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Not everyone likes Jacqui Lambie but I think we can all agree that she doesn’t deserve this.

In a terrifying threat, someone purporting to be the Adelaide Islamic State Mujahideen has said they will attempt to behead Senator Lambie unless she helps to implement Sharia law in Australia.

The letter has caused a security scare in Jacqui’s office today but the controversial senator isn’t intimidated. In a statement, she said “I will not allow anyone to hold the Parliament of Australia in contempt by interfering with the free and fair performance of an Australian senator.

“I will continue to speak out about the threat that supporters of Islamic State and Sharia law pose to the Australian democratic culture and people”.

Lambie will remain passionate about her campaign to ban Sharia law and “unnecessary face coverings in public”, and for the reintroduction of the death penalty for homegrown terrorists.

If Jacqui Lambie doesn’t convert to Islam by March 18, her life is on the line, according to the letter, which also came with graphic images of a beheaded man.

The letter said, “By the powers invested in me by Allah, I sentence you to death…I will take the honour in beheading you … when you are least prepared; my men and I will take your office by surprise”.

Senator Lambie also said “I’m ex-Army so I guess that I’m always very conscious about what’s going on around me and what’s happening in my environment so I’ll just continue to be on that sort of high alert and just lift that a little bit more”.


The AFP are said to be investigating but is this a hoax or should it be taken more seriously? What should Jacqui do?

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  1. Anyone could have written that…..it’s a beat up.

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    • Written by a Muslim or not. If they are fouls and it is prooven that they are radical get rid of them. Maybe we can put them in a boat outside Australian water and tell them to “Start paddling”

    • Hey Margaret, go and read ALL THE COMMENTS in this topic and tell me you agree with the racist, bigoted comments against muslim people, if so shame on you too. Just because quite a few priests raped and sexually molested young children doesn’t make all catholics paedophiles and that’s how the rednecks are viewing some random idiot and blaming a whole lot of people who just want to get on with their lives and give their children somewhere wonderful and safe to grow up. NOW THOSE BELIEFS ARE UN AUSTRALIAN AND NOT WILLING TO GIVE THEM A FAIR GO….BLOODY ANGLO SAXON RACISTS.

    • And you know this because ??????…yes it maybe a hoax …..but it may not be……let the Feds do there job.

    • Sandra , it is happening here , in Britain , Spain , France , the Netherlands , the USA , Canada , in fact every country these people have dumped themselves on . They worship a false moon God of the ancient Baals and made up everything in their book , their self proclaimed leader was a peadophile and murderer and racist , in his name thousands of peace loving people have been beheaded and butchered . They are promising to do it here as well . Do you think they may spare you for your stance before they either murder you or sell you into slavery

    • Well they are no different than those that believe in a book of fanciful fairy tales about burning bushes, feeding the masses and walking on water then.

    • Sandra….chill……disliking a Cult/religion is not racist……..and yes I am a very proud Anglo Saxon…….what are you.

    • Perhaps you could do the same with your racism and bigotry, perhaps you could stick your head up your rectum….remove your dumb looking beret first though.

    • My apologies then Margaret but you agreed with Glenda who advised me to stick my head up my bum……which reflect more on her intelligence than mine lol

    • Well I guess I am a very proud bigot because I have no time for any make believe God gods…….lol

    • And with that I bid all you racist bigots good night and I hope the AFP get to the bottom of who wrote the letter and that Miss Lambie remains safe.

    • Carol, I believe in facts and science not Gods as well, religion to me is a farce and causes way too much trouble. Good night.

    • I actually told you to get your head out of your bum Sandra but if yiou’re happy to leave it there then you do that. That way you cant see what is really happenenning around you. You insult me for the bum comment yet you tell Keith to stick his head up his “rectum” talk about double standards.

    • @Sandra Lapworth need reminding do you…..islam. Is.Not.A.Race. It’s a political ideology posing as a “religion”.
      As for “bigotry”; If it is bigotry to stand and fight against an ideology whose sworn intention is to kill those who do not agree with them & do not want to convert…..count me in! If it is bigoted to want women to be treated equal to men & children not to be at risk of rape by paedophiles…. I’m a card carrying bigot and proud. If this “islam”…..which, by the way, means “submission”…..wants to drag humanity by to the dark ages with their barbarity & cruel behaviour they can move to the countries…..57 at last count….where sharia is practised. Do NOT try & use tired epithets to shut down open discussion of obvious threats to our way of life!!

