Images of Tintin crying shared in show of solidarity for Brussels 4



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Images of the cartoon character Tintin crying have spread across social media following the devastating terror attacks in Brussels.

Tintin is a famous cartoon character who was created by Georges Remi, a Belgian cartoonist. The Adventures of Tintin was written by Remi using his pen name, Herge, and has come to be known as a national hero in Belgium and a symbol of Brussels.

Tintin’s image has been shared all over Twitter and Instagram to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks.

Using the #JeSuisBruxelles or #JeShuisBelge the images have been shared on social media, featuring the beloved cartoon as a symbol of solidarity and support.

Yesterday morning (Brussels time) three bombs were detonated, two at the airport and one on a busy metro train station. It is reported that at least 10 people have been killed at the airport and 20 people have died in the attack on the subway station, a further 230 people have been injured. Islamic State have reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

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  1. It makes me angry. Who do those people think they are that they can come into our peaceful countries and impose their beliefs on us. Just like the IRA used to do they think they are drawing attention to their cause when they are actually turning people against it by killing innocents.

  2. Sending love, our thoughts and compassion to the injured, the families of those who died and the people of that region. So very very sad for all of you.

  3. This is a terrible situation. Unimaginable even. However, with the outpouring of grief for the innocent people of Brussels, I have to ask, where was the outpouring of grief when 103 civilians were bombed in Ankara Turkey?
    Is it because Turkey is considered to be a Muslim country that we don’t seem to care about what happened there? Where was their “je suis” moment?

  4. The 23rd psalm comes to mind our thoughts and prays are with you

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