It’s an all-QLD NRL grand final for the first time in history. So why is it being played in Sydney? 169



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The 2015 NRL final will be the first time two Queensland teams have faced off – but unless something changes they will be doing it in Sydney with many Brisbane Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys supporters not there to see them.

Admittedly, no one ever envisaged an all-Queensland affair when the siren blows at 7.15pm on Sunday, October 4 at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, but we now face a scenario where a final that will stop Queensland in its tracks and is one of the most important in NRL history is being played largely in front of NRL fans who support other teams.

Sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? But it’s beyond silliness.

NRL legend Gorden Tallis is only one of many irate Queenslanders and devout fans are devastated. Your team finally makes a grand final, and against one of the other teams you most love to hate, and it’s being played in another state. It is an occasion that is quite probably the most important in Queensland NRL history and it’s happening in NSW where most NRL fans think Queensland teams are beyond the pale. “Furious” is just one word to describe the reaction in the Sunshine State.

Tallis told Triple M he believes many Queensland fans will try and make the trip south, but is concerned that the airlines have put ticket prices up to sky-high levels, describing it as “criminal”.

Earlier today a flight from Townsville to Sydney on Saturday returning Monday had already sky-rocketed to a hefty $1880 and from Brisbane $1438. That’s not factoring in accommodation or other costs.

And, of course, you have to get tickets to the game itself. Many have already been sold. Tickets from the second allocation will be available to NRL Club Members from 10am today and to the general public from 10am tomorrow.

So, the biggest game in Queensland’s NRL history may be played in front of the “wrong” crowd. There’s something rotten about that. Really and utterly rotten.

What do you think? Should the final be moved to Queensland?


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  1. Why should they winge Manly have been minor premiers in past years & cannot get a home game for the playoffs

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    • Not only that, but the majority Liberal counsellors are selling Manly oval to developers, what hope has The Fortress got?

  2. Good to see 2 qld teams in.
    Good for NSW tourism.
    More people paying for accommodation, food etc

  3. We don’t mind coming to Sydney, but the prices they are charging for flights is outragious. We are looking at over $1000 each. They could do it at half the price and still make a profit, they can do it at other times why not now! Ive just heard that the AFL and qantas are putting on flights from Perth for there grand final in Melbourne at $100, not sure if thats true, but if it is it stinks!!

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    • Thought it was too good to be true doing the same here ours are $1000 as well ripoff merchants these airlines !!!!

    • Been to many a grand final over the past 50 years and should have booked when the tickets go on sale then you would not miss out

  4. When it comes to choosing the national team it is normally comprised of the best of the two teams who play the finals.. Bet that won’t happen. An all Qld team representing Australia? – NSW NRL would rather Australia lose than be represented almost entirely by Queenslanders.

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    • I’m a Qlder but there are some good players in NSW who deserve their place in the Australian Team.

    • Typical Queensland mentality just because 2 teams from QLD are in the grand final You want to change the venue WT how about giving a thought to all the other fans from other states wanting to follow their teams – it’s NOT always about you !
      & Wendy Biden some people like to believe that because they live up the top they are the best and can’t see past the border I think if you did a survey on the general population & sporting teams up there you will find that most of the people were actually born elsewhere

    • Actually was referring to the whole post totally ridiculous to suggest a change of venue & only selecting certain players – each & every player who has performed well during the year deserves a chance to be picked regardless of which state they played in .

    • There are some good players from other teams in NSW, but history shows in most cases the Aussie team is selected from from those two teams that play the final, I agree with you on that Leone O’Sullivan. They have bandied around since it became the NRL about maybe a a final being held up here. It’s just that, gone is the Family aspect of football, because it is now a business, so the very last dollar has to be squeezed from the game. We don’t have the Venue up here to hold the numbers, and like everything else the almighty dollar rules. The atmosphere north of the border is even talked about by the NSW players, it’s special to the players and the fans.

    • Wendy Biden It’s DNA that makes champions, not lines on maps. Just don’t tell them & there will be peace all over the land. LOL

    • Leonie Robson It’s always a typical QLDer mentality if it’s something a waler doesn’t like. Sounds like a waler mentality. BTW, I’m not a QLDer

    • Leone O’Sullivan And you think Queenslanders arent !!! You lot have nothing else in your life but to whinge about NSW. !!! Get a life and go see the rest of Australia, there are some beautiful places in every state in our country !!!

    • Leonie Robson, what on earth are you having a go at me for. My comment was to Leonie Stephenson saying that the Australian team should be made up with Qld players. I said we all lived in Australia not QLD. I think you had better read the drift of this again before you start slagging me

    • Leone O’Sullivan And not all NSW number plates have ‘Premier State’ on them. Some have ‘The First State” and personal number plates just have ‘NSW’…. Queensland have ‘Sunshine State’, ‘The Gr8 State’, ‘The smart State’, ‘Queenslander 8 in a row’ Pfft

  5. I don’t agree with price torts at all, it is unfair that fans are being disadvantaged by big business. BUT ‘it is what it is’ a national competition. When Qld teams came under the NRL banner they had to realise that this may eventually happen. Like the AFL where GF’s will always be held at the MCG, NRL GF’s will always be in Sydney. The arrangements for functions, entertainment etc were made many months ago when no one knew that 2 Qld sides would make it to the GF and can’t be changed one week before. Congrats to Broncos & Cowboys for making it to the GF and good luck to both teams.

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    • Well said Marg….
      That’s exactly what has to happen and unfortunately some people of lesser intelligence can’t quite grasp that!!!!

  6. Let Qld start their own comp…..lets see how they go when the state has to support 10-12 teams & not just 3…….then they can hold the GF up there & play themselves in S.O.O. as well.

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