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Jacqui Lambie’s son has stopped short of accusing his mother of using his recreational drug habits for political mileage today, denying he is an ice addict.

Nine news is reporting that he felt betrayed by her parliamentary speech last month in which the senator said the drug had ruined her son’s life.

In news reports flying around, her son Dylan Milverton, 21, told the Sunday Herald Sun he used the drug “recreationally” once or twice a fortnight and that he found his mother’s decision to make his drug use public was unexpected and “disappointing”.

“I wouldn’t mind finding out her side as to why she done that, I do believe it was for her own political pull…” he said.

Mr Milverton also said that he was preparing to begin drug rehabilitation.

Lambie spoke to Australians passionately, opening herself up for a massive lift in public approval on August 10.  She was opposing legislation that would strip welfare from the criminally insane and emotionally pleaded that she was unable to force her 21 year old son into detox.

‘I’m not talking to my son anymore, I’m talking to a drug,’ Senator Lambie told parliament, adding that ice addicts would increasingly be locked up for crimes committed under the influence.

 Do you think Lambie used her son for political mileage or drew attention to an important issue?

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. I still say that the thousands of parents out there at their wits end because of their child on drugs, mental problems or other situations where they have no rights to help but have to standby helpless, they feel someone may finally be on the parents side.

  2. She was trying to help her son, of course an ice addict would say that, it’s the scourge of Australia at the moment, creating so much violence

  3. Mmmm my son is an ice addict too, and he always denies it too !… And using it ‘once or oh maybe twice a fortnight’ is a dipstick thing to do. There is a fine line between being a user and an addict, and you cant cross back !

  4. I wonder who paid. Him for the story, I wonder did they realise he’s an ice addict

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    • I was just about to post the same question. Jacqui
      Has political opponents who could be doing their best to discredit her by using her son and if her son was paid this could enable his habit.

    • Anybody that says they only use meth socially is a full blown addict in denial. Whoever gave him the money for this interview should own up.

    • The media cause most of the problems by putting up lies and rubbish oh and let’s not forget, they were chasing princess Dianna, scum

    • Good point, Anne. Parents may overstate the case, according to their children, but I think there’s no doubt that Jacqui cares about her son. I hope he can escape the drug and that their relationship survives.

  5. The Herald Sun has been quoted as the LNP cazette so there using this to try and get rid of Jacquie that’s how low Abbott and his bunch are

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    • What a stupid answer, LNP, Anyone who knows about her life knows they aren’t close, she never raised them,, in Army for 10 years. Been out for a few years, was in Rehab in army for drug & alcohol and has been fighting “” her demons “” ever since Common knowledge to anyone who reads and is on line a lot.

    • This lady has done it real hard and u can thank her for for helping the returned soldiers out with the money and care they need and now your mate , the worst on record are putting our soldiers in arms way again the war we have to have to make him look good that’s how low these scum are i have a sister in the mental health were women are coming in by the hundreds and they are taking subsidies away from that get your facts right lady get out in the real world and just have a look at what’s going on ICE addicts are gloging up our hospitals , jails , and have a look in your own backyard before u start judging people that are trying to help her community

    • Phill Lamprey I have no idea what you are on about , I was answering a question about Her son & his addiction, nothing to do with LNP or T Abbott, Always has to be political with you people . I said she did it HARD , wasn’t wanted in Army, and maybe he followed her drug habit, I believe it was ALP cut funding for defence, AND made it only one trip home. Most of the people I know who have family in services have no problem with salary etc,

    • You think u know everything about this lady and real quick to judge her how do u know her circumstances and when some crazed ice maniac is coming through your front door u might just think about what she is trying to push through the parliament at the moment , and yes the Herald Sun is the LNP number one paper and they will do anything to get her out of parliament

  6. She is a Mum crying out for help, I feel for all these Mums and Dads its not what we want for our children i hope a law can come in that they are forced into rehab otherwise what is going to happen to our kids well done Jacqui

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