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Jacqui Lambie, the ex-PUP Senator, now independent Senator gave the voters of Queensland a message this week that had one very specific instruction…

“Kick Tony Abbott in the shins… Or a little bit higher.”

Gee it makes me realise how classy our political set are! And don’t forget that this isn’t the first time the Senator has made wayward comments regarding the male genitalia!

Senator Lambie recorded a video message for Queensland reminding them of the pay deal for the Australian Defence Force.

Whether she is right, wrong or anything else, it is pretty appalling that the standard of our politics is here…

Check out the video below and tell us, how do we fix the political crisis? How do we change Australian politics to combine some brains, class and compassion all in the one? Share your thoughts… 


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  1. I don’t know what your complaining about..I braced myself for something bad when I listened to that clip , but I was amazed to hear that she sounded very articulate in what she was saying and not at all offensive

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    • Why does one judge one on how one speaks, as to whether or not they are a politician for the people. Julie Bishop is a professional politician and knows how to play the game not for our benefit but for her own benefit and I would trust Jackie Lambie 10 times more to do right by the average joe blow than Julie any day. Have you ever heard of the old saying “never judge a book by it’s cover, because you will be disappointed if you do”.

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      • Couldn’t have said it any better myself!

    • Judge and you yourself will be judged. Hope everyone who has judged her badly for her speech realises this. Agree with Anne and Dorothy.

  2. Some double standards here, there is more swearing in the article about aging that what there is in Lambie’s clip. I think she has valid points ..I don’t vote for her but she never offended me

  3. So, what is the problem with her message?

    She supports our defence forces…don’t we all?

    She asks for a fair deal to the Defence forces and their families. Are there anyone out there who do not think they deserve a fair deal?

    Soldiers do only what their govdrnment tells them to do. Soldiers do not declare war. Soldiers do not go on holidays overseas.. to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other foul places… they go because THEIR GOVERNMENT tells them to go

    So, well done Jacqui… put the responsibility where it belongs… on the government

    This is my ay of saying that Lambie has the right and the duty to speak out. I do not agree with a few of her programs… but hey…how boring would life be if we all agreed on everything

    So Queensland electors… let the government know what you think… not only about defence pay, but illegal immigrants, foreign ownership of our nation; foreign purchases of second rate aircraft; no submarines built in Australia and all the other issues that effect you

    That is what democracy is all about… and Lambie is the only one standing up and asking you to THINK.

  4. No I did not vote for her.she got in on preferences I believe . That’s our fault its our bad system

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    • You are so right Sandra… the best thing any government can do for this country is get rid of proportional representation … we are supposed to be under the Westminster system… one man one vote.. first past the post… this would get rid of all the micro parties that are ruining this great country… governments are elected to govern not bow down to minorities … in truth though on this point i have to agree with her

    • No our defense forces deserve all we can afford to give them .its just she is such a crude woman her speech was the best I have heard from her .someone else must have written it perhaps?she still has to add a smutty remark.

    • Sandra being crude she would have said kick him in the balls, what she said was not crude.

  5. Oh pleease, she is just one more classless politician jumping on any bandwagon that she thinks will justify her existence – basically she’s an idiot

  6. Very common , vulgar horrible woman.who would want her.

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    • At least she believes in what she’s saying and trying to do something about fixing the problems regardless of how common or vulgar you think she is. Easy for us to judge from our arm chairs.

    • Lyndal Dent, why is it not OK for her to be common and vulgar? Blokes seem to be like this whenever they want with impunity

    • Very judgemental there Lyndall…Our pollies need to hear some truth and she’s not frightened to tell them what they don’t want to hear..Common..you say…Define common. Most Ozzies are!!!!!!!!

    • Lyndall, every person on this earth has a vulgar person somewhere in their life,, i suggest you are telling porkies

    • Lyndal, you seem to have a strong inclination for defining common and vulgar. Do you think rAbbott was common and vulgar when he stood in front of signs calling Gillard a bitch! Or when he stated that he was going to shirt front Putin? I suggest your a bit of a wowser with rose coloured glasses . You only see what you want. I suggest you take your blinkers off and look at this gov with a fair and just view do your homework and don’t condemn 1 person who you obviously dislike because she had the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say what a lot of people are thinking!

    • Since when Irene Keats, I dont tell porkies,, and dont mix with people that do or condone Vulgarity.

    • Judi Saunders, I wasn’t talking about the truth, there are ways without being so vulgar, as far as defining common, who do you mix with if you think most Ozzies are common, GLAD I’M NOT ON THE SOME PAGE AS YOU.

  7. When the Government can spend over $6 million on 9 cars to protect themselves, surely that can spend money on the defence forces to make sure they have an adequate wage, these people defend all of us. I agree with her

  8. I tend to agree with the majority of responses above and applaud he stance re the defence forces. I do not agree with where she suggests the money comes from, overseas aid. Part could certainly come from.the aroured car fleet or the ill fated defence planes.

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    • Mike here-stop foreign aid to places like Indonesia? If you think the flood of illegals from everywhere was bad, we have about 200million people nearly within swimming distance, itcould be a tsunami.

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