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The “bathing boxes” of Victoria are somewhat iconic as they are scattered across the Mornington peninsula. And, of the most Aussie of the boxes is up for sale. In fact, it has been on the market for over six months. According to the Daily Mail, the owners are hoping to sell it within the next few days around Australia Day.

The powerless, waterless, windowless weatherboard structure is on sale for $100,000… But it is a steal compared to many others across the peninsula where some reportedly sell for up to $250,000. Did we mention the dimensions are 2m x 2m?

It has amazing water views – is totally beachfront and the design painted on to this box is particularly special – it’s the Aussie flag.

Real Estate Agents, Conley Luff believe that Bathing Box 34 is a great offer considering the location and price that is significantly cheaper than some neighbouring boxes. So hopefully someone is feeling patriotic this Australia Day and puts in an offer!

Tell us, how much would you pay for a bathing box? Would you ever buy one?

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  1. No I wouldn’t and couldn’t afford to buy one the best I have is a really nice large canvas print on one of our bedrooms wall of a row of these boxes, they are lovely and so Australian

  2. It is all about the”oh yes darling, we have a box, so handy for our tissues.” How often would you use it?

  3. Nicole Jarroush, Brian Hearley remember how much I enjoyed seeing these when we were down there??!! Lol

  4. Oh wow – this brought back memories of many childhood holidays at Rosebud!! But boy, either those bathing boxes have shrunk a lot (I seem to remember you could store a dinghy in them) or they seemed large cos I was a child!?!?!?

  5. I’d love one, but would probably never buy one now that I no longer haunt the beach and live in a different state!

  6. These beach boxes are part of the scenery, they’re kitschy and apart from the one painted like the flag, I actually like them, but they should not be owned privately.

  7. My niece and her husband have one and they have it set up for somewhere to go because they live in a bushfire area

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