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The Prime Minister finds himself quite alone this morning, and it’s cold up there on the moral high-ground. Especially when a bit of seismic activity has shifted the landscape and one’s high-ground is overshadowed by another. But wait, it gets worse…

There’s Tony Abbott’s gay sister congratulating him on a decision he hasn’t yet made and saying she’ll be married to her partner by Christmas.

“To think that this reform comes under the prime ministership of Tony Abbott … I think it’s entirely appropriate that it would come under the prime ministership of Tony Abbott,” Christine Forster told ABC’s Lateline.

“At the end of the day I’m sure he will understand that this is good and fair for everybody and it will be great for Australia”.

Hang on a second there, sis, one might hear the Prime Minister say, but I haven’t said yes yet!

The Prime Minister this week said there needs to be bipartisan support for the legalisation of gay marriage in Australia, but he is one of the last sticking points in the debate.

Ms Forster, who is a a Liberal Councillor for the City of Sydney, said she does not think her brother’s personal views on the issue have changed, but that she did not think he would vote against the change.

For Tony, it seems it’s battle over and, quite frankly, it’s about time. If gay marriage is allowed in Australia it will make very little difference to the lives of the vast majority of the Australian population. But to those gay and lesbian couples who have been waiting, it will be a historical victory, there will be much celebration and then… life will carry on.

As for Tony, there will still be wars to fight, beers to slam down and an election to face. So come on Tony, let’s have it shall we?


Do you think Tony Abbott should overcome his objections to gay marriage and let us all get on with life? 



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  1. I have one comment ~ Who is EVERYONE???

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    • Yes at last count 72% of Australians are for it.

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      • It was only yesterday I read it was 52%, so where did the other 20% come from, exaggeration?
        I am totally against it, I think it is a disgusting habit.

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        • Don’t worry David, you won’t be forced to participate. It’ll have no bearing on your life at all. Unless you’re a closet gay wanting the right to marry.

    • channel nine one yesterday abuot 51/49 in favour .that is why it is not going a head fast .in some american staor is it an attack on tes florists and ministers are being jailed for refusing to help with gay . weddings IS THAT EQUALITY ???? or is it an attack on freedom of choice

    • I asked myself the same question. Everyone?
      Not me.

    • I am sure that the Australian law will be worded carefully to ensure that ministers/churches or the like will not have to participate if they do not wish to. As for places that provide services, it is ALREADY the law that they are not allowed to discriminate against people because of their own personal views. IE If an aboriginal person walks into a flower shop and they refuse to serve him because of his colour, there will be consequences. There fore if a gay person orders flowers and they refuse to serve them, it is the same thing. Calm down Graeme, the world is not going to end.

    • as i said before if you don’t agree then you’re obviously “nobody” because every body agrees is the same as nobody disagrees

  2. One of the great joys of winter is to sit in the lounge room around a blazing fire, feeling its warmth and watching the dancing flames. As long as this fire is contained in the grate where it should be, all is right with the world. However if we light the fire on the lounge room floor, things will not end well. I fear the later scenario is the likely outcome for our society should homosexual “marriage” become accepted practice.

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    • I don’t understand your point, what is it you think will happen if marriage equality is voted in?

    • your fire won’ go out, but this may light other fires in other homes of people who love each other and want to marry

    • Stewart, do you think the gays will overtake the world? Will hurt our children? Will force people into gay relationships? You obviously don’t know much about gay people. In reality they just want the same rights as all people. After all they contribute to society just like straight people do.

    • Stop shouting Graeme, you and Stewart sound like very small minded, scared little men. Marriage is between two consenting adults and bringing incest and bestiality into the question is just trying to muddle the waters. If you care to actually read you will find that in countries like Canada and South Africa where Marriage Equality has been enacted for some time there is no change apart from happier, more well adjusted LGBT folks.

  3. This bill will pass, I never laughed so much in my life as the other day when all these Liberals ran out screaming Shorten is doing this for votes. The reality is Shorten has Abbott gazzumped, if Abbott does not allow a conscience vote for this bill, then he loses and Shorten wins, if Abbott does allow a conscience vote and the bill passes, well it Shorten who got this rolling..Shorten wins. The smartest thing Politically for Abbott to do..is let this gay marriage bill pass

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    • Agreed Leanna, but please, use the term Marriage Equality because that is what it is. I long for the day when we are ALL just ‘married’.

