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Last week, Australia Post announced that their prices would be increasing from March 2015 (click here to see the new prices). However after releasing financial results for the last year, the organisation needs to take action in order to save their future.

The problem is that the actions they are proposing could be the ultimatum Australians need to decide whether or not they want the letter postal service to exist anymore.

The changes proposed are that a standard letter will be $1.00 to post locally and the service will have multi-speed options and, instead of having the regular Mon-Fri guarantee service, it will have either five-day-a-week service (will be more expensive) or three-day-a-week service (will be cheaper).

Slower and more expensive service are essentially the crux of the Australia Post change up. But we live in a world where email doesn’t cost a thing and the delivery of a message is instantaneous (i.e. texting and Facebook messaging), so are we watching the slow death of snail mail?

It comes down to that big question – would you still use it if it gets more expensive? How much are you willing to pay just to post a letter? 



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  1. I still post letters & cards & receive same, plus, receive business mail.
    Why would Australia Post take this away from us. As for parcel posting, I do very little of that. Would rather add an extra $10 to the gift voucher I’m posting.

  2. Why do domestic homes these days need a daily postal delivery? I rarely send anything via Aust Post preferring to use electronic mail wherever possible (it’s much cheaper and goes where you send it not all over the place). I would be quite happy for a home delivery maybe once or twice a week. I would most certainly NOT want to pay the extortionate prices Aust Post are indicating. And this is only for the ordinary mail. When it comes to parcel post they are even worse. There have been several times recently when we have used couriers rather than Aust Post to get a parcel interstate because the couriers are by far cheaper. Aust Post is its own worst enemy.

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    • In country areas there is already substandard deliveries, all this is going to is do make sure it is even worse. Recently had contracts that had to be signed, they allow a 3 day turnaround. It took 3 days to get here and that was express post, had to fax a couple of pages so they knew we had signed and express post the full contract back. Last envelope I express posted took 5 days to get there { to Melbourne, we live in Vic.] so I no longer pay the extra. Aust. post is their own worst enemy.

    • It is no use having retraining unless there are guaranteed jobs at the end of the retraining. Same thing with completing Certificate III and IV. RTOs tell you that employers want people with those qualifications. Yet, 3 years later, having completed them successfully, I can’t even get an interview. Lucky to get a response, which is either: 1. sorry but you have been unsuccessful, or 2. You are too over qualified.

    • Nine days to get mail from Japan. A month to get mail within Australia? Higher charges hurt many pensioners like my Mum and her siblings, all in their eighties and nineties and can’t use computers, smart phones etc.

    • Well i dont know about that ..there are five adults in my houshold and not a day goes by without at least one leter more often 4 or 5 so i shudder to think of the load the poor postie would have to carry just to my place alone if the service was bi weekly.

    • So agree that they’re their own worst enemy. I stopped sending parcels because of the extortionate cost. They need a sliding scale of costs, so that if a parcel is just a few grams over the minimum weight, the cost goes up a level instead of doubling as in the experience I had recently. Until the prices are fairer I will send gift cards for the cost of s letter. It’s less personal but more affordable.

    • I don’t get a lot of mail, except for some bills, some bills I get online..but I don’t want to be late in paying because they have not delivered the mail

    • I just feel sorry for the pasties and post offices, these people will one day be redundant, and people wonder where the jobs are going,we’re outsmarting ourselves

    • Over the years I have all my financial dealings converted over to email and to be truthful I could go down to snail mail once a week and not suffer any problems —–maybe once a month on second thought— I still walk to the letter box in hope !!!!

    • I live in the country and I look forward to receiving mail as it breaks up the day and as my mail box is 100 yards from the house, I get at least a bit of daily exercise. The only things I object to are all those bills and the endless attemtps from Southern Phones for me to change my sewrvice provider. As someone pointed out, we do not want a whole lot of posties joining the dole queue.

  3. It’s like a dog chasing its tail , if the prices go up people will not use the service as much, but because it’s dearer we want better service , but apparently this is not going to happen , but for AUSTRALIA post to keep making profits the cost have to go up to keep paying the staff that are not going to be working as hard because of less incoming mail to sort , there has to be a solution .

  4. It’s also about keeping our posties employed, especially here in SA where people face the prospe ct of unemployment on a huge scale as our industries are closed.Support Auspost.

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    • Get rid of the exorbitant pay of the CEO and you would keep more posties employed

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      • Oh so true of most Australian companies, sadly…..

  5. Yep! I can send a letter anywhere in Australia….for currently 70¢.I can’t even get a bus for this, let alone travel from one end of the country to the other. Stop whining, please!

  6. I love to send cards and postcards and my cousin and I still write to each other. I would be prepared to pay a dollar a letter as it’s not an everyday thing. Most companies send bills by email. My real worry is what is going to happen to small Post Offices and Post Office agencies who provide excellent community services.

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    • Yes and where we can pay our electricity and gas bills insurance bills and many other bills because the payee for those bills no longer offersan over the counter option to pay them ..these postal agencies are a valuable community recourse but does the government care about community resources and community care is a thing of the past with this regime.

  7. More price hikes under this Government, I won’t be mailing any letters..I have email and text

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    • But Leanna my four daughters and all the grandkids living all over Australia will miss out on their Birthday Cards and gifts. I also love to send Christmas Cards how is it going to be possible?

    • Diane I don’t send much snail mail either, at Christmas and Birthdays and I think many are doing the same, that is why they are in trouble

  8. It already takes up to 33days to get a parcel. ..any slower we won’t get them at all. And they want to charge more for this????? What a joke

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    • Many many times. If there was an alternative Australia Post would go bankrupt because of their incompetence. I don’t know how they can say they are losing money when every program you watch on TV says how ordinary retailers are suffering because of Internet buying. This all gets mailed!

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