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It’s hugely unpopular with most Australians and will shed poor light on us in the international community, and has been considered potentially dangerous – yet Greg Hunt has given the Adani Carmichael coal mine the green light today.

The $16 billion project, which will be Australia’s largest coal mine, was held up two months ago when the Federal Court set aside approval based on environmental concerns, namely, the effect of the mine on two protected species.

However, today the federal environment minster signed the approvals, which are subject to “36 of the strictest conditions in Australian history”.

Mr Hunt said the conditions took into account issues raised by the community and would ensure that Adani met the highest environmental standards, report the ABC.

He added that all measures must be approved before mining could start: “I have the power to suspend or revoke the approval and strict penalties apply if there is a breach of the strict conditions.”

Speaking with the ABC this afternoon, Mr Hunt said the mine would be considered as part of Australia’s total carbon dioxide emissions, and would not affect us reaching our reduction targets.

However, the issue is bound to be raised when Australia joins the Paris Climate Talks in November. The mine will produce 60 million tonnes of coal per year, which will be exported for use, mostly in India. Mr Hunt told the ABC that if Australia didn’t provide high quality coal to India, it would source lesser-quality coal from elsewhere.

At home, the project is unpopular due to its port terminals, which are in close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Conservationists groups have been quick to condemn the approval – Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Shani Tager says the mine will be “a complete disaster for the climate and the Great Barrier Reef”.

“This project means more dredging in the Great Barrier Reef, more ships through its waters and more carbon emissions,” she told Fairfax media.

Twitter is already showing an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the announcement:

What do you think? Does Australia need its biggest coal mine in a world that is fast turning to other forms of energy? Is this a sensible move? 


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  1. When all these coal mines have out lived there usefulness and that is coming sooner rather than later, all we will be left is big holes in the ground, good farming land destroyed forever

    13 REPLY
    • That’s right they all seem to go into liquidation and are unable to tidy and decontaminate the sites. Once again the taxpayers of Australia wear the environmental and financial consequences. Idiot government, bring on the next election.

    • I fell over this afternoon and hit my head and have been sick ever since , it may be that reason that I going to say this or it is probably because I mean it !! I appreciate all of you, you all have a social conscious and you all just lovely people 🙂 I feel lucky to have met you all

    • Hope all is well Libbi Elliot, take care. Falling is horrible at any age and the older we are the less we bounce!! Agree with Christa Caldecott if closer would be there to check on you.

    • Farming country?? Have you ever been out to this location and had a look? I think you would rephrase your statement if you did!

    • Ron Whalan, Libbi like everyone else on this page is entitled to her opinion so if you disagree feel free not to comment, it’s that easy.

    • i am fine just sore knees , neck elbows and a bump on the head this morning 🙂 when I do things I don’t muck around lmao

    • It’s people like you that shouldn’t be allowed to open their stupid mouth or be part of the sickening greens party. Miners don’t leave holes in the ground, they strip the topsoil and keep it for reabilitation under the mine closure plan. There will be no hole left under this plan. The moo cows we eat every day and the diesel that get’s them to market will be there during and after the mine has finished you idiot.

  2. wow gives us something Australia does not want or need but take off Pensioners and give people a welfare card !! great Government, they would do well in North Korea

    7 REPLY
    • not the same as yours that for sure, the Great Barrier Reef is a living treasure and should be preserved at all costs

    • First of all you have no idea what my ideas are and your assumption that I support coal mining is very very wide of the mark. My question still stands.

    • Peter Hayward please run away I am trying to get dinner and you just annoying with your 20 questions I nor anyone else here are obliged to answer you anything..this may shock you but you are not God

    • Well smart countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark have health care, look after their aged, have free education. They do it by being smarter than us, Norway at least taxes the companies that we let avoid tax.

  3. Leave the coal where it is, do the world a favour and encourage renewable energy. The coal will be there for the future if there ever becomes a need for it.

    6 REPLY
  4. I am concerned that if this mine goes ahead that the labour force will be Australian based and not cheap labour flown in from India. I will be extremely disappointed if this mine does not provide local jobs. The local economy is in need of a boost and this mine would certainly help things along.

    1 REPLY
    • And help destroy the ree into the bargain and by the way it will only provide at most 1500 jobs, not the thousand this Government said it would..the Great Barrier Reef is a living organism and should be treated with respect

  5. I m . Fed up with the way this Sick Cold Minded Ignorant LNP has turned out to be. . Patronizing and Scoffing at the wishes of the bulk of this countries people.. lnp deserves to be voted Out…

  6. And we pay these bloody MORONS what lunacy, this is why I don’t have faith in our POLITICIANS they don’t think before they open the TAXPAYERS WALLET, yet it’s ok to strike out at PENSIONERS saying we are a burden. Well no it’s our POLITICIANS WHO ARE A BURDEN they don’t have a bloody clue as to what they are doing.

  7. He’s just doing his job… and that’s holding hands with the corporate bastards that are steering this country to meet their own ends.

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