies will have served their second term and therefore will gain their pension and increased pension for life.

    • Labor is demanding Tony Abbott explain why he hosted two private parties for a high school reunion and final staff farewell at Kirribilli House days after being deposed as Prime Minister.

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    • Michelle Hogan, I could register it as the Australian Boomers Party!!! Cant be any worse than some we have now!

    • What a sarcastic lot you are. They give up their whole private life for this. They deserve what they get. The only thing that should change is the Super intitlements should be the same as everyone else.

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      • RoGwen Brien I also gave up my private life for 47 years to earn a living but I don’t get a pension like pollies do for the rest of their lives. I was forced to retire on ill health and I can’t even get a pension for at least another 12 months. Yet these people who become pollies are entitled to a pension after being in parliament for 2 terms. Where is the justice in this, they rip us off with taxes while lining their own pockets. Where is their pay coming from, the taxpayers and at the expense of the elderly pensioners. I would like to see all pollies try to live on nothing but a pension for 6 months to see how they survive without their silver spoon and exorbitant pay. Every time we get new parliament they give themselves a massive pay rise and cut pension rates or refuse to give the pension to the people who deserve it because they paid their taxes all their lives. Pollies don’t pay taxes.

    • I’ve given up my private life for the last 30 years, to work in hospitality, bring up my kids, and even now I don’t get the chance to enjoy my grandkids, because I need to work to be able to survive !!!!!!!! And until I turn 70 to get half of what I make . And oh yeh my super would last a year because I get paid peanuts to serve you . But then such is life !!!

  3. Hockey ruined any chance he had of being PM when he bought out that first budget, then he compounded it by making silly statements like the poor don’t drive cars and a lot of other pompous mistakes. He is moving off to greener pastures and he would not get the limelight or press attention or same high wage or the easy access to rort sitting on the back bench.

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    • Well said Libbi, I also think his ego is so large he couldn’t stand the back bench, just like Bronnie!

    • Unfortunately he will retire with an enormous pension and ridiculous perks for the rest of his life! It is sickening to me.

    • but if you pay peanuts u get monkeys ?

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      • That is such an insulting cliche, Gerry. There are hundreds of people in Australia earning a lot less than Hockey and doing a good job, calling those people monkeys is not acceptable?

    • We should not have to pay for them and their lurks and perks for the rest of their lives. They didn’t believe normal workers who worked hard all their lives should be entitled to even a small pension .. Once they are out of office ,they should be out of office. We definitely have such a big deficit .

    • And that’s not necessarily the case Gerry! We might attract some decent people more concerned about the country than the money if we didn’t allow them to rip the system off!

    • We’re paying them good money and we’ve got a bunch of greedy, grabbing bastards who are only in it for the benefits

    • Kind of gives lie to the oft repeated statement that they go into politics to ‘serve the public’ doesn’t it? He’s just taking his bat and ball and going home in a sulk.

  4. Hockey was well past his use by date, I hope he does not get the position in the U.S. because he will no doubtedly come out with some really stupid and embarrassing remarks. Just let him get a real job, the same as most Australians do.

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    • ALL politicians work after leaving, in cushy jobs or on boards of companies. Why shouldn’t Joe do the same . The 2 Labor ones are making millions on top of their entitlements

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  5. Hope he stays till next election regardless of whether I like him or not. Politicians are voted in by their electorate – if he doesn’t like the job now allocated to him at least he should honour his voters who gave him the opportunity to be there in the first place

  6. If Turnull got us rid of Joe Hockey then he deserves praise, Hockey is a fat slug of a man

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  7. Nothing lasts for ever. Bit of a lad, and a bloody loud mouth who was in it for his own gain. He will survive but will all the poor old pensioners for whom he did nothing survive. Bye bye Joe enjoy the rest of your life.

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    • Interestingly the pension has risen since this government came to power – something labor could never do.

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      • Yes the pension went up, WOOPEEE!!! My pension went up by a huge $2 per week and I am on a full pension, how will I spend all that money??? Thanks a heap Joe.

      • Noel Hawes the pension rises by a couple of dollars each year no matter who is in power. The current Govt has done no favours for aged pensioners by changing the rules on asset testing.

    • Noel you need to do some research because that so called increase is a standard increase which takes place every MARCH AND SEPTEMBER and for your information the NLB reduced that amount when they got into power, I take it you know nothing about the pension at all.

    • Noel Hawes
      Labor gave more increase to the pensioners than any Lib govt ever has.
      Check your facts before making such uneducated statements.

    • I’m still getting more now than before – standard increases or not , cherry pick if you like – but at least we are not having our savings accounts taxed as was going to be the case under labor.