    • your right Noni I am guilty of saying it wrongly too..I hate calling it anything other than marriage

    • if it’s not a stunt then why did labor vote against it at their last conference – by the way does anyone remember the budget and the economy – I don’t even know why I am talking about this – if theychange the act to say two people does that mean a brother and sister can them marry?

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      • The law already prohibits people who are as closely related as parents and children and aunt/uncle with nephew/niece from marrying each other. There is no proposal to relax the consanguinity section. Why would their be such a proposal?

  4. I get really tired of the term gay marriage. It should be marriage equality for all people regardless of sex or religion.

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    • I happen to care Lorna, and so do a lot of other LGBT people. The term marriage equality reminds people that that is all we are asking for… equality.

    • Noni I agree with Lorna – I don’t care – it doesn’t impact on me or anyone I know – by saying I don’t care it means I am neither for it or AGAINST it – would I march against violence – yes – do I feel for the people who were abused – yes – am I outraged by the be headings – yes – do I care if the people down the road want to get married – nup and it doesn’t matter if they are same sex or not – may sound callous but do you care about the current banking laws that allow a bank to put a small business into receivership without any warning – I suggest not – well that does impact on my life and therefore I care about it but I don’t think you HAVE to care,

    • I agree entirely Patricia. Despite what many would say, this is all about equal rights, not gay rights. If we live in a democracy, then we should all be equal in the eyes of the law. It doesn’t interfere with religious beliefs. That’s a matter for the churches, not the government.

  5. I agree Leanna. Seriously once this is passed, life will still be the same, the earth will keep turning, and the sun will keep shining. The only difference will be that people will be treated a bit more equally, ALL those who love and care for each other will be able to marry. This will not have a negative impact on anyone, unless they want it too, by complaining that those who love each other can now marry – that would be the only self imposed negative impact.

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    • And it has been proven in many studies that in places where ME is legalized there is a lowering of depression in LGBT folks, and especially a drop in gay youth suicide, as they see that their relationships are valued.

    • Ah Lorraine, problem is that the “book of spin”, often referred to as “the bible” says it is naughty, an “abomination” I think is the word it uses, and Tony Abbott, being a good little catholic and he does not want to offend God, The Miners OR Mr. Murdock.

  6. I don’t know if I’m for it or against it…But it seems too be the fashion these days to be Gay…There seems to be a lot of them and they all couldn’t have been born that way…

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    • I think it is just that they are more honest with themselves. They have always been there just other peoples bigotry & judgement meant they did not come out & live honestly.

    • I suspect it is the same percentage of the population it has always been. Now most people have no problem admitting they are homosexual. When I started work it was considered such a stigma that being gay or lesbian was regarded as a security risk. A foreign power could hold sway over you by threatening to reveal your sordid secret. Thankfully times have changed and it is easier for people to admit their sexuality.

    • Margaret we are all, us Humans, somewhere on a continuum – somewhere between sexually active and celibate, somewhere between homosexual and heterosexual, somewhere between competent and incompetent, somewhere between intelligent and ignorant. I suspect you might just as well accept that we humans are all simply human.

    • How homophobic of you to say “it is the fashion these days to be gay “.
      Homosexuality is NOT a fashion. Just like the colour of your skin is not a fashion or your height is not a fashion.
      Homosexuality is how you are born. You don’t learn it or wear it as a fashion statement.
      It is how you are and you have a human right to be recognised and given the same rights and respect as every other person on this earth.
      All people are equal and it’s about time this was recognized globally.

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      • You are born Male or Female, you are not born gay. Gay is a terminology for someone that is not confident in ones self.

    • Yes you are born an individual. Before most lived a lie, now they can be true to themselves. Much better for all. Still bullying at school though safer to come out when an adult.