  2. You are right, I don’t like her, but if this is true, it is an offence to threaten someone so hope they catch and deport the person concerned… jail is too good for him…

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    • what if it is from another Australian stirring trouble? I guess we won’t know until they catch someone

    • If it is from another Australin causing trouble, he should be treated as a terrorist as he/ she has caused the same response as would a genuine terrorist.

    • If we depot them, they will just do it somewhere else. Send them to an island where they have to fend for themselves

    • Marina. That is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. What island are you going to send them to? They should be sent back to where they come from. If they have lived in Australia all there lives and their family comes from wherever who cares send them back there and they will soon realise what fools they are

    • An island similar to how St Helena operated years ago. Make them support themselves and the community as well but no all the do gooders would not allow that to happen but that is where we need to go back to so that people can take srock of their actions against others and be accountable this would give them time to think about their actions.

    • If they find him,then deport him back to where he was BORN.If he was born here then put him on an island and never let him back into the country.

    • Lyn, the psychological makeup of those creatures makes it totally impossible for them to have any grasp of the concept of responsibility for their actions.

    • what a load of poppy cock!!! What makes a terrorist? Is it bad parents? is it mixing with kids of bad parents? is it a lack of education? is it a lack of money? Is it extremist religious families? perhaps it is all of these things? The laws of a country along with the education system is supposed to deter people from such acts of terrorism. I don’t think the deporting someone is the answer because I don’t think you can lay blame entirely on the person committing the crime. Why do you think this person decided to terrorise people and you didn’t? Was it because you had good parents, mixed with kids from good parents, had a good education, your family had money and didn’t belong to an extreme religious group? Is it the persons fault they were born into one family and not another? … I like the idea of a Jail system that you work for to offset the cost of the Jail so that you’re not a burden on the community and can reduce your sentence by participating in an education system. For example this guy gets a 100 year sentence, he has to work under lock n chain to offset jail costs and he gets 10 years off his sentence for each full year equivalent of education he completes. If he doesn’t wish to work then shoot him after a year or so of trying to convince him to educate, if he doesn’t wish to participate in the education system then just let him rot in Jail. How many Scientists’/highly educated adults do you see terrorising people? How different did you become after 10 years of education?

    • Whoever it is, we need more people like this gutsy woman. ISIS are getting stronger because of their fear tactics. She should be PM!!!

    • put them all on a remote island in the southern ocean where they wont be able to escape and will have to fend for them selves!!! Sod the lot of them they arent Christians or whatever just haters of anything that gets in the way of their way out beliefs.

    • OMG i an’t stand this .. now we lo ve that horrile woman who just vomits her hatred for a whole ommunity..>>> wake up Australia you are loosing your humanity!!

    • Why do you assume it’s someone we can deport? A lot of this trolling comes from dear little home grown psychopaths, who finds this type of things funny. Look up Ginger Gorman’s story on internet trolls. Horrifying.

    • Humanity !!!!!!! What planet are you from Jennifer &Francoise have u looked at the UK , France , lately . It’s do goods like u 2 that are going to help screw this country .

  3. It’s a worry when we can no longer speak our mind without someone making threats. This Multiculturalism is not working.

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    • Which multiculturalism isn’t working? It’s been working brilliantly for years in one of the most diverse countries in the world. Or is that you don’t like muslims?

    • I don’t like anyone, black white or brindle who come to our country and try to change to rules to suit them. I grew up with Italians, Greeks, Chinese, and they all made an effort to get on, many of my friends are from other country’s, but when you go to a country that greets you with open arms and try’s to help, the least you can do is to try.

    • Don’t be stupid Artie Stevens. Multiculturalism is us living as one with our diverse cultures not being threatened by our neighbours. Unless of course you are the kind of man who agrees with sharia rule

    • I agree Dianne….. We have all cultures living here with us in Oz but the only ones we have trouble with are Muslims…..and no… We do not want sharia law here ….thanks

    • Totally agree with you Jennifer. Dont come to this country, change the rules to suit yourself, collect our welfare then threaten our fellow Australians with death who have bent over backwards to welcome you and help you. If you dont like our ideals and way of like or our freedom of speech you can always leave.

