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A video of a Syrian town burning has raised suspicion the dictator Bashar al-Assad is once again using Napalm in air strikes on civilian areas.

Incendiary, or fire-causing, weapons have been used extensively in wars throughout the ages. Who can forget this image of Phan Thi Kim Phuc running from the fire in her village in Vietnam, naked and burning after a Napalm attack?


Napalm is a particularly nasty substance, a mixture of petroleum and a gelling agent that makes it stick to whatever surface it lands on and burn for longer.

The use of the incendiary weapon on civilian targets was banned in 1980 by the United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons however, if this video is to be believed, it seems Syria is willing to violate the convention.

The footage shows the aftermath of an alleged Napalm attack and was filmed by the Darayya Media Center and the Syrian Civil Defense, two groups that fiercely opposed to the Assad regime.

The pro-rebel activists say the raging fires were the result of 20 barrels of Napalm being dropped on the rebel-held neighbourhood in Darayya.

If the allegations are true (and the video remains unverified), it would be the second time Syria has used Napalm on civilian targets. Experts say the burning is consistent with the use of Napalm.

The incident comes two years after sarin gas killed over a thousand people in a Damascus suburb, which came close to triggering a US attack.

As we discussed yesterday, Australia is considering sending troops and aircraft into direct action in Syria. Could this be the start of another prolonged and incredibly dirty war?

Tell us, if it were confirmed that the Syrian government was using Napalm on civilian targets, would that justify going to war? 


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  1. WOW, There is no excuse for this! Nations should unit to stop this in its tracks! No man, no law, no country should be able to do this and still be allowed to hold onto any kind of power! Rob him/ them of the ability to do this NOW!!

  2. Get rid of Bashar al-Assad, no good to start a war for one Person or one Familie, get them arrest them and drag them to Den Haag!!!!!

  3. Is this verifiable as true? Is the photo just a file photo from some other war? Is this just allegation.. Who is the referee in a war? Might is right is the end result so moral and ethical issues seem irrelevant in modern wars. Are we dealing with normal leaders here? What about the other players? Also this site is getting a bit too political and is there a certain agenda? I think so. Time to move away. You should keep to simple things, and no politics!!!!

  4. There is no excuse for using this stuff. Either in the past when the Americans were using it or now. This is inhumane and unforgivable and anyone who used and uses it should be up for war crimes

  5. I read somewhere that 2 gas/oil producing countries, neighbouring Syria, both want to run pipelines through the country to supply gas/oil to Europe. Both want to take control of Syria before they lay their pipeline. One is allied to Russia, the other to USA, so it doesn’t look good for the future …

  6. The above post is so frightening. I hope they’re not using napalm, it was used in Vietnam war, in the 1960’s – 1970’s. Saw one little girl, who was running naked, with her arms held out – burned.

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    • Good morning everyone. It’s currently 6.00am here in Victoria Australia. Police did door-knock in my street. There was robbery 2 houses away from me. They rang my doorbell at approximately 9.30pm last night, quite frightening. They do a dangerous job, personally, I wouldn’t like to do it. There was a police car, lights on, and about 4 policemen outside. Hope they catch whoever has robbed the young lady’s house. She’s overseas. Someone must be checking it for her while she’s away, and found things missing, or I hope, not a terrible mess. That’s sometimes what happens, they break in, can’t find much to take, so throw flour, sugar, urinate everywhere and worse. I feel sorry for the young lady, when someone has to ring her overseas and tell her what’s happened. Just one reason why I have my doberman Hunter, baseball bat, and double lock all my doors when away. Also set security system, and have motion sensor.

  7. Nothing is an excuse to go to war in another country. Please be certain that this is just a propaganda ruse

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