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Controversial Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has been granted approval by the Australian Electoral Commission to establish her own political party as of yesterday. The Jacqui Lambie Network can now appear on Federal election ballot papers, receive public funding, develop policies and nominate these for submission.

Speaking with ABC Radio News this morning, Ms Lambie made some of her policies known.

Should there be an inquiry into iron ore prices?
“There are billions of dollars involved, so I say let’s have a closer look at that”. When asked if she was worried an inquiry would hurt investor confidence, she replied, “We have to put Australia first”.

Do you agree with the policy of keeping asylum seekers in detention in Nauru?
“They’ve [the Government] done well in stopping the boats but have caused more issues having them locked away… Someone needs to clean this mess up; there’s some nasty stuff coming out and it’s making Australia look really bad. We need to decide: are they citizens or not? Keeping [asylum seekers] locked away like animals is inhumane and we’re not inhumane, this is Australia, we’re the lucky country”.

And on the budget:
Ms Lambie does not support the changes to welfare. “We need to put money into childcare and I’m still concerned about cuts to higher education”.
The Tasmanian senator also wants the Government to consider her Financial Transaction Tax, which proposes a tax on high-frequency transactions made at the top end of the banking sector instead of the Treasurer’s Bank Deposit Tax. She says Joe Hockey needs to stop looking at her “like I’m a bubblehead” and take the idea seriously.

As the “spokeswoman for everything” Ms Lambie says she has plenty more policies to come. The former PUP senator also said she has a good relationship with her fellow cross-benchers, but, “I’m still single-handedly up there by myself”.


It looks like politics is about to get interesting again. Do you think we should give Jacqui Lambie a fair go now that her party is official?

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  1. what a joke this woman has a few screws loose

    6 REPLY
  2. I think good on her, she is an ordinary Aussie, she has had the bumps in life many people have had..I like her and I hope she does well

    6 REPLY
    • So do i… she has worked and fought and knows exactly how it is to be ordinary…. not born with a silver spoon in mouth… there we go again Leanna we agree on something else.. yay

    • Think she maybe just a start of something radical, like get more women in to politics and just maybe, maybe common sense will happen. Maybe what is needed is a Women’s Party! Men have run this country for too long, or have been puppets to men who have pulled the strings. This lady tells it how it is but she needs help, so come on ladies hands up and help Jackie out!

  3. All those minor parties will end up as a byline in the history books (if they are lucky) after the next election.

  4. How can she start a party. This costs money. Who is backing her. Thought the whackos came from QLD. I now know better

    12 REPLY
  5. She understands what it is like to be on a pension, she has not lived life with a silver spoon in her mouth like many of these Politicians, I wish her all the best

    2 REPLY
    • She was reared in an ordinary Aussie home and joined the Army. She has fought for our country and only has what she believes are Australia’s best interests at heart. Name me any of our highest paid politicians who can say the same thing.

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