Is it fair to kick a man when he’s down? Comedian rejoices at Abbott’s demise 125



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British-American TV host John Oliver has compared Tony Abbott to heroin in an interview on the Emmys red carpet.

Without prompting, host of The Daily Show, John Oliver, greeted Australian entertainment reporter Angela Bishop with a cheerful, “Ding dong, Tony is dead, let me pour a little out for Tony Abbott,”, whilst pouring his water on the ground.

Asked by Angela, who is interestingly former speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s daughter, if he was thankful to Australia for all the material we had given him, the popular satirist looked into the barrel of the camera and said, “I don’t know what the point of Tony Abbott was, but it was fun while it lasted. It was like taking heroin. It was incredibly exhilarating and it was right that you stopped”.

It was only a few weeks ago that Oliver was in Australia, and noted that he was around Melbourne when Border Force’s failed ‘Operation Fortitude’ campaign was planned.

He took one last chance to take a stab at the former PM, saying of Donald Trump “I don’t think they’re (the US) going to elect him, you did elect Tony Abbott,” he said.

9News reports that in an interview with Fairfax Media in March, Oliver described Tony Abbott as a “car crash of a human being” and “like a star imploding”.

Take a look at the video below and tell us, do you think this was insulting to Tony Abbott? Or was it just a bit of light-heartened fun? 


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  1. They been laughing at abbot for ages our media ignored it so unless you watched uk channels you were not aware of it

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  2. It just shows you what the rest of the world was thinking about Tony Abbott he is or was a joke to us and the rest of the world.

  3. The first segment I saw that John Oliver did on Tony Abbott was absolutely fantastic as comedy but slightly embarrassing as an Australian. Tony Abbott was a laughing stock overseas, at international events he seemed to take the role of class clown. Tony Abbott has been providing material for the satirists since becoming PM, so glad he’s gone. Watching Malcolm Turnbull actually answering questions on 7.30 is such a pleasant change, a PM clever enough to string more than three words together at any one time.

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    • Get over it Barbara, Turnbull is next, Australian politics is all about tall poppies and kicking people when they are down. Hope you are enjoying yourself being the on line bully.

    • I am not a liberal voter, he was good on 7.30 report tonight though, Not an embarrassment like Tony Abbott.

    • No Lee I’m not a Liberal supporter either. Malcolm Turnbull may actually win the next election, not something I want, but as an Australian I’m pleased not to have such an embarrassment as Tony Abbott as PM.

    • Barbara yes I agree as an Australian who visits North America it was always embarrassing though quietly reassuring that others saw what we saw.I would always explain him in response to questions as being a cross between G W Bush and Sarah Palin had he lasted any longer we could have included Donald Trump.In the US Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert also found much material for their shows in Tony Abbott

    • oh piffle, comedians make a living imitating the ridiculous , Abbott gave them plenty of ammo, you can’t blame them because Abbott said and did ridiculous things Like eating onions, he gave them fodder

    • Agree with you Barbara-every time he opened his mouth, I cringed. Even the NZ pollies thought he was a joke and they are also conservatives. Don’t know where you got your info from Erin Loo. Abbott just wasn’t up to the job.

    • Barbara, and others like you:
      Abbott was admired by the PEOPLE world wide, especially in Europe, The people there said we have a PM with balls, especially to stop illegal refuges from coming here. Europe is in serious trouble.
      Whoever wins the next election, Lab or Lib will take us down to hell with them. That is their mandate. They take orders from the UN.
      Come December, this smarmy little traitorous, treasonous, smooth talking turd(Turnbull) will sign the Paris Treaty and complete the TPP on China and USA’s terms, and that’s it for Australia.
      Abbott was a stumbling block for the UN, and the Paris Treaty..
      Americans are jealous of us, their lives are crap and now they are so happy that Australians will join them. and so Oliver, the village idiot takes great pleasure in sticking the boot into Abbott, under the guise of ‘comedy’ and he is paid very handsomely for doing so…. and the haters in Australia think it’s not just comedy but true.
      No, Abbott is not the laughing stock of the world, we the Australian people are.

    • Marie I take it you don’t read any overseas news. Australia rarely gets a mention at all, but recently not much said about Tony Abbott or his policies was good. Since when has being a refugee been illegal. Abbott in his first speech at an international forum spoke about Australian issues and political issues within Australia, a major faux pas. From there it only got worse. The LNP appeared to be rushing to take Australia the way of the some of the worst things about the U.S; wages to low to actually live on, by privatising Medibank Private they opened the way for health insurers to dictate what medical procedure a patient will have paid, university fees that will leave poorer graduates in debt most of their lives.

  4. No it’s not fair but that’s what John Oliver does, he is very irreverent but so damn funny! I love his show!

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