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Source: Malcolm Turnbull

If an election had been held over the weekend, Australia would have a new Prime Minister, according to the latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll.

In fact, it would have been a whitewash, with the Coalition being swept out by 36 seats on the back of a 7.4 per cent swing vote.

But who would be leading the nation? Bill Shorten?

On a two-party-preferred basis, support for the government still trails 8 percentage points behind Labor on 46/54.

Meanwhile, the government’s primary support has dipped to 38 per cent – just two points above Labor’s 36 per cent. The Greens are sneaking up slowly at 16 per cent.

But the real news is that the Prime Minister’s leadership is on shaky grounds. Only 15 per cent of supporters think he should be in the top job, while 23 per cent would prefer to see Julie Bishop take over.

And Malcolm Turnbull’s strategy of smiling quietly while the Prime Minister bumbles his way along seems to have paid off. The communications minister has a remarkable 41 per cent preference as prime minister, according to the polls from the weekend.

Over the past few weeks, Mr Turnbull has done everything right. He was riding trams while his colleagues were being sacked for hiring helicopters. He made the public know he disagreed with the PM’s attempts to meddle with Q&A without openly defying his boss. And by careful language choice, he’s proved to be more rational when it comes to the threat of terrorism.

He’s even been on the cover of GQ!

Tell us, would you prefer Malcolm Turnbull in the top job as Prime Minister? 



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  1. I think Malcolm Turnbull would be a great prime minster

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  2. If my memory serves me correct Gillard stepped aside for Rudd to take back the reins just before Labour lost the last election, Hopefully if this happens and Turnbull takes back the reins from Abbott before the next election and history repeats it’s self the LNP will be also defeated and we will be rid of the worst Government that Australia has ever seen

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    • The worst govt in our history was the Whitlam Govt(we were sold out then at the Lima Convention in 1975, and our Constitution was taken out of schools and cleverly hidden), the lying Rudd/Gillard/Rudd, has second place, Hawke Govt is in third place and this government is following at fourth place.
      Three Labor and one Liberal, so are we supposed to vote Labor again and plunge this country into further massive debt and then well and truly into THIRD WORLD status?
      Look at what’s happening with the EU farce and their socialist DISASTER. Use your brain and do your research.

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      • Short memories if you all forget the mess labor left us with. Turnbull is doing the same thing as Rudd- everything to undermine the P.M. who’s efforts will show given time.

    • not saying this government is any good (it most certainly is NOT), but I think the Rudd government was worse

    • Whitlam government was the worst and most corrupt, Rudd/Gillard/Rudd was a very close second.

    • It’s interesting that Whitman is seen as the worst government yet he bought in free education he funded organizations such as neighborhood centers age a community services just to mention a few little things this man did. Our age group certainly benefited from his insightful policies all of which Abbott has either destroyed or trying to destroy. For those who benefited from these maybe you should pay back your education fees if you hate him so much and thought that he was so bad and destructive. Whitlam was a progressive thinker one that has and will continue to be admired unlike Abbott who will be seen in history as a racist bigot nazi

    • If Labor gets back in be prepared for the boats in there hundreds, I say vote in Turnbull at least he won’t let the Greens take over….& end in disaster ….

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      • Where did you get that ridiculous idea, Sue? The Labor party have voted to continue the disgraceful “pay the people smugglers/turn back the boats/keep these vulnerable people in concentration camps in third world countries policy” making them no different/no better/every bit as bad as the LNP. But I see where you’re coming from, lying, scaremongering and spin being one of the very few fortes of the LNP.

