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Pope Francis is often praised for tireless commitment to his duties, at which the Pontiff can be found from 4am until 10pm at night. But perhaps the answer to the growing disconnect between the Church and the faithful requires a new tactic.

Speaking to an Argentinian newspaper, the Pope admitted has has not watched television since 1990, and that the internet is “not for me”. His Holiness doesn’t even catch soccer games anymore, relying on the Swiss Guard to update him on his beloved Argentinian team.

In an age where television is second only to the world wide web, one can’t help think Pope Francis might need to allocate a few hours to surfing the net and hanging out in front of the box.

A recent report by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference found the three most commonly mentioned reasons people no longer attended mass were:

  1. Misuse of power and authority at all levels of the Catholic Church.
  2. Irrelevance of the church to life today, as an institution “out of touch” with Australian society. (In their eyes the church had lost its ability to connect with the day-to-day lives of ordinary people and as a result they no longer regarded it as having the authority to guide them in living an authentic life.)
  3. Lack of intellectual stimulation, with several noting that the sermons delivered in their parishes “were of poor quality, being ill-prepared, theologically unsound, badly delivered and irrelevant”.

Source: Catholic Online.


Perhaps a few hours in front of the footy would help? Or perhaps the Pontiff could catch up with the Kardashians?

All jokes aside, the Catholic Church is facing a crisis of confidence so something needs to happen – and not just here in Australia. In light of the overwhelmingly positive vote for gay marriage in Ireland at the weekend, Diarmuid Martin, the archbishop of Dublin, said in The Guardian, “We [the church] have to stop and have a reality check, not move into denial of the realities”.


Do you feel the Church has lost touch with the realities of today’s world? And which TV shows would you recommend to Pope Francis? 

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  1. The Catholic Church is rooted in outdated tradition that is not easily changed. However Pope Francis has the power to get things started in order to make sweeping changes that should include priests being able to marry, acceptance of homosexual love, and repentance for the sexual abuse of children by frustrated priests. It won’t be easy but a start towards genuine remorse and rebuilding would make the church seem more human to many.

    3 REPLY
    • Are you kidding……priests that abuse children are NOT frustrated, they are Paedophiles!!!

    • We are all entitled to our opinion Bev Kelly, but how is your comment contributing to this topic, which is titled “Catholic Church out of Touch”? Can you instead give your ideas for how the Catholic church can improve its standing in the community, as I attempted to do. Don’t attack me for having an opinion.

  2. The vote for same sex marriage in Ireland brings it home too. The church “instructed” a no vote. Didn’t work this time. At last.

  3. I think Catholics world wide are starting to wake up, there an be no pride admitting your a member of this church with all its paedophile priests

  4. …and then there’s the issue that people believe in the the ‘god’ thing. I mean, really? It’s 2015.

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  5. They lost me in 1962, because they would not marry a non catholic in the same stop at alter as all Catholics, so I said you know what you can do with your church, we went & got married at another church. I am not easily brain washed.

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  6. Out of touch no way this church is in crisis with all the priest fiddling with boys the bill for their behaviour must be millions better keep their head down. C.c.

  7. woohoo The ALP is Private Member’s Bill in the House of Representatives on Monday for marriage marriage..all members in the ALP will have a free vote

  8. where are all the Catholics defending their church? I suppose there is nothing to defend is is disgraceful

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    • Always easier to take the freeway than the narrow little footpath thru the thorny bush…….and boy oh boy isn’t it congested at the moment. (Hope you grasp that)

    • I can still have faith in a loving God while, as a Catholic, abhorring the vile acts of evil men. I would never defend anything so terrible, why would you think all Catholics would ever want to?

  9. Its against human nature especially young men’s to be celibate. This Church doesn’t recognize women to take office , even though most of their followers are women . That’s why they resort to buggering little boys . Its not relevant in this day & age

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