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This morning, rumours are circulating that Tony Abbott was seen at a Sydney pub last night skolling a schooner while patrons cheered him on… Is it inappropriate or all in good fun?

According to the Sunrise Facebook page and Yahoo news sites, Abbott was spotted across the bar by a Sydney Aussie Rules team who invited him over for a beer.

The crowed then got vocal and passionately encouraged him to “skoll” a beer, believed to be a humble VB, so he downed the beer in seconds!

Simon Carroudous, coach of the AFL team allegedly told the Australian Women’s Weekly that Abbott looked “as proud as punch” and then decided to give a short speech saying that although he is a rugby man, it was great to be accepted by one of the other football codes. He also shared that he was there originally to farewell a friend who was going overseas.

It’s nice to see him out in the public doing something incredibly normal, but is it the right task to prove that he’s normal?

We celebrated Bob Hawke’s beer achievements so will we celebrate Tony Abbott’s? We wait to see what  you think in the comments… 

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  1. Abbott could never be Bob Hawke. Hawke may not have been everyone’s ideal PM but at least he was liked by both sides of politics.
    Abbott is only doing these things because he thinks it will make him friends. Is he going to cheat on Margie as well????

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    • That comment about cheating on Margie is ridiculous. Most of the Labor Party have or are cheating, seems to be a trend . Hawke liked !!!!!! Not many Libs liked him.

    • Dawn Bruce
      The question was is Abbott doing a Hawke. Hence the reference to cheating on his wife.
      The LNP have proven over the past 18 months what liars and cheats they are. But you keep defending them. I’m sure your loyalty will bring you peace when you are on the street begging for food.

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    • Ruth get a life, if you agree that Hawke was so wonderful you are another easy pleased Labor supporter, a drunk and womaniser as PM, yeah really NOT liked by both sides, he was detested by Lib supporters.

    • Mary
      Another one who can’t read. Where did I say Hawke was wonderful. Another one who puts their own interpretation on things to make it look like what they want it to say.
      People like you are the ones who need to get a life.

    • they are just offensive Ruth..I just blocked one woman who virtually accused me of being drunk..the fact that I have never drunk alchohol does not seem to deter her but then how would she know that..I don’t know her..if they are rude to me I block

    • Libbi
      Because of Mary’s inability to be able to use punctuation, she has actually called me a drunk and a womanizer. LOL

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      • That’s the Libs for you. Just like their leader. Lol!

    • Obviously you have not read Paul Keatings memoirs.He thought Hawke was a bastard,bet his first wife didn’t like him much,when he cheated on her, bet his children didn’t like him much when he ran away with his now wife and left their mother,and I think we can safely say the country didn’t like him when they threw him out of government.

  2. If he went into a pub in his own electorate or another Liberal electorate,he would not be confronted but the test of his courage is to go into a pub in a non Liberal electorate and NO he will never be as loved and accepted as Hawkie.. Bob could walk into any pub and be one of the boys

  3. He is not even in the same league as Bob Hawke. No comparison whatsoever.

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    • Go and live with him and all he’s other women while he was married to a beautiful women and see how much you’d love him then you can have Hawke at least Tony have class something that Hawke never shown

    • Bob Hawk had charisma,but was a prick to Hazel….

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      • Agreed! But Mr Abbott on the other hand is cheating on the Australian people. In fact selling Australia to the highest bidder. That, is a whole lot worse than cheating on your wife!

    • Bob Hawke had a filthy mouth at times. He wouldn’t have turned down a free lay from what I hear. Hazel was refined and far too good for him.

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      • That could be said for a large portion of the male population at given times in their lives. So, your point is?

    • Ho hum Bob Hawke. I remember Bill Hayden’s comment re Hawke’s penchant for strutting around naked….Hayden was asked to comment if it was true and replied, roughly saying, “I wouldn’t like to engage in comment over small things”. What a dill Hawke was. Apparently he had “charisma”.

    • Why because Tony is respectful and faithful to his wife and daughters !
      Bob Hawke charisma didn’t do Australia much good.
      Give me Tony anytime !

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      • Oh, dear! It is true then, many people only see what they want to see! Or read.

    • Of course there is no comparison to Bob Hawke. He was a shocking representative for Australia. He took crassness, boozing and womanising to a new level. God forbid we ever see that again. By the way, just an interesting fact. He, like every other labor leader ran our country into debt.

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      • Sigh, more information required. Latest political news is that Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey have actually driven Australia into debt a further several billion dollars. I believe that creates an all time record. One that Mr Hawke would not have matched.

  4. Der, what an idiot. Won’t improve his brain function. OOPS. Dosnt have one.

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    • As As Patricia state it won’t improve his brain function. I believe Mr Abbott has admitted on a number of occasions to having a hangover when he has been keeping his morning appointments, and one of the best photos around is of him sleeping in the “House” during a session. I think he has a drinking problem, so all this publicity might wake up his minders and get them to keep him of the ‘grog’. Not a good sight to behold due to his supposed “Minister for Women” = Domestic Violence, or his supposed anti one hit stance.

    • he might not be the best , however he out weighs any labor government we have EVER had .At least he is trying to get us in the black financially , something Labor knows nothing about , red appears to be their favorite colour . And the truth is not high on their agenda either as the video of Gillard lying on national TV still lives with us .

  5. Seen in a pub.. OMGosh, horror, an Aussie enjoying being Aussie this country is no longer the land of Oz. The pickers and the haters wingers, and the new age Bully. I shall wait to see them hit this.

  6. The Pub was in Double Bay and many believe in was a publicity stunt and a set up. he does not come up to Hawkies shoe laces..let him try a pub in Sydney’s West or The Hunter or The Illawarra

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