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Yesterday, the Palmer United Party announced a strategic move to no longer contest state parliament and instead focus on federal parliament – allegedly planning to run for every single seat in the next election expected in late 2016.

The Palmer United Party’s strongest state representation came from Queensland, but that fell apart last year when Alex Douglas and Carl Judge, who both left the LNP to join Palmer United, abandoned the party to run as independents at the 2015 state election.

Since then, the PUP has failed to win any seat in a state election.

In a statement, party leader Clive Palmer, said that the federal election is where the party will focus on.

“We are confident of fielding very strong candidates from a wide section of the community and all walks of life to continue achieving excellent outcomes for all Australians at federal level,” Mr Palmer said.

“We believe federal parliament is where the Palmer United Party can make the most valuable contribution so that is where we will be focusing our attention in the future”.

The statement, “achieving excellent outcomes at all levels” is an interesting one given that the PUP strategy is more disruptive than progressive. Palmer’s entry into politics in 2013 was bold with a multi-million dollar campaign behind him that did catch some popularity around the country, but this failed to translate across all of his party members and after series of in-fighting on both a state and federal level, it seems as though the withdrawal from state politics could mean the end for everything is in sight…

So tell us, would you vote for the PUP? Do you believe they have the ability to change Australia and make excellent decisions about the future of our country? Or would you rather see them disperse in the coming years? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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  1. I watched Q&A the other night and it did not sound to me like Palmer had any intention of quitting Federal Politics. But he achieved what he wanted in State Politics, with the help of Alan Jones they got rid rid of the Liberal Party in QLD and Campbell Newman

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    • Yep and we are paying the price….not going forward to any goal….no tourism… jobs… cruise ship terminal….no skyride. Lock it all up…we can all join the public service.

    • Helen Lee
      If the labor party did all these things you woukd be whinging about them wasting money. You can’t have it both ways.
      As for no tourusm, you need to check your facts…..

  2. Palmer’s goal in Qld was to get rid of Campbell Newman. So I am not surprised that he will not be contesting in Qld. I really don’t know what his party stands for except to make mischief. I predict a wipeout for his party next election.

  3. He’s just playing games & making mischief – he thinks his money affords him the luxury & power but doesn’t really have Australia’s best interests in mind. No structure & nearly all the people he convinced to run in the last election have ditched – so even they woke up to his game playing.

  4. i thought he was a good bloke until he got in & now hes the same as every one else in it for himself

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    • I am sure there are some wonderful people who have gone into politics to try & make a difference, but they are invisible & you only see the ones looking out for themselves. I find Clive Palmer to be just a big bully who thinks his money will allow him to do whatever he wants with no consequences. The quicker he is voted out the better.

  5. We need another party a strong party which has AUSTRALIA and Australians in the front and foremost drivers seat. But CLIVE PALMERS PARTY ISNT IT. Thought he was going to be it but oh well

  6. He and PUP have never and will never get my vote.

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