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When the media reports on evidence from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse come on the radio or television I have to turn it off. The stories of abuse from the victims are utterly harrowing. They make my stomach churn and I just can’t listen to them anymore.

I know they are stories which have to be told to help the victims of this terrible abuse, to reach a point where wrongs are somehow righted and to try to prevent this institutional abuse ever happening again. My greatest respect and admiration goes to the victims who have found the courage to speak out against this awful evil and to those who are working with them as either employees of the Royal Commission or the media reporting on it.

As at the 1st of May 2015, the Royal Commission had handled 21,856 telephone calls, received 10,882 letters and emails, held 3,340 private sessions and made 570 referrals to authorities including police. The Commission’s work is far from done and so we must prepare ourselves to hear more harrowing stories of child sexual abuse by Catholic clergy like those which have emerged from the recent hearings in Ballarat.

When the Royal Commission was set up there was a realisation that the impact of evidence being aired would be great, not only for the traumatised survivors of child sexual abuse, but also for people like you and I who may be far removed from the hearings yet connected through the media reports we do hear.

The Commission’s media reporting guidelines state “for some victims, telling their stories can be re-traumatising. In addition, members of the public may also be adversely affected by media reports on the work of the Royal Commission.

“For these reasons, the Royal Commission encourages sensitive, ethical reporting of the issues and requests that, wherever possible, the contact details of support services are included in media reports such as Lifeline”.

It’s ok to feel upset and distressed by the evidence being presented at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. And there is help available if you need it.

This link will take you to the full list of resource agencies available to help you.

Perhaps you’re feeling like me, unable to listen to the stories of child sexual abuse at the Royal Commission? Rest assured there is someone to talk to.

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  1. All I need is for everyone of them to drop dead from a great height. Then my mind would settle. Even then maybe.

  2. I will be very honest these stories sicken me, how has this child abuse been allowed to continue for so long ? you think you had heard the worst of it, then another witness comes on with an even worse experience. The Catholic Church and Pell have much to answer for . Abbotts defence of Pell is a disgrace, Pell should be forced to come here and give testimony, how many young people have committed suicide right across Australia because of this contemptible organization?

  3. Thank you Julia Gillard for giving us this Royal Commission , for way to long this abuse has been swept under the mat. For centuries Catholics have put money into the collection plate and paid for priests to abuse their own children. Stop it now

  4. It is disgusting no child should have had to endure this. And some of them were given a number not even their names, both abused by nuns and priests!!

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    • That is disgusting libbi, why is so many people bleat when children are at risk and no adult person does a thing. These pedophiles should have been lynched, right then and right now

    • I’m terribly sorry to hear that Libbi Elliot my heart goes out to you ❤️ All my love to you ❤️❤️

  5. On Saturday night at Mass (yes, good community is NOT ‘The Church! And , yes, I do go to my local when I can) nary ONE mention was made about this DREADFUL issue. Who knows how large is the number of those who have been affected? Are we not all entitled to be told of what support is available, especially the elderly who grew up in times when ‘Father’ knows everything and is perfect in every way, a representative of God, in fact?

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    • Back in 40s 50s the really devout catholics would never ever believe anything bad about the church. These people have now passed on, As my husband said, his grandma , good Irish catholic, beat him when he mentioned anything bad about church. He was in orphanage all his life, Other religions also.

  6. It is the worst crime as children cannot protect themselves against these paedophiles and their lives r ruined where these bs go on as if everything is normal some children can handle things better than others but what a burden to have to carry for the rest of thekr lives the abuse in the Churches against children is abomimable and these people r supposed to b christians l think l will stay as l am l dont go to any church anymore as most of the congregation have their cliques

  7. No help for the victims, just counselling for the public. Is this a ploy for the counsellors to get more business. How ridiculous. Where was the counselling of the world after WWII. Stop looking for more business and seeing $$$$ in your eyes.

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    • My husband said that , amazing what you remember when money is available, nothing would have enticed him to talk about it, As he said, he did it tough in orphanage from birth to 14, and it was tough, but when it came to notice , he was married, kids, good life and happy, why visit the dark times.

    • If people don’t come forward then the abuse will continue. Some people need to have closure, others don’t, but all those perpetrators need to be brought to account.

  8. I agree that hearing details of these stories is tragically harrowing and I absolutely believe George Pell should be forced back to give evidence of what he knew. However, let’s remember that it was ALL institutions that had absolute power over vulnerable children. These wicked perpetrators turned up and did their damage everywhere!

  9. These abused people ,how harrowing what a shocking act against them their lives in taties .every day they pay for the cruelty that was inflicted on them never let up bring these acts of the Catholic Church .c.c.

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