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Today it was confirmed that two Liberal backbenchers have requested a leadership spill!

The ABC has reported that WA MP Luke Simpkins has sent an email to the party stating that he will call for a leadership spill next week. It appears as though Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott’s roles are both in question.

Today Tony Abbott said he hoped the party would support him and hold true to the values of the Liberal Party saying, “We are not the Labor party… I’ve worked closely with them [Turnbull & Bishop] for a long time, you always have your ups and downs, that’s natural when you’ve got strong personalities talking about the most difficult decisions any country can face, but I trust them.”

You can read the email from Luke Simpkins below!

Tell us, do you think the spill will go ahead? What is your hopeful outcome?




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  1. If they seriously wanted the best for this country they would accept the people have had enough. They haven’t passed last years budget and are planning their second. Accept this isn’t working, call a double dissolution and take it to a vote.

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    • They can not call a double d they have to lose a vote in the house or commit a act of gross misconduct .

    • They are unable to get the budget passed because of our ridiculous senate. Let’s do away with them instead. We are a very over governed country with far too many overpaid politicians

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      • This country is way overgovened and so much money goes out pay to all those state governments as well We should have one government and that is Federal. The states should come under Councils in all other states. The money that goes out to all those in parliament after they retire is disgusting it just goes on and on. Just think of the money that can be used for real issues that are badly needed.

    • You should be thankful that the Senate are blocking what are extremely unfair policies that are biased against those who can least afford it. Not a ridiculous Senate at all. It also shows how on the nose the policies are and how poor this current government is at selling their policies and negotiating them. I for one am grateful we have a Senate that considers the impact on us and fights to block unfair policies.

    • I agree about the senate, they are a mixed bunch just like all of us, and if they are voting against it, it must be bad, after all it’s not just the labour who are not passing it.

    • Absolutely Rob. They are definitely in a position to call a DD. They won’t because they know they will lose power. The fact they can’t pass their budget alone is enough. They cannot govern in this position, the country is at a standstill, and we are at war. We need good strong fair minded government. A double dissolution is at this point the only way to go and give the country a chance to have a decisive majority government. ABBOTT won’t call it because his government is not fair minded and has no desire to be. The people according to ABBOTT don’t matter, we need to shut up and starve. He knows there are many reasons he’d lose, and he won’t call it. He’d rather let the country rot than lose power. That’s not the type of leader any country needs.

      As for those of you who think the labor party or the whole damn senate are blocking his budget ask yourself why? He doesn’t need every single member to be onside to pass his budget. He just needs a majority. He doesn’t have a majority government thank goodness or he would’ve steam rolled each and everyone of his policies that he either just failed to mention during his campaign, or outright lied about. His own party are failing to be there for the people, so thank God for the senate. Forget the labor party. Remember Palmer backed ABBOTT on a couple of things (things that suited Palmer as a business man), and they went through. But he can’t get him, any other members of minor parties, or independents to support these other polices. Maybe there is something wrong with the policies and not the senate. I certainly think there is.

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  2. He has to go he put labour down so much he is no better pixi ears

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    • Why do you have to become personal, are you so perfect you can call people names, Janet.

  3. I’m used to living in snake country, but I don’t like writing my political viewpoint on here anymore; far too much venom starts flying around. People are always convinced their point of view is the only acceptable point of view in politics.

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    • You have to take the good with the bad. If you have a valid point to make then make it, otherwise why bother to put anything on the site. I just ignore the name calling but like to read the comments of everyone, just in case I haven’t considered it myself. I think the hoi polloi have made their views very clear, so if TA manages to hold on to the leadership, then he should take note of his own cabinet ministers and general public.

    • For goodness sake stand up and be counted if you have something to contribute. We all like to think our views are the right ones….even Tony Abbott…and many think he is wrong.

    • Christa I disagree with you I feel we should be able to give our opinions without personal attacks.Turning a valid view into name calling & bullying is making many people afraid to enter into an opinion on this site.

    • Pam I didn’t say I agreed or liked the personal attacks (and it depends how you define a personal attack……calling people trolls is not nice, but not exactly a personal attack) but if Face Book allows them to be published then I take the good with the bad. My point still is “if you have a valid point then make it” and if others don’t like it, then so be it, and if they start name calling, then they have already lost their argument. Rise above it, but don’t hold back your opinions otherwise this site will be non-existent in the future.

    • Christa I agree with you & I am happy to give my opinion to any one & I can take being called names ,but some can,t.Disagreeing with an opinion should be an objective debate not personal name calling. I mention this as I stuck up for a lady on this site yesterday, because she gave her opinion objectively & was called not nice names, she was upset & said she felt persecuted on this site & that’s not right.We need to show respect.I am not saying you do not show respect just giving another opinion & insight into use of this site.

    • I agree Linda, too many bullies on this site trying to intimidate people and we all know who does the bullying and uses stand over tactics, they mustn’t win !!!!

    • you haven’t got my facebook photos you will see pictures of myself and my don’t need to see my face..I don’t even know you !!

    • here I will be a point..this is a photo of me with my great grandmother aged 4 years old

    • Everyone – if people are attacking you here, please private message us and tell us what thread and we will suspend people, first for 48 hours then permanently if they attack each other personally

    • That’s a lovely pic Libbi but don’t worry about what these people are saying, I would love to friend a lot of people on this site but I can’t because of a security thing with a member of my family. Nobody knows all our story.

    • So true, so true, I make a comment and then those who feel superior or smug comment in a condensing way. It was a comment and let us all have an opinion without nastiness. I too have refrained from comments lately

    • thanks sweetie I feel really down..I might have to give here a rest for a bit xoxox Linda thank you

    • I just keep away from politics Gale, only because some are just so darn rude and it’s pointless arguing but I will put my point forward in other areas. Tend to ignore rude comments or snap their heads off, depending on my mood lol.

    • Don’t go Libbi, sleep on it and take what enjoyment you can with our little chats. We deserve any little bit of enjoyment we can find, life is hard.

    • Just seeing how divided we are when we try as a group to discuss who to vote for, how can we therefore expect our leaders NOT to be?? Look how we vote at the moment – the political climate is so close between teams that we are now allowing minority groups with tiny percentages of the vote, to rule. We are so quick to criticise and condemn each other, then complain and attack our politicians for doing the same.

  4. Donot care really. He has had time to fix things and has not. Good riddance.

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    • Can’t fix things when you have Labor & greenies & the insane party blocking everything you try to do. And that is thanks to Labor voters like you DH.

    • Ian Doyle and Bill N Margaret, you must be members of the liberal liar party then, if you insist in calling people names, you better take your take your blinkers off. By the way I did not mention whether I was a labor party voter or not. I just hate people who do not like people expressing there own opinion about and have to start calling people names. Just shows how educated you are. Lol…

    • Agree Lusia, but all sides need to remember the art of negotiation, give some take some. They may not be in the situation they are in. Problem I see with all political people is the usual foot in mouth disease, say the are going to do something then renege on what was said and when pushed on it ” I never said that.” The public put them there on the policies they kept saying that they would do. Not picking sides what so ever, but all like that. Had my rant.

  5. I hope hes still prime minister. We don’t want to look like the labour clowns!

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    • personally..I am sick to death of it all..I feel down and depressed and I think its all this political crap in here.. it doesn’t matter who is PM..unless they ditch that budget they will be tossed out

    • Dear Libby we will have a nice warm day have a cup of Tea or Coffey, and only think of some very Happy Thoughts . Hope it helps to forget all the bad things you experience in the moment. Kind Regards from Erika. XX

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