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After the furore created by her decision to blow more than $5000 of taxpayer’s money on a 90-metre helicopter trip, Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has insisted she did not break any rules.

The public was understandably outraged to learn the veteran politician had chartered a flight between the Victorian cities to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser at a golf club when a far less expensive trip in her Commonwealth car would have taken just over an hour.

Earlier today, Treasurer Joe Hockey admitted the trip did not pass the “sniff test” and called for Mrs Bishop to provide an explanation.

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison echoed the treasurer, but Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce leapt to Mrs Bishop’s defence, saying he was “absolutely certain Bronnie would not have broken the law”.

“She would have been, as they say, within entitlements,” he said.

The Speaker responded to critics with a huffy statement that said, you’re all wrong but I’ll pay anyway.

Mrs Bishop’s office released a statement from the Speaker saying, “I have today written to the Special Minister of State indicating I will reimburse the Department of Finance the costs associated with the use of my charter allowance on 5 November 2014.”

“Whilst my understanding is that this travel was conducted within the rules, to avoid any doubt, I will reimburse the full costs.”

Mrs Bishop has also agreed to a pay a 25 per cent loading, reports the ABC.

Yesterday, a spokesperson said Mrs Bishop’s the trip was chartered to ensure she could “meet commitments” and that all travel was taken “within entitlements and in accordance with parliamentary guidelines”.

“The Speaker had a number of meetings during her visit to Victoria and always seeks to fit in as many meetings and events into her schedule as is possible.

“It [is] because of her concern for the country, she works as hard as she can and wishes she could do even more.”

Are you happy to hear that Mrs Bishop will be paying for the flight out of her own pocket? 


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  1. If the subject wasnt bought up through the news network she would have never paid the old goat.

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    • Bronwyn cost the taxpayer $5,000 which she has agreed to repay. Where were you when Bob Carr claimed $120,000 for his wife’s travelling expenses?

    • She seems to know her rules, kind of, and anyone can see she intends to use anything she can, “within the guidelines” of course.

  2. They are all there to line there own pockets Some more blatent than others Shes been there to long should resign

  3. What is of concern is the fact that Ms Bishop thought she was “entitled” to use a helicopter. She wouldn’t have considered paying the money back had she not been caught out.The headline says “defiant”. Say no more.

    25 REPLY
    • Technically, she may well have been entitled to use the helicopter, but what sort of guidelines are they that make that ok?

    • Perhaps she had to be somewhere important on a short timeline and that was the quickest way of getting there.

    • apparently it would have taken her only another 20 minutes to drive there after she arrived at the Heliport, the Liberal Party were praising her for “arriving in style ” at taxpayers expense

    • Boy oh boy !!! That doesn’t even come close to the money that shorten has memory loss over . And HE has the gall to call someone else out !’n he should resign !!’ Corrupt liar .

    • This is about a malignant old women rorting the taxpayers Carolyn Brown, she does not even do a good job as speaker, she is hardly employable

    • David James: love your comments, so true n so right. Worst biased rudest speaker in Australia. Brownyn should stay home with her knitting

    • Patricia Lindsay: brownyn bishop has always been defiant. We need a unbiased speaker of the house.

    • Couldn’t she just have got there on her broom stick, $5000 10 pensioners weekly income for a fund raiser, unbloody believable might be in the rules but seriously….?….

    • It’s about an hours drive from where she landed to Geelong. Could have caught a taxi or even a limo if she wanted to arrive in ‘style’. Apparently she now has to pay it back, plus 25% (y)

    • No it doesn’t Carolyn Brown, Abbott has challenged Shorten for the biggest memory loss over money, and he’s won!! $720,000 mortgage forgotten, $60,000 scholarship forgotten, travel to a wedding forgotten, etc etc

      1 REPLY
    • They should just wheel her back to Madame Tussauds where she belongs!

      1 REPLY
      • perfect, love your comment!
        so her wax effigy must give ppls nightmares

    • Tighten our belts the Liberals say while they squander Tax Payers Money I cannot wait for the election

    • It’s disgusting, but as usual it will all be forgotten in a couple of days, politicians need to practice what they preach !!!

    • Doesn’t seem to matter that she is rorting the tax payer, so long as some can throw in some comments about the other party.
      Maybe they are being too well looked after by the government to worry about money virtually being stolen from the needy

    • The truth is she was entitled to spend the money as it turns out, it was within her budget.however she chose to pay it back plus 25%I don’t see Hockey paying back what he has taken from his mates as hotel costs, then says it not me it’s wife’s home, just the word wife says it’s half his.

  4. Bloody politicians think that they can get away with things,make her pay it back and the sack her

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  5. What about the $80,000 plus she spent going overseas to have an interview for another job (which she did not get). I am sure the taxpayer would not pay my travel expenses to apply for another job. I would love a overseas trip paid for by the taxpayer. She needs to pay that back too. Plus there is other oversea trips. Why does the speaker of the Parliament need to travel so much? The other speakers didn’t. Remember the rumpus because Skipper used a few cab charges to travel to wine shows (about $9,000 which he offered to pay back) but he got charged for miss use of taxpayer funds. PS Bishops was to attend a Liberal function in Geelong, not taxpayer business.

  6. It is a disgrace, she thinks she is good to drive with the rest of us so she put herself above us all then tried to charge us for it

  7. Just image that face beside in a car you would run of the road. How can the old bag spend that amount in Europe should have to pay that back to.

  8. Shame she didn’t feel the same way about her $88.000 European trip, yes within the parliamentary rules but still an obscene rort by this fine upstanding cash cow answerable to nobody !

    3 REPLY
    • You can bet she won’t be repaying that money!!! How very extravagant and wasteful can you get???

    • As speaker she has no portfolio. So why should she be travelling overseas at all on supposedly official business????

  9. Bloody right it is she used our taxpayer money on her flight she needs to repay it plus all the other the other Phillies need to do the same I’m sick of these pollies using taxpayers money why not use a car her car that is

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