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The news that Rupert Murdoch, climate change denier, capitalist of the first degree and ruthless media mogul, now owns one of the world’s favourite environmental magazines was met with shock yesterday.

Murdoch’s Fox spent $US725 million ($1 billion) buying the rights to the magazine, which has been independent for 127 years and has funded the National Geographic Society.

The Australian says, “The deal is a sign of the soaring value of high-quality content and top global brands in the media sector.”

Under the new deal, National Geographic will become a for-profit magazine, along with all its books and digital media assets.

There is concern about the move, the first big push by Rupert’s sons Lachlan and James, and creative types around the world took to Twitter to express their fears about what will happen to the magazine so many of us grew up with.

What are your memories of National Geographic magazine? What do you think of this takeover? Do you think the magazine will be the same? 


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  1. His newspapers don’t go in for investigative journalism, appearing just to take their stories from Twitter feeds and Liberal Party press releases. A bit difficult to fill this previously wonderful magazine with those methods. I hope it won’t change but I won’t knowingly buy anything tainted by the Murdoch name so I may never know.

  2. He will poison it like every thing else he is involved in Greed is his motivation

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    • It’s been poison for years, with all the support and belief in the lying global warming scam. Now we should see some truth on that subject, and maybe those with lapsed subscriptions will be tempted back again. The only way to save what used to be a great publication!

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      • Mike, I know of a few little islands in the Pacific that you can buy. You do not believe in global warming so you will not mind when they go under as they are doing now.

  3. Well if he turns it into a forum for his buisness instead of a real insight into the world around us and the changes we will just stop reading it!

  4. Never read it, but watch some shows on TV . Cant see it being a big drama . Newspapers aren’t selling well either, all on line now .

  5. This much respected magazine will now go down the toilet if that idiot has anything to with. It will become just another outlet for his far right rantings.

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