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Over the weekend it was revealed that members of a Victorian Powerball syndicate are taking Tattersals Sweeps to court after they believe a former colleague kept $16.6 million in lottery winnings from a singe win to himself.

The 14 people believe that the man was one of three winners of a $50 million division one Powerball jackpot – something they each contributed $20 too each week.

As the case is currently before the courts, Tatts cannot make any formal statement, however ABC report that at the time of winning, the man told Tatts, “I don’t need that amount of money. It’s too much for me. I’m going to share the prize money with my family. I’ll make sure it doesn’t change who I am but I’ll definitely be able to live a better lifestyle, with a few more toys.”

He allegedly quit his job the week after the win and distanced himself from the 14. There was one other woman in the syndicate who is believed to be in a romantic relationship with the accused.

This has opened up a whole world of issues that anyone in a syndicate needs to think about. So how can you keep your syndicate safe, open and honest?


1. Set ground rules like who purchases the ticket each week, when do you need to give the money, how soon any winnings will be collected and how soon they will be divided and shared.

2. Create a system where the person who buys the ticket must either scan and email a copy of it to everyone in the syndicate or take a photo on their smart phone and text it to everyone. This way, everyone knows the numbers and can cross-check between each other.

3. Register for draw results emails so you can double check the winning numbers each week.

4. Be smart and be aware – join syndicates with people or groups that you know and trust.


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  1. You have to be careful if you go in any syndicate, this is not the first time I have heard of this happening, I hope these people can get the money they won

  2. Golly Gosh how mean & greedy can someone be? A joy shared is a joy doubled & this joy should have been shared between all of the syndicate members…………..I would hate to be the greedy , selfish , dishonest member when Karma hits back & it will , nothing surer!

  3. He’s a swine if he really did do this to the rest of the syndicate….. Looks like he has

  4. So we have proof this man ripped his workmates off? It wouldn’t be a good idea to wait for a court decision before deciding guilt or innocence? “This is happening right now in Victoria……..” Really Starts at 60.

  5. When I have run a syndicate I always email a copy of the ticket to everyone before the draw it’s keeps everyone honest

    2 REPLY
    • absolutely. Now no-on would begrudge him buying a ticket for himself but when I was buying a syndicate ticket I always gave them a copy so no-one could accuse me of doing the wrong thing. If he nothing to hide then he should have shown them the syndicate ticket. It is easy really as it would have cost more then the one he would have bought for himself.

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