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Tim Wilson, the Australian Human Rights Commissioner has been in the job for just on a year, and he has not held back on spending public money over and above his salary.

Appointed in February 2014, Wilson in his first 12 months claimed $77,763 in expenses, including the following:

  • a $1400 standing desk
  • $14,562 on cab fares, including $3,000 for family reunion travel for his partner
  • $17,800 bill for meals and other expenses while travelling
  • $11,000 on business class airfares overseas
  • $26,000 on domestic fares, including $10,800 for his partner

Wilson’s response to criticism of some of these claims?

You’d rather I sit in my office all day?

Mr Wilson is already doing quite nicely monetarily as Human Rights Commissioner, with a $332,000 salary package and $40,000 accommodation allowance. The Australian Human Rights Commission has been asked for details of the expenses of previous commissioners, but refused to supply them.

It’s stories like this, and Joe Hockey’s recent travel expenses claim furore, that can infuriate us, and to consider just how much of our money should go toward funding a politician’s ‘cushy’ lifestyle. Or do you think many of these expense claims are above board and necessary to do their job?

And to be clear and fair, it should not be seen as a matter of one political party perceived to be milking the country’s wallet, as examples can be found right across the political spectrum, over many, many years.

Do you think your politicians generally spend your money well? How does this make you feel in an Australian economy seen to be doing it tough right now?

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  1. leave human rights out of it and stick to politicians and their b/s dont do Murdochs work for him

  2. It’s funny how nothing has been mentioned about Julia Gillard spending tax payers money to do up her office in Adelaide recently.

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    • The over generous entitlements of all ex Prime Minsters should be curtailed along with the perks and travel allowances of ex politicians.

    • John Howard costs more than Hawke & Keating combined.
      He is addicted to the public teat.
      It’s all out of control. they are all bloody millionairs & they are slugging poor Joe Blow for everything they want.

    • Ilona. If you followed the news and didn’t just focus on Labor vs Liberal you would know that there WAS comment and discussion on Julia Gillard doing up her office.

    • Must have missed that story, have just come back from the UK

    • Only basic, economy travel and accommodation whilst in office, except for the PM. Once no longer in parliament, same rules governing superannuation to the rest of us should apply, no travel, accommodation or other”perks”. If they want offices post retirement from government, let them pat for them themselves. Who else in what other job gets goodies from their former employer ?

    • It’s disgusting the perks ex MP’s and PM’s get. Nobody in the private sector gets any benifits for their years of service. They have already been paid during their working life and have huge superannuations to retire on ….. getting angry now !!!

  3. There should be some sort of accountability, we are overtaxed to pay for their indulgences.

  4. Unfortunately the government has got out of hand. I blew the whistle on corruption in all 3 levels, 2 without realizing what i was doing. My family has paid a hell of a price for my stupidity. Honest people in the government know better than to come forward.

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    • ALL do the same, except on here everyone thinks it is only the Government in power now doing it, I could name so many things on both sides but no one on here would believe it, Like Rental houses & allowances I quoted facts & figures on who had them, STILL get Joe Hockey claiming rent every day, Why can’t they change to O “Connor and ask him WHO he pays rent to, for his 2.

  5. I was silly once in the State government then helped the Bureau Of Statistics to correct the electoral role not being aware of the corruption. So in short I blew the whistle on all three levels of government. My family has paid a hell of a price for my stupidity. Anyone in the government who sees corruption will walk away if they have any sense. The train has left the station with corruption in the government. They make the rules we have to live with them.

  6. Double standard….. the government has issues with the abc being funded by taxpayer to be independent,, but has no problem paying for Tim Wilson expenses when propaganding their right wing views…..bias at its best !!!

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    • G Triggs gets $900k plus , for spouting the Labor views. What about all the Ministers retiring ,Gillard gave them 6 weeks Study Leave with partners , That was in the budget , stuck in at the last minute, unforeseen How much did that cost, first class fares all over the world . Sick of hearing about the Libs , Might be nice if a few of you actually had some knowledge

  7. politicians of all persuasions look after each other in the matter of expenses. This is a well kept secret as we all keep it.

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