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      • Wrong again Noel Hawes. You really should check your facts before you print your propaganda. The savings tax was to be levied on banks not account holders. The RBA suggested it as a means of funding any future banking collapse. Don’t believe all you read in the Murdoch papers Noel.

    • NO NOEL, you are kidding yourself, I suggest you do some SERIOUS RESEARCH and get your facts straight, sorry.

    • Not really, Noel; for the 6 monthly percentage increase doesn’t help much with some of the corresponding increases in “utilities, council rates, home & car insurances, rents, groceries & petrol, to name a few necessities in a pensioner’s life.

    • Don’t accept the increases then – hand them back on principal – I’m satisfied with my lot. Im not one of those Ive paid taxes all my life so I’m entitled people, I understand the economic cost – the money has to come from somewhere. Of course labor intend to use our own money to give us an increase to make themselves look like generous benefactors.

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    • Noel, why don’t you tell those in receipt of CORPORATE WELFARE, to “hand them back on principle”? The struggling taxpayers, over the years, had to pay their taxes, as per the “marginal tax rate” prevailing, with no recourse to “tax avoidance or tax minimization” schemes that the “top end of town” are privy to!

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    • Noel Hawes, you are totally out of touch, I gather your one of the fortunate people who don’t have to depend on the age pension to SURVIVE, unfortunately there are many people who do and believe me when I say most of their PENSION goes just on the necessities such as, ELECTRICITY, GAS,PHONE, WATER,INSURANCES, PETROL and for some even RENT, note I haven’t mentioned FOOD, DOCTORS AND PHARMACY or clothing let alone buy a little gift for you family.

    • Oh Dear, there are none so blind that they cannot see – I think thats the way the saying goes – have a nice day y’all.

    • Noel Hawkes you are as arrogant as the former Treasurer was and certainly out of touch.
      Many on this site have spoken so little left to say but thank the good Lord you were never in Parliament alongside Joe Hockey or indeed the fornerPM! I gather you are old and can drive a car, one of the few according to Joe Hockey and heaven forbid he gets such a prestigious overseas posting – another buffoon lampooning the world stage and an embarrassnent to this country. Well said Trish Daley, Floriana Phillips, Graham Jackaman, Malcolm Hawksley, Ruth Hourigan, Libbi Elliott and so it goes. Funny Noel Hawes I font hear him singing “the best night of my life” – now I wonder why?

    • Who’s Noel Hawkes ? – not me. But yes, I do drive a car, go on holidays, pay rent, have a great successful family – not a money family before you ask – just a hard working family who have gotten off their backside and didn’t complain when things wgot tough, they just did it. You call me an out of touch “old man” (ouch). Why is it that people like you who might not hold the same beliefs have to resort to insults – if you can’t hold an intelligent argument without insults then that says a lot about your personality. But then again thats seem to be the way of the left. Stay nice – peace out.

    • Noel Hawes
      The trouble with your argument is that it is “factually incorrect “.
      An opinion is good. But when you use data that has no real figures or facts then it makes you look like a buffoon.
      So do your research and use factual data and then maybe people will listen to your opinion and/or argument.

    • Noel Hawes we all have a right to an opinion and like yourself so did the former Treasurer – you can honestly say he didn’t insult the “older folk” re driving cars and/or the younger folk by telling them to get “better paid jobs?” Sorry mate I am 67 and I do drive a car and live on a lowly pension having raised my two sons singlehandedly (one 43 in nappies non verbal) and the other quite a successful hardworking man with a family and a mortgage.I worked damn hard to buy my own home, no handouts in my day and a husband who couldn’t hack the disabled son who left us in the lurch but that’s life – I am stating facts and if you consider facts insulting then so be it BUT don’t generalize about beliefs or political leanings because you don’t know mine or me yours. Enjoy your hard earnt holidays, cars, paying rent and successful family BUT you are not the only hard worker and every one has a right to air their grievances or dissatisfaction – otherwise referred to as some like yourself might say ‘complaints!’ Life is not an easy road and your response to Trish Daley was equally patronizing and insulting. Thankfully others see beyond your comments such as Ruth Houlihan, Dundee Skyland, Floriana and Graham Jackaman to name a few. Hope you have thought long and hard about handing back your pension increases on principal as you seem to have life and it’s economics sew up neatly and obviously know who is left and right of the line – remarkably astute!

    • Well said Megan, having worked with disabled kids for 23 years I take my hat off to you doing it alone as I appreciate the time consuming back breaking job it is, well done Megan don’t give this completely out of touch guy the opportunity to attack you again, I m a big girl who can more than stand up for herself. Noel really needs to do some serious research and get his facts straight then his opinion may be excepted.

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