How much does your MP cost you?

While no one would begrudge an MP a stapler, some pens and a taxi here and there, the latest expenditure

While no one would begrudge an MP a stapler, some pens and a taxi here and there, the latest expenditure report shows that our Federal MPs and Senators claimed a whopping $48 million in expenses in the first six months of 2015.

As reports emerge today that Bronwyn Bishop spent $50,000 on a trip to South America, including a private sojourn to Argentina while the rest of her delegate went home, you may be surprised to know that she was not the biggest spender in parliament.

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce earned that award clocking up $1,073,991.45 in expenses from January to June– the bulk of it ($670,000) going towards “office fit outs”, according to the report.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan came in at second place, spending $737,742.87; while Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who claimed $726,305.52.

Tony Abbott spent $589,689, Bill Shorten clocked up $438,618.4 and Malcolm Turnbull $289,950.84.

The ABC has created a fun tool, ranking MPs in order of expenses spending, so you can see just how much your member spent on overseas travel, office expenditure, office fit outs, domestic fares, cars, travel allowances, family travel and communications.

Find 0ut how much your MP spend here and let us know how they went!

As for Bronwyn Bishop, the ABC reports that she travelled to Ecuador, Peru and Argentina between January 10-25 this year along with four other MPs and senators for the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum.

Mrs Bishop travelled to Argentina without other members of the group, and the other four charged taxpayers less than $24,000 each.

The ABC has contacted Mrs Bishop’s office for comment but no statement has been made.

How much does your MP cost? Do you think they are worth the money? Do any of the results surprise you? 

  1. Bea Little

    Yes well while they keep spending they want you to sell your house attack you because your a burden to society and really for what. I’d like to hear one good thing that this government has done this year that gives us a better life. ??? I can’t think of anything

  2. Wayne Ferne

    Absolutely no need for these trips. Theyre jollies, which every single one of them is guilty of. Pick up the phone and talk is all they need to do. Time to stop the waste. The age of entitlement is over, REMEMBER!!!!!!

    • Geoff Crumpton

      Wayne, are you going to stand at the next election? Then you can justify that comment. Put up or shut up!

    • Wayne Ferne

      Geoff Crumpton Hang it in your rectum Geoff!!! Ill say what I like when I like. Im sick of you ignorant people

  3. Barbara Easthope

    I would expect some Ministers like Foreign Affairs to have high overseas travel costs. Those from the NT, WA, SA and Tas to have higher domestic travel costs. Some with huge electorates like Grey where I live I’d expect some charter costs as they get about the electorate. You look at these figures though and it is apparent some really do have their snouts in the trough there seems no logic to the disparity between claims.

  4. Fred Avey

    Every time politicians mention their excessive salaries and perks they come up with the argument that, if you pay peanuts then you get monkeys. My argument is we just keep getting better paid monkeys. As a whole the honour and truthfulness of our politicians is almost woeful, their work ethic is laughable, their maturity is non existent. this would be regrettable if that was the only problem, but Australia’s future is going down the toilet while they feather their nests.

    • Heidrun Kneebone

      It is so easy to to spend other people’s money! Checks and balances are supposedly in place, but it is other politicians who do the checks! Every politician should have to justify their spending publicly once they spend over a set amount!

    • Scott Millard

      David I think the tits on a bull are more useful than most of our current crop of pollies

    • Judy Green

      SAS – I’m a bit disappointed at seeing your bias. I thought this was an unaligned site.

    • Judy Green

      Fred, do you realise the PM gets about $400,000 p.a. whilst CEOs of poorly performing companies are paid multi-millions a year, plus enormous perks. Perhaps if they were better paid we may get a better standard of politician. But of course the taxpayers would object. Can’t win!!

    • Dawn Cruickshank

      Agree Fred but added to that their whole remuneration, entitlements, pension and super system needs a serious shake up. The money saved could give pensioners a fair go. At the moment it doesn’t matter who you vote for, all the same

    • Bronte Smith

      they just wasted a week talking about a bloke who should not even in parliment no ethics

    • Fred Avey

      Judy Green do you realise that the CEO’s get millions even when the company is going down the drain and get handed golden hand shakes for reducing a companies worth to half what it was when they started. and if you think for one minute I would accept that for Australia’s future then you are mad. If you consider any of the politician’s since and including Kevin Rudd have been worth one tenth of the money they are paid then my adjectives would be rather stronger. Oh and by the way SAS did not post my opinion I did.

    • Sue Todd

      CEO’s might get millions in wages and perks, but they also are employed on merit. You’re assuming our pollies would have the brains to get one of those jobs, and I personally doubt they would

    • Fred Avey

      let’s take clive palmer as an example, a CEO, a very rich man and a politician, and yet I would not piss in his mouth if his throat was on fire. He’s rich because he inherited enough to give him a very enviable start, he bought into coal at just the right time, more by good luck than good management and he’s the single biggest bully in Queensland in more ways than one. but is he worth a politicians pay NO.

  5. Bronwyn Ferguson

    Most have unwarranted expenses due to their over inflated sense of self importance…disgusting abuse of taxpayers money…do not have any idea who to trust anymore….

  6. Robert Rodgers

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree your daughter is following in your footsteps. You are just thieves and deserve to have criminal charges laid against you.

    • Dawn Bruce

      That comment is ridiculous ,did you read how much Others have spent, who have no need , Bandt , Dreyfus , Why not pick on all who do it, why Bronwyn, she got punished others didn’t by the look of it,

    • Robert Rodgers

      As I have stated they both should be charged with theft and anyone else with their hand in the public purse.It is about time these pollies were held accountable for their actions. And while I am at it Brough should be sacked over the Peter Slipper affair.

  7. Geoff Crumpton

    For all who are complaining, put up or shut up! Stand for election yourself then you can see for yourself. How many of you expect your tax agent to know each and every deduction possible to maximise your return? And, if they don’t, you change to one that does! It’s exactly the bloody same situation!!!!

    • Ann Stanton

      folk are entitled to their opinion without ignorant comments like yours.. we also have a right to know how they are spending our money… there is a huge difference between your tax accountant who you can walk away from and a government you cant solely do anything about.. and as a country for several years… they need to be accountable on every level and seriously if your only argument is put up or shut up..then you might need to learn some respect…

    • Fran Spears

      Well Geoff i will put up. I live very frugally and i worked for the last ten years accumulating super. Its not enough to keep me for a year. I worked on and off all my life and helped at farms my ex worked but didnt get paid. I brought up three kids and did all i could to make life better for them. I paid taxes on and off for forty years. If i had a way of representing the “older ” generation i would. Doesnt mean we cant all voice our opinions. I will voice mine as long as I can and shout it from Parliament House rooftop if i ever get a chance, so don’t tell us to shut up.

  8. Geoff Crumpton

    Fred Avery, who are you representing at the next election? Which party is it? Please let me know so I can check on your ‘honour and truthfulness’, your ‘work ethic’ and your ‘maturity’.

    • Lee Horrocks

      Why don’t you say something constructive? instead of repeat yourself like a broken record.

    • Geoff Crumpton

      Because, Lee, I’m sick of people like you, Fred and others who whinge, bitch, complain and moan about politics and politicians but won’t, and don’t stand for election themselves and try to fix all they’re complaining about. I know I don’t have the aptitude, personality or attitude to be a politician and I have great respect and admiration, to members of all parties who do, ‘put up or shut up!’

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