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As we gather for the Melbourne Cup, know that there is at least one person more likely to be fiddling with his phone rather than glued to the TV. And that man just happens to be our Prime Minister.

Breaking with tradition, Malcolm Turnbull has failed to pick a winner for the big race, even when pressed by journalists several times today and yesterday, BuzzFeed reports.

When asked who he’s got his eye on, the PM has politely declined to answer. Eventually, a spokesperson for his office told the media the Prime Minister is simply not interested in horse racing, and not that keen on gambling either.

Last year, then Prime Minister Tony Abbott publicly backed the horse Signoff, however he was off the mark.

Mr Turnbull has deigned to partake in the office sweep, however, posting this picture to Twitter this morning.

Considering the proud history of this race, is it right for the Prime Minister to be so open about his lack of interest? Share your thoughts (and who you’ve got your eye on!).


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  1. I have never watched the cup and never will. I once saw a horse get put down because it snapped a bone before a race. Cruel sport just so that someone can profit from it and others have an excuse to get pissed.

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    • I agree Petra. I too refuse to get caught up in this crap due to how cruel it is to the horses. Such a long race and usually there are injuries and deaths.

    • Agree with your comments. Today I enjoyed a couple of games of Scrabble with my daughter. Lots of fun. No. Loss of money

  2. Of course he is entitled to his opinion there are thousands not interested in horse racing or gambling. get a life people.

  3. Sorry I’m the same. We have had horses most of our lives but I can’t stand the racing industry and the harm they do physically and mentally to fine upstanding animals.

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    • I used to both bet and watch the race… But over the years have lost interest due to horses getting injured or put down on the spot… This year I didn’t even switch the TV on.

  4. who cares what he thinks…each to their own – I don’t run my life according to Malcolm Turnbulls opinion

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    • Geez Margaret, I’m pretty sure this is a light-hearted post, wouldn’t have thought it needed quite so much vitriol in the comments.

    • What a strange remark Margaret – you weren’t asked if he was being un-Australian.

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      • That remark was supposed to say “you were asked” not weren’t.

  5. Great at last ! A prime minister stating the obvious that not everyone follows the horse racing

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