    • Don’t take me the wrong way..I have friends that are Gay,but they haven’t been Married to the opposite sex and had children to that relationship and then all of a sudden they are Gay 20 years down the track..that I find very hard to accept and I’m not on my own..Gay people I have no problem with,the one’s that have always been that way

    • Margaret we don’t have a switch we can turn on and off..if there was not a man left in the world. I would never be gay, perhaps you would 🙂

    • I think for so long being gay was something that had to be hidden & people tried to hide their true self by trying to lead a straight life, I think with people being more open minded these days these people feel free to stop living their life a lie & be true to themselves, many gay people in the past were in straight relationships because of society’s attitude toward them, but today they feel they can finally come out and admit who they are, they don’t just decide to have a change, they are born this way & they finally feel safe to come out.

    • Ruth, part of your reply omits other factors.

      Whilst I DO believe many people are born homosexuals, it is also my firm belief that a rather small percentage become that way because of abuse during their childhood/teenage years, whether sexual abuse, violence, etc., which often also presents additional emotional and psychiatric symptoms.

      I have no definite opinion or absolute knowledge as to why a married person, including with children – and this applies to both sexes – decides to ‘become’ homosexual.
      Maybe they’ve always had this inclination and hidden it for fear of ridicule; maybe their marital partner scars them with violent or other unacceptable treatment; maybe they’re bi-sexual; or maybe they also knew that they wanted children, so married to achieve that need. Years later, once their children are older and if the conditions are right, e.g. meeting someone of the same sex, whom one finds oneself highly attracted to and who satisfies a deep emotional need, then they leave the marriage and make a new life with that person of the same sex. AND, even years later, SOMETIMES even leave THAT relationship and marry another person of the opposite sex again.

      Humans are so complex!

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      • Where is all the BS coming from that homosexuals are born that way?? They are not- there is no gay gene just as there is no heterosexual gene. Brain morphology and exposure to hormones in utero have not been conclusive either. Many people need to do genetic and behavioural study!!! If the gay community is basing their fight on this notion, it is a lie. Scientifically proven!!

    • As a gay woman who came out late in life it is a pleasure to hear some well thought out comments, instead of the vitriol we usually read on these pages.

    • Ignorance is unbelievable for heaven’s sake in this day and age people still come out with this rubbish….being gay is not a fashion statement. And before you ask I’m straight

    • Thankyou Doreen Nairn..as you say I’m intitled to my oppinion..And I didn’t say it was fashion statement for all Gay people..I mean for the one’s that are Staight today Gay tomorrow and then where back to straight again when it suites them…

  7. I am one of those people who support gay marriage, but I do appreciate for some their opposition is due to deeply held religious belief. In Ireland the influence of the Catholic Church didn’t stop the people voting in favour of gay marriage. The Catholic Church has demonstrated it cannot hold the moral high ground, the revelations of the High Commission into the abuse of children demonstrates this. For me it is simple if you oppose gays or lesbians marrying one another don’t do it yourself but don’t stop others doing something they want.

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    • That is the point Barbara isn’t it? If we allow them to marry it is not going to affect anyone who has religious views. I am at a total loss WHY people are so against it, as it does not affect THEIR lives in any way. Also all the people so agast, hope there are no gays in their family. Wonder if they would reject them & any chance at happiness. So narrow minded.

    • In Ireland Abortion is illegal. Irish girls and women go over to England to get it done on the NHS! Hypocrites ! Do Gay people march in the streets demanding Abortion Rights for Irish women or any women for that matter. Yet straight women have supported gay rights for years and marched for it specifically. Because straight women give birth to babies who may turn out to be gay! The quicker this issue is put to bed the better. Then the Sun will come up again! So over it. I look at it as just another powerful group of males exerting their ability to suck the oxygen out of the room. And the juxtaposition is of course another powerful group of mainly males saying Nope Nope Nope! See what I mean. Meanwhile women get taxed for bleeding every month, and have Legislators voting against their rights in the very Parliaments they are elected to. But women in general do virtually nothing about it. Religious beliefs of course run both of these agendas. It’s good to be the King!

  8. The sooner this gay marriage bill passes, the sooner we can get on with fixing other much needed things. I hope all Australians no matter what sex they are can be married soon if they want to

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    • and they want the act changed to read two people does that mean father and daughter, brother and sister?

  9. Spot on Leana, and what a waste of political resources spent on this topic, just enact it Tony and move on.

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