    • Oh for gods sake get over this boat people thing if you think that the boats have stopped then it’s a delusional thought. Abbotts just hidden it alway by putting a cone of silence around it. Maybe people who think Abbott has stopped the boats need to look into the humanitarian breaches that are happening with asylum seekers and how around the world we are FASTLY gaining the reputation of a racists white Australian only country. I am so sick of this anti Moslem boat people crap being the reason people voted Abbott in. It’s a racist vote. And to be honest we have other areas of real importance going on while people are so stuck on the boat people issue. The TPP by the way is the most dangerous paper to be ever put forward in our country . It will not only increase medications electricity petrol it will allow overseas workers to take our future generation jobs away by allowing substandard trades people to be imported into these jobs without having to be assessed to the Australian standards. It will allow overseas company’s to control our water our way of life it will also allow these companies to sue us if we hinder there economic growth. So in other words if the Australian government finds that a medication or pesticide is causing deaths and or deformities they can be sued for taking it off the market. The boat people issue are just being used as a camouflage getting people distracted while the real threat is being signed. The TPP may not affect us so much but it will affect our grandchildren so it’s up to you keep being stuck on the boats people or doing something REAL educate yourself about the real danger approaching our shores . TPP

    • I agree with you Bea. People certainly have short memories of the good things that the Whitlam government did. Of course you will never convince diehard Libs or diehard Labour voters of what good was done by an opposing side, but as for this current government…..I despair. If TA stays as Leader they will lose the election. Likewise, if Bill Shorten stays as Leader then Labour will lose. Shall just have to vote for the Greens!

    • Noel Hawes you are very short sighted. Go and check your facts, then you can back up your statement instead of making a one-liner statement.

    • Bea Little just try and turn your brain back to 2007 to 2013 if that is not too difficult,how many boats arrived under labor and at what cost and we will be paying for the Gillard/Rudd goernment for years to come.

    • The boat people shouldn’t even be a political issue. Far more important issues at stake. Other countries take far more than Australia does. It is just a political ploy and if you people out there vote the Libs in “just because they are stopping the boats” then heaven help us. This is the last thing I judge any government on but the Libs know that most of you want the boats stopped so will play this card to the max.

    • Turnbull is the right choice. He can steer LNP back to the ‘centre’ on its values of economy, jobs and investment.

    • Christa do you really believe that stopping the boats has not saved the tax payer millions,other countries have a much larger population to support immigrants.And just have a look at some of the immigrants that are sneaking in and arrived during the labor goverments 6 years.Agreed it is only one issue, add the debt they left, How is you gas and electricity bills going??????

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      • Saved us millions, Aneurin Evans? What about the BILLIONS it’s costing us to wage a hideous, shameful war on refugees in concentration camps where rape, beatings, murder and child abuse take place in YOUR name (not mine.)

    • Christa other countries may take more boat people, but just look at the mess they have found themselves in?? At least this govt is saving us money by stopping the boats! We will be paying for Rudd/Gillard mistakes in this area for years & years!! Hope you are satisfied thinking about all that!!

    • Christa Caldecott Jaya Jayachandra he will say and do anything to keep himself popular he has already been leader of the Liberals and his two faced decisions didn’t work.

    • Christa Caldecott – the sad thing is that if the Lib government did take more boat people, they’d just stick them in detention camps and forget about them.

    • you could not pay for this and we getting it for free 🙂 great to see these Liberal Voters arguing with each other who should lead . it doesn’t matter who leads now, they are finished, there is not enough time left before the next election to turn things around

    • I agree Barry, just don’t forget that wonderful first budget when Abbott and Hockey tried to introduce all the nasty legislative changes in the beginning of their term in office.

  3. It’s difficult to see who would be good out of a self serving bunch. But anything will be better than what we have now. I prefer labor ideals than the cruelty being inflicted by the LNP. It wouldn’t be so bad if the top end of town contributed to Paying Tax and not given extra money to cut pollution. They should do it for the sake of the planet not the reward of tax payers money. Besides I didn’t get my $500 cut off my electricity it went up instead.

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  4. Ask yourself this …if Abbott was out ..& Turnbull was in…What difference would you expect ..other than a more popular Prime minister …what physical difference other than Style ?? would we see new tax laws …that would stop the rorts of International & mining companies …would we see a better Immigration rationale ?…Screw the schools & health that’s been beaten to death ..we are over those old chestnuts !! would be nice to hear from the Heir apparent thinks ..!!

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