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June 13, 2015 in London, England, UK

At 89 years old, and about to become the longest standing monarch in British history, life without our Queen seems almost unbelievable.  Yet as we head towards her milestone, Australian politicians are getting titchy.  They want to use the moment to talk about a republic again. They want to be the ruler of our free nation.  They want their heads on our coins.  Ego is a terrifically entertaining thing, but let’s not get distracted.    Today we want to use the moment to talk about Her Majesty and whether we are ready to drink tea without the Queen in our world.

By all of our standards, Queen Elizabeth is getting quite old.  In fact she’s turning 90 next year, and with the world watching her every move no one seems to have stopped to consider what our world will be like without her.  In the New York Times this week they talk about how important she is to Britons, saying that up to a third of poms have dreams about the royals and more specifically, Her Majesty.  It quotes a book about dreams called “Dreams About H.M. the Queen and Other Members of the Royal Family,” by Brian Masters, who says that dreams about the Royals frequently involve cups of tea. “A characteristic scenario is that she, or sometimes he, settles down at your kitchen table. She remarks on what a nice cup of tea you make. Then she says: “You don’t know what a relief it is to talk to somebody normal and ordinary like you. I’m at my wits’ end how to deal with my grandchildren, I can tell you.””

But what of the era when our Queen no longer smiles upon our world?  Have we really as a world had the space to think about this? She may live beyond her own telegram, we can only hope.  And if she does is as an ageing monarch the best way to use her amazing leadership skills?  If she doesn’t are we prepared to consider what comes next for the monarchy, our commonwealth involvement and our relationship with the royal family which she has led for many people’s entire lives.

I know there is a lot of passion in this thought so I wondered where you sit on the subject.  Let’s talk today.

A recent picture of Queen Elizabeth, 2015
A recent picture of Queen Elizabeth, 2015

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. I do not want a Republic – not at this time maybe in a few years time I might change my mind. I think the Queen is doing a great job. There has been no corruption associated with her. We can’t say that about other Presidents/Prime Ministers/ Politicians. Leave as is as she is our Noble Queen.

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    • How is she “doing a good job” for us?

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      • Keeps greed and power out of it , would not trust other people in a job just imagine off the rubbish the would go on trying to pick a head of state, why change something that works it not about the queen it’s about a system that works

  2. Why mend what is not broken . Can you think who could be President all the politicians have lets us down . Obama has let USA down and money is the only way to get the job as we have

  3. The monarchy is part of our history. We are governed as our own country. We are not dictated to by the monarchy on how we live. Why can’t we keep our history as it is. Nothing wrong with being part of the Commonwealth. The Queen is an elegant nobel woman. Proud to be part of her reign as an Australian.

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    • Not all Australians are of British heritage, she is only relevant to British decendants and I for 1 have a history of my ancestors being sent here in chains, and treated badly because we were decendants of convicts, it’s only recently that people started to be proud of their convict heritage.

    • I’m actually Irish/Polish decent. So no immediate connection to England either. Married and divorced the English part of my name. I just feel as I stated the monarchy is part of our history.

    • Cheryl Holt you will never find a happier person than me, I don’t know that I have left any grumpy comments ever.

    • I was leading towards standing on our own but my way of thinking is changing. We accommodate too many minorities now…no christmas lights or carols and the rest of it…..we can’t have everything taken from us that we’ve grown up with.

    • Yes Enid we should keep our heritage. I am 5 generation and lost a lot of relatives in the war and also my son just leave it as it is no Republic for me ever or my family.

    • Thank you Margaret and Jenny and Chris Long Live our Queen and say No to a Republic. I am proud to call her our Queen.

    • I’m of Scottish blood, and you know of the slaughter the English did to Scotland. Time to move on and become a republic and I think comments about people who fought in wars is irrelevant to us becoming a republic, I would imagine that many of the young men who fought in wars would welcome us being a republic.

    • Why change it? Well, one good reason is the reserve powers. The Queen of England does have the power to dismiss elected Australian governments. Another good reason is that our head of state is appointed by the politicians, and not elected by the people. We can move forward into a new world with all the apron strings cut, and still not lose our sense of history. Bring on the republic I say.

    • I come from convict heritage. I always say that the English always regret sending the convicts over here. They wish they had come and left them over there. Why to so many pommies leave England to start a new life here. We will become a republic one day and as I have said before I hope I am still alive when it happens

    • Funny when someone doesn’t like your opinion on something, they say you are grumpy or worst still, nasty.

    • Sorry she isn’t my Queen. Costs this country a fortune when they visit. Probably bring their own food as they are scared that we descendants of convicts might take revenge and poison them.

    • Enid Brown I am not of British heritage yet I think our Queen is a great Monarch and I think Margaret Longstaff Pomerenke couldn’t have said it better.

    • As I have said. She is not my queen. Actually I know a few queens who live in this country. Besides if she loves us as much as everyone says they love her why doesn’t she live her 6 months a year and then go back to England for the other six months. Maybe not, we have no palaces for her to live in here.

    • I am for a Republic Margaret Longstaff Pomerenke but this a big country and we should all expect opposition to our opinions for various reason, debate is healthy. Don’t worry about Wendy Biden , she is attention seeking

    • Margaret Longstaff Pomerenke , as you said, we’re all entitled to our opinion. When someone gives me good reason NOT to become a republic maybe I’ll re-think about it. Margaret, it’s time for Australia to ‘grow up’ , but I don’t think being a republic will change our position in the Commonwealth. Change always upsets some people, I’m sure it happened when we changed to decimal currency too, everybody has an opinion. As Leanna said, we’re debating here and I’m sure it’s not going to happen within the next 10 years …… we may not even be here 🙁

    • Margaret Longstaff Pomerenke I would like a Republic to but like Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo I can see this being on the long term plan and I would not worry about it to much at this time

    • Thank you Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo for backing me up. Every time I put something on this post someone says something nasty about my opinion. Margaret I replied to your comment and if you don’t like it, as the saying goes , you will have to lump it. I am entitled to my opinions the same as everyone else. If I don’t want the Queen in my life I am entitled to let you know this as well. I don’t think you would not be any good as the Whip in a debating team. This page is not personal and if you don’t like my comments, ignore them. Last I heard it was a free world and we still have freedom of speech.

    • Margaret its nice and warm in my hole, especially when my cats are with me. What’s it like under your rock

    • Margaret, while we may not be governed by the monarchy she does have one great and unconscionable power over us. She can dismiss our elected government. This should not stand.

  4. our ministers are traitors Not only to the Queen but they have also sold us out to the Muslims

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    • Mr Garry Graham i totaly agree with your comment, politicians are giving in to small noisy minority groups who do not give a shit ,about rest of the country and well being of the Australien people, they are selling us out, and they are doing bloody good job of it!!!!!

    • Ask any of the english migrants what the racial demographics of the UK are. And yes they also have muslims and indians and so it goes on. Having a queen and royal family did not prevent the immigration and racial that exist over there.

    • Totally agree I read an article that get up or awake put out that abbot rudd and one itger polition plus three high court judges were being charged with treason

  5. I do not believe that Australia needs the monarchy and I would love to see us become a republic. However, I admire the younger members of the royal family and believe they will bring respect and credit to the House of Windsor, which has not always been warranted.

  6. I think she is wonderful. Still wears heels, doesn’t need a cane or someone,s arm. Can walk up the steps at St Paul’s unaided! And ALWAYS looks good! Ok we know she has loads of help but I wish I could walk without a stick and I,m years younger!

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