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Joe Hockey has been criticised overnight for seemingly insensitive remarks towards those trying to break into the housing market by telling them to “get a good job that pays good money”.

Whilst unveiling an ATO investigation into almost 200 foreign investment real estate transactions, Mr Hockey tried to dispel suggestions that the volume of foreign buyers is artificially driving up property prices, particularly in Sydney. While interest rates remain at an all time lows, housing affordability in many inner city areas remains out of reach of the average Australian.

However, Mr Hockey set the commentariat alight when he noted, “if property is proving unaffordable for people with interest rates at record lows, then they should think carefully about how much they really can borrow.”

Hockey’s comments drew fire from shadow treasurer, Chris Bowen, who said that it was ‘an insult to the nurses, teachers and the people who are working hard, who just are finding it very hard to break into the housing market’. They accused Mr Hockey of being out of touch with the financial battle of ordinary Australians.

But are Mr Hockey’s words harsh, or just a simple truth that many of us have followed in our own journey into home ownership. Mr Hockey didn’t elaborate on what he meant by a ‘good job’. The reference to ‘pays good money’ is a little off putting, but did he necessarily mean a white-collar job or just a decent job with a secure hours and income? He didn’t single out nurses, teachers, tradesmen or otherwise.

Isn’t the larger issue at play here, not what Mr Hockey said or didn’t say, but that home ownership has and always will be the largest financial decision that Australian families will make. Those that take the plunge know only too well that the decision doesn’t come lightly and often requires sacrifices in others areas of life.

Maybe what Mr Hockey should have said is ‘work hard, save hard and buy what you can afford’.

As many of us know, the first home buyer’s of today are often accused of wanting it all now. Houses beyond their budgets, new furniture, big screen TV’s and two brand new cars in the driveway. Long gone are the days when saying ‘no’ to things or ‘making do’ with second hand items or hand-me-downs was ok.

Certainly the median price of a house in inner Sydney and many other capital cities is becoming out of reach from many first home buyers. Not everyone wants to ‘go west’ as MP Craig Laundy suggests, but fewer people want to make the hard, short-term sacrifices to their lifestyle either.

Housing affordability has always been an issue in some shape or form. People have only ever been able to buy what they can afford, where they can afford it. Those that work hard and save hard, irrespective of their job, have always made it easier on themselves than others.

 Tell us what you think.  Are Mr Hockey’s words harsh or just just misguided?  Is it an affordability issue, a jobs issue or a savings issue? 






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  1. how about creating jobs instead of slashing jobs workers pay for all his lurks and perks look in your own backyard first joe

    1 REPLY
    • the same lurks and perks that your Labor mate also get Tony ……. or dont you realise that ……???

      1 REPLY
      • Yes Lester we all know that your Liberal Mate gets the same lurks &. Perks that Labor gets ,Tony was making a point. Not bashing anyone.
        But as usual the right ( you) have to bring Labor into it. So sad you are brainwashed.
        This Government is a disgrace and should be ashamed of all the things they said they will do and did not. But as usual blamed Labor or the Greens anyone but themselves. They told so many lies it’s appalling to think they won the election on a pack of Lies. Now they live on the quotes WE STOPPED THE BOATS, WE STOPPED THE CARBON TAX and the Mining Tax. Notice I have not mentioned the PM he in not worth talking about,utter nutter.

        1 REPLY
        • I was always a Liberal supporter against my father and my husband and my family born and bred in Broken Hill until Tony and Joe came to power. They disgust me just as you Lester Gaunt . When are you idiots going to do something to get all Australians a fair deal ?

  2. Joe Hockey needs to wake up to himself. There needs to be workers to keep our country going and he just doesn’t seem to give a toot who he hurts just so long as he gets his lurks and perks and a salary that would keep the average person for three years compared to his one year. We are paying you to help us not destroy us as you seem to be doing

    1 REPLY
    • so who did he hurt by this statement, no-one I would think, also he onlt gets the same lurks and perks as the ALP, Greens and ALL Polies do ……..

      1 REPLY
      • Joe Hockey gets paid $270 per day travel allowancefor everyday he’s in Canberra to stay in a house that his wife ownes of that’s not a scam then I don’t know what is
        It’s our money

  3. He is been so unfair how can young ones get into the housing market on the wage a lot get it’s ok for the pollies on their big wage and perks get rid of this idiot

    1 REPLY
    • many people actually earn more than the Polies get and they buy houses – if you hadn’t noticed ……????

  4. Says he who wines dines buys investment properties with tax payers money. Liberal fat cats don’t give a f… About the Aussie battler

    12 REPLY
  5. I would have thought it was common sense, get a job that pays good money. What’s wrong with that people?

    3 REPLY
    • no mention of ‘millions’ of jobs Ruth, just get qualified and get e ‘good’ job.

      2 REPLY
      • Lester – please put on your blue tie and stop talking CRAP! Yes, well-paying jobs can be found on every corner. NOT!!!!

      • “Get qualified”. Then you come out of university with a big debt around your neck to pay off before you can afford a mortgage. Cigar Puffing Joe needs to remember that he got his university qualifications for free…paid for out of the taxes that the Baby Boomers provided. The same Baby Boomers that he is now trying to starve out of creation.

    • Lester Gaunt
      There are millions of young people wanting to get into their own homes. So under Hockeys reasoning that means there would have to be millions of good paying jobs with good security to stay in them for the forseeable future.
      Or didn’t you get that bit!!!!!

  6. It was comparable to saying the poor don’t drive cars , this man is totally out of touch with Australia and a terrible Treasurer

  7. Hey Hockey are you really as stupid as you friggen sound
    In my opinion you are the greatest fuckwit ever to get into our Parliament enjoy it while you can slime ball because you just might be out on your arse next election

    2 REPLY
    • quite a sensible comment actually, but more to the point is 1st home buyers have to look to the outer suburbs or large rural towns for their 1st home, much like I did when I bought my first home.

    • Yes, Allan, I think he is as stupid as he sounds. Right now the bin is being run by the loonies. Or worse.

  8. It’s ok for this overpaid politician with all his taxpayers benefits and snout in the taxpayer money trough to make a statement like he has. Get out into the real world and open your eyes you fat numnut. Not everyone has had the rich parents and privileges that you have had and not everyone can scam the system like you do with your parliamentary privileges so have a bit more respect for the battles of this country before you open your insensitive big mouth

    2 REPLY

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