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In a rare update on “Operation Sovereign Borders”, immigration minister Peter Dutton has been refreshingly honest about asylum seeker boats and how many have come to Australia during the Coalition’s leadership.

Despite repeated claims that the “boats have stopped”, Mr Dutton revealed that 20 asylum seeker boats have been turned around since the coalition came to power, with the latest being last month.

Joining Mr Dutton, Operation Sovereign Borders’ Major General Andrew Bottrell said, “The most recent attempt was in August. The passengers and crew of that vessel were safely returned to their country of departure.

“Since December 2013, we have safely returned over 650 potentially illegal immigrants and more than 20 ventures to their countries of departure.”

According to BuzzFeed, the coalition government placed a “media blackout” on the arrival of asylum seeker boats since coming to power.

The immigration minister also acknowledged reports that people smugglers have increased their activity, believing Malcolm Turnbull will take a softer approach than Tony Abbott.

“It is true that there is a lot of talk within Indonesia and other places, where people smugglers try to sell their product, that somehow a change in leadership here in Australia will result in an opportunity for people to arrive again on boats,” he said.

“I want to reiterate today in the strongest possible terms that the resolve of the PM and myself… is to make sure that we don’t allow deaths at sea to recommence, that we absolutely are determined to stare down the threat from people smugglers.”

Mr Dutton also said that Australia was in negotiations with the Philippines for a resettlement deal similar to the one Australia has with Cambodia.

Let’s talk: Do you think of Peter Dutton seemingly more transparent comments? Is this a sign of a new approach?

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  1. Someone has taken the muzzle off! It is great to get comment other than that one … don’t comment on operational matters …

  2. Don’t like Dutton at all, he is an ex copper with a chip on his shoulder. I will never forget his rants about the facist media as he called it. If he is being a little more honest and that is IF !! It because Turnbull is telling him to be because an election is coming up

    3 REPLY
    • Just the movement of those little lips makes me want to spew! Not forgetting the diatribe that comes out of his mouth! Can’t fathom why Turnbull kept him in this portfolio after the gaffe he made with Rabbot!

  3. Sir,, with all respect. thank heaven that at last “our” purported leaders are not taking us as fools, Please stop following other countries, If these boat people can afford to pay heaps of money to sneak into our country, then they can afford to enter legally, One can only assume that they have things to hide, these are not the folk that we need, I do realise that immigrants may well start new businesses but this will only cost the nation more money until they settle completely. adding to the ultra long dole lines, often ahead of the local residents,,,

  4. How cares as long as they stop the boats. I would like to ask him if that girl or woman was raped and found to be pregnant at Nauru detention centre has been allowed into Australia to have an abortion. If it is true we need to help this girl. I haven’t heard anyone except Paul Murray speak up for her situation.

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    • Dutton just admitted they havent stopped the boats, which most of us knew anyway. It would be quicker and cheaper to bring them onto the mainland to process them

  5. This is a man with no soul . Just look at those dead eyes and ask why children and women cannot be protected after repeated attacks. Minister Dutton is willing to punish the innocent children to keep his ministers pay and pension.

    10 REPLY

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