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Halal. It’s a short word that can inspire a lot of mixed feelings. Just ask Senator Jackie Lambie or One Nation founder Pauline Hanson what they think and you’ll get an earful. But is it the hotbed of terrorism they and some others claim?

A  Senate inquiry has just been told that some of that hate may not be founded on fact because there is no evidence halal certification has anything to do with terrorism.

According to a government intelligence officer who gave evidence to a Sydney inquiry into food certification earlier today, money paid for certification of halal food is not being used to fund foreign fighters.

This was in direct contradiction to submissions that alleged money paid to organisations or companies that certify halal food ends up in the hands of terrorists, which is part of the reason the food inquiry was launched in the first place.

The acting deputy chief executive of Austrac, Angela Jamieson, said while there had been various public claims that fees from certification of halal food may be funding terrorism, Austrac had not found any links.

“Austrac monitors reported financial transactions, including reports of suspicious financial activity and related transaction, to identify money movements that are associated with halal certification,” AAP quoted her as saying.

“Of the information identified from this monitoring of reported financial transactions, none of these have been assessed as relating to funding terrorism with regard to halal certification fees.

“Through the operational activities of Austrac, including international engagement and international exchange on foreign fighters and terrorism financing, there has been no evidence of links to halal certification, including funding of terrorism.”

AAP says more than 500 submissions have been made to the inquiry, which is also examining certification of kosher and organic food in Australia.

Senator Jackie Lambie and Pauline Hanson are just two of the politicians who have been vocal in condemning the halal certification process in recent times.

Senator Lambie has stated she wants to introduce a private member’s bill in the Senate to “close these legal loopholes that could allow financing of terrorists and Australia’s enemies through halal certification moneys”.

One Nation founder Pauline Hanson has also claimed halal certification is a $3 trillion industry that funds terrorism.

For those unfamiliar with what exactly the word halal means, it is an Arabic word that means “permissible”.

Muslims are not allowed to eat foods prohibited in Islam, which includes alcohol, pig meat and meat of an animal that has died of natural causes and meat and products must be slaughtered and prepared according to Islamic practice.

A major industry has grown up certifying products meet halal standards, with increasing numbers of halal-certified products finding their ways onto Australian shelves.

The inquiry is ongoing.

Has the evidence given to the inquiry today changed your view of halal? 


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  1. This won’t stop the bigots and the racist from claiming that the money does fund terrorists. They have their own agenda to push and will just say that the inspectors have been paid off. Meanwhile, they will continue to drive cars that run of oil and petrol from Muslim countries and will continue to claim they boycott all Halal food even though they never check if the ingredients in the food are non Halal.

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    • you are very wrong, a lot of people DO boycott brands, I personally will NOT buy Halal meat as I find the barbaric method of killing beyond belief and do not understand why animal rights groups are not jumping up and down

    • Lynn Harvey. In Australia they are not killed as per Islamic practices. They have an agreement with Australia to slaughter animals as per RSPCA regulations. 95% of abattoirs in Australia are Halal certified and have been since the 1960’s. That is the reason that animal rights groups do not jump up and down about it Lynn Crysell Harvey .

    • But not as they once were, with care and compassion for the animal, minimal pain and shock…now stunned but still conscious and aware with feelings so they bleed out just right…. Oh and mumbled over by a Muslim

    • A bigot calling people bigots!. Nice!
      This is not just about MEAT!!! Don’t fall for that old chestnut! What about bottled water? Cat food? Cheese? oh and CLOTHING is next, How do you feel about that?

    • Steve Bennetts So how am I a bigot. Where in my statement do you see me knocking another race or religion. Water is already Halal certified as Muslims bless the rain as it falls. I eat what I like and don’t take any notice of what people say. Food is foodand it hasn’t been made any differently. It has simply been blessed. Just as many christians bless their food before they eat it.

    • As for animal cruelty. Cut the throat then stun!!!! Oh yes. That is ok. As long as the RSPCA says so. They should be sorted also. AND all these abattoirs have NOT been halal since the 60’s …. Some have, but I have worked in one and it certainly wasn’t.

    • Ruth do you know that it doesnt fund them ? if you do then prove it ! It was on 4 corners the other week and the slime on there said it is funding a mosque being built in Indonesia for a start, if you want to fund islam ( and it is a religion/cult not a race ) so dont go calling any one racist IT IS NOT A RACE ! I for one want the choice of buying my products and not paying extortion tax cause that is all it is to the barbaric assholes

    • They bless the rain as it comes down??? Soon they will be blessing the air we breathe….I do not buy halal meat, I don’t want to, I shouldn’t have to. And why are 95% of abattoirs in Australia halal…when the Muslim population is 18% at most.. They say it is a lucrative business for export, but why is most of it on the shelves in Coles Wollies and IGA? If there is any doubt at all about where the money goes, there needs to be an inquiry. If you or I run a business like this, you would be permanently investigated, especially when they run as not for profit organisations. One rule for all Australians. Is it too much to ask?

    • Peter Benn No, I don’t know that it doesn’t fund them and I don’t know that it does. But the evidence is leaning very much towards the fact that in Australia it doesn’t fund terrorism.

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      • Halal Certification is a Sharia scam.
        To say that any money collected by Certification is not being used to fund Terrorism is a lie.
        Under Sharia 1/8th of all money collected must go to fund Islamic Jihad. In other words Their War Chest.
        The Canadian Government found that $148 million [Canadian] given by Halal Certification Organizations to a Muslim Charity was transferred to HAMAS which is a terrorist organization.
        If anyone believes that is does not happen with money transferred from Australia then I would like to sell you a couple of bridges, one in Sydney, one in Brisbane that are going cheap.

