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Veteran TV journalist Mike Willesee is caught up in a war of words between dietitians and a celebrity chef – and he says he hasn’t felt better for a long time.

Willesee interviewed Pete Evans, champion of the paleo diet movement, over his claims that bone broth (made from slow cooking animal bones for tow- or three days) was better for babies than powdered infant formula.

During the interview, Evans challenged the 73-year-old journalist to try the diet. You could see the uncertainty on Willesee’s face, but he committed to a 10-week program.

In one of his video diaries, Willesee explained that professional curiosity was only one of his reasons for trying the paleo diet. He has had two unsuccessful back surgeries, and had developed blood clots on his lungs. In other words, his health was a major concern.

By the end of the 10 weeks, during which he ditched Coke, cut all grains, dairy, pulses and refined sugar, Willesee reports feeling great – the best he has for a long time.

“The closer I get to the finish the more I think of what comes after and can I keep it up because yeah it is really got to be more than just what do you do at meal time, it is part of your life,” Mike said in his video diary.

“I haven’t felt better in a long, long time, the added bonus is that I can now walk freely. So will I stick with Paleo? It’s working for me, 10 weeks is just the first chapter.”

But that hasn’t do much to sway the critics, who have attacked Sunday Night for “blatantly” promoting the paleo diet despite concerns from the Dietitians Association of Australia.

“This one-sided piece seemed to be a blatant promotion of the personal dietary views of one of the network’s prime time stars,” Claire Hewat, CEO of the DAA told The Daily Telegraph. “The DAA has written a letter of complaint to Sunday Night.”

The DAA is largely concerned about Evan’s bone broth for children, which was found to have excessively high levels of Vitamin A, which they say could be life threatening for a chid. The organisation is also concerned that the paleo diet flies in the face of current Australian government recommendations to eat whole grains and three to four serves of dairy.

Evans says the DAA receives funding from the dairy industry and major foot outlets like McDonalds.

“It’s like that around the world. The dietitians association in different parts of the world, in the USA, in the UK, in Australia. They are partly sponsored by multi-national food corporations,” he said during an interview of Sunday Tonight.

Watch the interview and Mike Willesee’s progress here.

What are your thoughts on the paleo diet? Would you try it?

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  1. From what I could see his diet was so bad that any change had to be for the better. I could not do paleo. Love my carbs and dairy.

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    • Yes Debbie – icecream and coke – good grief – I reckon though after his divorce – he felt low and sad – and just ate what cheered him up. But the consequences of doing that are dire. He looked better after 10 weeks. We are going Paleo – but still having a small amount of what we love. I like it as I don’t feel any where near as bloated when I eat Paleo.

    • Agree. Was going to comment the same on his old diet. And with you too on carbs and dairy.
      Eating fresh never hurt anyone.

    • Agree Debbie, the man was slowly killing himself. Just about any diet would have been an improvement. No, not interested in Paleo, just another fad that won’t be heard of in 10 years. But I suppose it’s lining somebody’s pockets.

    • I am a diabetic now on insulin, thanks to bad food, I will do as much of Paleo as I possibly can, well done to the converted.

    • Bente. Yes my husband has just been diagnosed as Diabetic and now we are going Paleo for the same reason as you. Too many carbs, bread and dairy. So now we will cleanup our food intake for better health.

    • You are so right! Drinking Coke…yikes!

    • I agree. All that coke and sugar, needs to go.

  2. I was glad Mike was looking,feeling and walking better. I think if you live alone it’s harder to stick to something like that because you often get lazy with meals. I couldn’t do it but if it works for him he should. Anything that makes you healthier and that seems to be the case for him.

  3. I did this and lost 17 kg in a matter of months I have reintroduced dairy because that was my choice. This fuss from the dieticians is because mainstream (doctor, dieticians and pharmacists ) are unwilling/unable side of mainstream dogma. I agree with Pete that there is a lot of money and investment that serves to entrench this broken attitude that “this is how it is done and nothing else will do” Furthermore if mainstream has it right, how is it that obesity, diabetes and heart disease is continuing to rise at an exponential rate in our community? The so called health diet of low fat, high carbohydrate coupled with the medication to control the consequences of the modern diet is killing people. Good on ya Pete. keep on doing what you are doing.

  4. eating paleo must have expanded that womens lips!!!!!!

    1 REPLY
    • I was thinking that too Marilyn Reid. I’m sure natural health doesn’t include pumping your face with strange ‘fillers’. I’ve seen a lot of women with these ‘trout pouts’ lately and it’s not a good look.

      1 REPLY
      • “Trout pout”! I love it, thank you for that apt description which I had not previously encountered. Added to my vocabulary immediately!

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