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With all the senseless murders on our TV screens, debate has turned to the death penalty and whether it is still a fair punishment. Yesterday we spoke about murder in our country and it had a huge reaction – everyone is up in arms about these horrific crimes and want to government to help out. But should it be with capital punishment?

Over in the US yesterday, Hillary Clinton gave her thoughts on the death penalty and while she disagrees with it, she fell short of saying it should be abolished altogether.

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Ms Clinton said, “I do not favor abolishing however, because I think there are certain egregious [cases] that still deserve the consideration of the death penalty”, reports the Guardian.

“We have a lot of evidence now that the death penalty has been too frequently applied and very, unfortunately, often times in a discriminatory way,” Clinton said.

She also noted that several states are “beginning to pull back from either applying the death penalty or narrowing the scope of the cases where it can be applied”.

“I think we have to be smarter and more careful about how we do it,” Clinton said.

Australians have heavily debated the death penalty earlier this year when two of our men were killed by firing squad in Indonesia, causing a huge uproar. Thousands gathered around Australia to share their views on the issue and the way it is used so ruthlessly, particularly as punishment for non-violent crimes.


Perhaps one of the most passionate crusaders for abolishing the death penalty is lawyer Julian McMahon, who represented both Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan in the lead up to their deaths. Now, the barrister has been named as Victorian Australian of the Year for his tireless work, reports the Herald Sun.

Going back to the murder cases that have been circulating in the media, it begs the question: is the death penalty ever acceptable? Is it an eye for an eye? Or should people who murder or rape be locked up in prison for the rest of their days?

Tell us your thoughts today. 


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  1. I don’t now or ever will believe in the death penalty, that said it doesn’t mean a criminal who has committed murder gets a slap over the wrist, their sentence should reflect the crime they have committed and if that means to be locked up for the term of their natural life so be it, I could think of nothing worse than being locked up for the rest of my life, death is the easy way out for the criminal.

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    • Agreed Trish. Death is too quick. Lock them up for the term of their natural life. I can only imagine how i would feel if one of mine were murdered or raped etc and the mongrel or mongrels who were responsible were let back into to society after serving a short time behind bars….. and to just reoffend. Our justice system is a joke

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      • Trouble is we the tax payers are paying for it for a long time.

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        • At $100,000 per year with all comforts and perks, so-called ‘punishment’ is a farce at taxpayers’ expense!

    • No death, we put ourselves on the level of these murderers when we kill them but they should be locked up for the term of their natural life

    • And treat them as the scum that they are ….. our prisons are a joke ….. with most of the home comforts ….. but oh god, if one of mine were harmed, please let me have a go at it first before it is locked away

    • If someone harmed one of mine, then I would have murder on my mind. I’ve seen the on-going stress of people like the Morecombes every time that mongrel applies for bail. That shouldn’t happen, there should be no chance of him getting out, ever

    • Here is my 10 cents worth on Trish’s excellent post 🙂 they need stop doing everything on the cheap and invest more money into the prison system, stop being namby pamby about Prisoners rights and build these prisons out on the Nullabour. Make it a life for a life time sentence and Pedophiles should have their own jails and never be let back out again . I don’t think anyone who has been a victim of crime or their families would care about paying more taxes for these prisons

    • The trouble is,if anyone hurt one of mine it might be difficult to stop once I started on them. I think though that justice should mean far longer sentences and much harder work.As the song says in The Mikado, let the punishment fit the crime. I believe in chemical castration too.

    • No Death Penalty, how can we condemn Middle Eastern Countries and those countries in Asia like China for their inhumane practises, if we kill people ourselves, we have to be above their level in every way

    • It astounds me that they shut so many prisons, and now say there’s no room for offenders in prison. What a surprise!

    • I agree with Libbi Elliot.
      No more city jails. Put them out in the middle of nowhere. Make them grow their own food and build their own rooms. Make their own clothes. And give real sentences. Make life LIFE…. No parole at all.
      Look at some of the prisons in third world countries.
      Then when they are released back into the community they will be on notice for the rest of their lives. No second chances. Reoffend and straight back to prison.

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      • My thoughts exactly Ruth Hourigan. They should lose all civil rights, and have to work to survive within their prison. No more comfy cells, TVs, meals provided, clothing provided. Differing levels too… Harsh conditions for murderers, (life term for taking a life, no parole), paodophiles and violent offenders. Less harsh for the rest. No death penalty, too clean and quick for some of them.

    • Ruth Hourigan couldn’t agree more. Make prison a work place, not a comfy place to be.

    • Libbi Elliot I lived on the Nullabor Plain at Forrest for 2 years, they’d be sorry if they escaped, lol.

    • UR a Tripper Murderers get out after 13 years cos teh govt can’t afford to house them anynore,You are away with the fairy’s/

    • I think the Nullabor is a good idea.. give them no air conditioning, let them feel the heat the same heat that they would feel in hell. make it a living death

    • Prison is too soft today they have things on the inside while we the people struggle to make ends meet. I would love to have pay tv & i have heard they get that in prison. Whatever happened to the term HARD LABOUR get them cracking rocks all day out in the heat. Best idea is bring back the death penalty & just get rid of the scum as they got rid of their victims!!

    • Solitary confinement, no TV, computers etc. one phone call a month for the rest of their natural life.

    • If they want to study, they can do it in their cell at night after they’ve done a days work, like the working population does

    • Then again Trish,prisons nowadays are like holiday camps for some. Free meals,lodging,entertainment ,all seem to have TV’s I don’t really think it is enough of a punishment. I agree being locked up would seem awful to me as I have a loving husband, nice home,friends etc. Many don’t so to them it may be like having company,a “home” and enough food to eat.

  2. Yes, when that person has no hope of rehab and is pure evil they have forfeited their right to live, I have changed my mind on no death penalty once I became a mum

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    • I use to feel that way but now I think differently. There may be someone who is innocent but did not have the money to get the best barrister. The cost of defending yourself is very high and sometimes people get it wrong. I don’t know what I would like in this case death or to be locked up for years having to deal with the law of the inmates. I know I would hate to be the person who has to put an end to somebdy’s life.

  3. Clinton……….you can’t say that you don’t condone the death penalty………and then say, but for certain crimes it’s appropriate. You either approve, or disapprove! I believe that all that people want to see is that justice prevails and that the punishment fits the crime. My opinion…….two wrongs don’t make a right….just saying!

  4. It is a hard question but why should someone live if they have raped/killed a child. Our jails now are more like motels not prisons. If we send these people to prison make it a prison that fits the crime. We are far to soft on these people today that is why they come out and do it again. Different prisoners should be built to fit different crimes if you don’t want the death penalty,and I think we forget that the taxpayer is footing the bill to keep these animals alive for the rest of there lives.

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    • Rhonda Wakefield , for people that have committed serious crimes they have far to much they should be doing hard time not a walk in the park.

    • I worked in a jail for eight years and the newer jails are like motels. Each unit has its own gym, they have beautiful gardens, all medical expenses are paid for and have three meals a day. I guess the only difference is they have to make their own bed.

    • I bet they have a shower everyday too unlike our elderly in government nursing homes who have a shower if they are lucky twice a week. Breakfast, warm lunch and sandwich for dinner. I worked in one for 10 years. I have also visited someone in prison. They seem to have more considerations allowed to them

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