    • Do you all drive cars? ISIS has taken over many of the oil resources so chances are you’re all funding terrorism. Best you all stay home

    • Christina Anne Randle If you read the article you will see that it is all about the inquiry that is currently being held.

    • Peter Benn – a “slime”, “barbaric assholes’ ! Nice turn of phrase. A tad bigoted perhaps.

    • Christina Anne Randle I have gone back through your posts and can’t see anywhere that you have specifically asked me a question……

    • Steve Bennetts obstinate or intolerant of a creed or view. Which is what people are who have a go at other people and their beliefs or religion. So yeah, you are a bigot as per tge Oxford dictionary. And you didn’t anwer my question as to what abattoir you claim you worked at…..

      1 REPLY
      • Ruth your description of a bigot hit home with me as I feel It applies to the Muslims who are here and have exactly that opinion of us. I do not practice racism or am I bigoted but I do feel totally at a loss why we have had to back down on our Christian beliefs and way of life to accomodate them. I have lived in their environment and totally adhered to the rules and regulations of the day (in some instances had no choice) and yet they can come here and have our way of life bent out of shape to accommodate them I.e. Christmas plus many other activities. I have no problem with Muslim ladies wearing their head coverings but I am totally confronted by the Burka in my environment and leave a premise where I am confronted. Silly maybe but I entitled to my feelings and opinion.

  2. Why are we still going over and over this subject? It’s been clearly proven that Pauline and Jackie are wrong ……it’s a bit like having the climate change debate. Why are we still doing it? The evidence is in on both issues, so move on folks, nothing to see here.

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  3. That’s your point of view Ruth, let other people express their own views. Dick Smith has his own view on Halal certification, I don’t think he’s far off the money.

  4. How many criminals are walking the streets because the police cannot get the evidence they need for a conviction? Apart from the terrorism aspect of this, I object to halal certification. Why should the public be forced to pay to support any particular religion?

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    • They don’t, unless they BUY the products, as I’m perfectly happy to do. But it DOES support a LOT of Aussie jobs. my local abattoir wouldn’t exist without halal, and neither would the jobs it provides.

    • Fair comment, Max. But if there was no halal, which was only invented in the 1980’s, the abattoirs would surely still exist?

    • David Lewis. You are wrong. Halal certification in Australian abattoirs has been around since the 1960’s.

    • Thanks, Ruth. However, it doesn’t alter the fact that halal is supporting a particular religion, whether it started in the 1960’s or 1980’s.

    • So mark things as Halal, so people can choose to support or reject a product….people forget that less vocal religions cannot eat food blessed by another god…what about them??????

    • Lynn Crysell Harvey Just because a brand is not Halal certified does not mean the ingredients are not Halal certified. EG: Lindt chocolate is not Halal certified. however, the sugar and cocoa they use to make the chocolate is Halal certified. SPC is not Halal certified, however, the sugar and salt they use in their products is Halal certified.

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      • Ruth, SPC is halal certified as per website.

    • How is it that salt ( from the earth) can be of not be Halaal…. Thought it only applies to the way animals are slaughtered

    • And this is why companies are not putting the Halal label on anything here…they don’t care in Muslims know it is OK they care that the 98% of other Australians will not buy…you can sugar coat it all you like…Australia is a melting pot for all religions and everyone got on with everyone else…until NOW

    • by another God Lynn Crysell Harvey ? The Muslim, The Christian and the Jewish religions all came from the one source, they came from the 3 sons of Abraham..I don’t believe in any of it

    • Libby Johnson Kosher foods? My education is deficient. Is there a suggestion here that Jews cannot eat Halal certified food?

    • For those who are so opposed to eating halal, certification and labeling makes it very easy to decide what not to buy.

    • Not so easy Sandra Claxton Most breads contain gelatine, all of which is halal in this country. So whether you buy your bread from Woollies, Coles or any of the commercial bakeries, it contains halal certified gelatine. There are many other products which are not foodstuffs which are halal also.

    • I cannot consume gluten. Yes, i agree it’s not easy, but it can be done. Read labels or make your own. That’s what I do. If you are really so concerned, do your homework.

    • That may be fine with just bread, but there are many other foods which are halal, and many are not labelled as such. It is not possible to tell from labelling. However, I have a booklet called halal choices, 2015 shopping guide. You would be amazed at how many products are halal.

    • Sandra, how come toilet paper and female hygiene products are halal. Do they have to be “permissible” ? It’s all a big con and the joke’s on us. Also a lot of labelling is missing on products. Sneaky!!!!

    • Not supporting the religion but the way the food is processed. Look at certification on your foods… Kosher….etc

    • Christine O’Shea it’s not a big con it is simply their beliefs. Your not being forced to believe what is the problem. Don’t see why it’s such a huge deal, how many inquiries do you need to convince you it’s legit and not costing you anything.

  5. I heard part of this enquiry a couple of weeks ago and it said. In Australia there is no evidence of funding of terrorism. However they cannot know what happens overseas.

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  6. Just because you can’t conclusively prove something dos’nt mean it isn’t happening.

  7. Religious, regardless of who you belong to, stamping on any product should be band. If I don’t like something, I don’t eat it. I don’t push my beliefs on others.

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