    • When the Italians got here, they worked, concreted everything, bought their houses and were happy to live here. The Greeks did the same, and opened fish and chip shops. The Chinese worked and made a go of things and have given us their lovely food, now would you like to tell me exactly what the new Muslim immigrants have given us except to worry about terrorism and the fact that it’s been shown they have the highest unemployment rate. Every corner here in Dandenong is being bought to put up a Mosque. I agree, if you have a religion, which I don’t, you have a right to pray, but when was the last time the Catholic or Baptist or whatever built a new church. They are happy with what they have.

    • Take you head out of your arse Artie, multiculturalism is not working here and never will, have a look at all the trouble in Sydney’s west and Melbournes northern and western suburbs 90% of it caused by arseholes that come here and try to change the Aussie way of life, if they can’t adapt to our lifestyle don’t f&@ken come here

    • Look at England. There are parts where a non Muslim can’t go. If you try to drive through, you are stopped and asked where you are going and what do you want. Do we want that here. I had Muslim neighbours for a while, and I helped her out, until her husband (first cousin) became involved, then it was over. I found out when they moved that she was on the sole parent pension, he was on the dole, then they changed names and built a house on no deposit finance and moved out, nice for some. That’s our taxes at work right there.

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      • All they do is move here then get all the money the Government hands out to them and as you say live on it never work they can have more than one wife who has more children then she gets payments as well and they no how to rip the system off so they will over take us before we know it so we need people in Government like miss Lambie to help steer the doogooders in the right direction.

    • Look up Tommy Robinson, and read what’s going on in Luton….They have 30 mosques now….in one town…..and no-go zones, elderly people having rocks thrown through their windows on a regular basis, riots, on and on…. We don’t want to end up like that here.

    • No I’ve never thought it would work Jennifer … They think they can come to our country and do as they like …

    • Are you talking about the Muslims who came here in the 1600s before white settlement, and lived peacefully with the First Nations peoples? Or perhaps the Muslims who helped open up Australia in the 1800s and built the first mosque in South Australia? Perhaps you mean the vast majority of the Muslim population, Australians who just want to live their lives in peace without being spat on and told to go back to where they came from – even though they have lives here for generations?

    • Or maybe the moslems that bombed a picnic train near Broken Hill on New Years Day 1915? Were those the ones you were referring to Therese?

    • Sorry to disappoint you but Australian population is built on it……in fact, majority of our population is non British now!!!!!°

    • Multi cultural countries can only work if people can assimilate and become part of their new countries most people do and appreciate the kindness offered by Australia and be given a fare go. But if you come to rob kill and destroy their land and threaten their people then you don’t deserve the right to enjoy our freedom .lynn harvey

    • Theresa, which Muslims in the 1600? Do you mean the beche de mere fishermen who came down once a year to the northern shores? I know the Chinese came over, in the gold rush, but I’m wondering where you get your historical facts from? The Sikhs came up to Cairns to settle and help in cane fields and people thought their mosques were Muslim mosques, but are not.

    • Im talking about the Macassans who came from Indonesia to trade and settled here. Talk to some First Nations people. I’m talking about the mosque that was built in South Australia. My Historical facts came from researching the history of Muslims in Australia, from an actual book – not google or wikipedia.
      Bronwen Bannister. You give me one example, of why Muslims are “all bad” . You must agree then that the all the atrocities committed by Christians in this country up to and including Martin Bryant, means that all Christians are murdering, genocidal maniacs. #bigotlogic.

    • My cousin was told, by a ‘moderate’ Muslim, that her grandchildren will be wearing burkas! That’s enough evidence for me.

    • This has nothing to do with multiculturalism and everything to do with bigots.

  4. I think love her or hate her, she has guts to say exactly what she thinks. If it’s a real threat then I hope they find the person before anything happens to her.

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  5. Jackie is one awesome lady, she deserves protection like the rest of us who have and feels threatened

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