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The ABC boss has found himself having to apologise to the Prime Minister again after producers of Q&A let a seriously offensive Twitter message slip through the filters and appear on air in a live feed.

The Tweet in question was reasonably innocuous. The problem was the messenger’s user name, or Twitter handle, which you can see in the image and Tweet below (please don’t make us say it):

  Q&A screen shot handle fail Since going to air last night, a hashtag of the same phrase has sprung up and has trended all day. Here’s what some people had to say about it:

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull phoned ABC boss Mark Scott early this morning to demand an apology, describing the call as a “Groundhog Day moment” and the tweet as “another unedifying incident at QandA”.

Mr Turnbull said, “The tweet should obviously never have been put on the screen and the fact that it was underlines the need for better supervision of the program.”

Reports have emerged that Mr Scott sent a direct apology to the Prime Minister…. by text message. Mr Abbott, who is in the Torres Strait at the moment, told reporters, “Look, I haven’t had a chance to respond to the text message that I had, because it’s been a very busy morning.”

He said he thought Q&A was “a bit out of control”.

The incident occurred during an otherwise harmless show, just days after the Prime Minister lifted the ban on frontbenchers appearing on Q&A after the Zaky Mallah incident. The program is still under investigation for that poor editorial choice.

In a statement, an ABC spokesman said the program handles a high volume of tweets during the program and this particular message was not published on purpose. He said the ABC regrets any offence the tweet may have caused.

The Twitter account, pictured below, appears to have been made on August 17. It uses Tony Jones’ images for a profile picture and has tweeted 85 comments about Q&A. 

Can Q&A recover from this latest transgression? Is it out of control? 


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  1. No need to apologise to the precious petal. He has never shown any respect to anyone . He is a bully.

    24 REPLY
    • Yes Wendy Biden he has bullied my senses by his attacking our economy, our social fabric, his lying and the discontent he has forced on our society.

    • He bullies all Australians, it’s his style and he just doesn’t seem to get it. The man is psycho and dangerous.

    • It is without doubt that he is the most heartless, arrogant controlling pm we have ever had. Our country will be in worse shape after his deadly reign

    • He had huge signs calling Julia Bob Brown’ bitch. He can spit it out but he can’t handle it when it’s aimed at him. Grow up sook

    • Cathy I watched the show and I never even noticed it, Abbott is trying to find fault to get Q&A shut down, Poor little princess can’t handle people telling the truth

    • Gee, he has better eye sight than me …. just noticed it when I clicked into this post. It was never a problem on Monday night and if it hadn’t been brought to our attention here it wouldn’t have even been a problem. So, isn’t it correct :/ . Agree with you Cathy, he is a bully and won’t be happy until Q & A is taken off air.

    • Wendy Biden, Abbott tries to bully us all, we are all leaners 🙂 but you need some intelligence to realize it and yours seems to be missing 🙂

    • Cathy has he ever sent you a personal email. He is not the only Liberal. I think there are a few people in the party who don’t get bossed around you only read what is written in the paper. Wait. Woman’s weekly and new idea have written things about what he was supposed to have said. I forget you read trash.

    • Causing trouble again Wendy Biden? Cathy answered you so did many others, accept what they are saying, it is not up to you to question people, who do you think you are the Gestapo?

    • It was Turnbull who highlighted this, no one had even noticed it. guess Turnbull has a lot to gain by making sure everyone knew

    • Just reading all the “bullying” allegations against our PM. Has anyone heard any bullying stories from his wife and 3 daughters. They quite clearly adore him. Anyone heard from Rural Fire Brigade members or the Surf Lifesaving Organisation regarding alleged bullying by the PM. It was Labor who left the financial mess, someone now has to clean it up before we end up like Greece.

    • These polls that keep coming out with Tony Abbott less popular then Shorten are a sick joke.

      How can a man that has cheated workers, hid a $40,000 so called donation from the employers he was negotiating with, until uncovered by the R C ,who only answers to his union masters on how to run the country.

      These polls must be taken in labor held seats.There is no way the voters of Australia are that stupid.

      Tony Abbott is an honorable man and is trying to get Australia back on track.

      1 REPLY
      • John, it happens the same way as not one of the ALP supporters / paid / unpaid trolls on this site are saying anything about the Tony Burke $4m cost . What benefits has he bought to the table

    • Hooray, sanity prevails….lol….the thought of Shorten leading our precious country fills me with fear and dread.

    • You people live in Cloud Cuckoo Land. You remind me of what I’ve read about the Salem witch trials. Whipping yourselves into frenzies. Your real enemies are laughing up their sleeves at you.

    • Wendy Biden.. Sorry to disappoint you but I haven’t read a newspaper, new idea or womans weekly for about 20 years. I worked 6 days a week for 12 hours a day for 30 years. For the last 2 1/2 years I have been carer for my 90 year old mum after she was brutally attacked in her home. I have never had the time to read .

    • Soon we will just have shows like bolts so bias he cant see passed the LNP .Its sickening i dont watch it . [email protected] i enjoy different views from all walks of life plus mixture of politicans . We are individuals with our own minds .Do not want to be dictated to .

    • You are kidding aren’t you John Plummer? What a farce of a political witch hunt the royal commission is. As for Abbott being an honourable man, couldn’t stop laughing when I read that one! Biggest fool since George Bush, controlling an extreme right wing govt. He won’t be happy until all his cronies like Murdoch and co control all of our media. That’s why he hates the ABC.

    • The RC is a witch hunt ?? Don’t make me laugh so hard !
      When labor call a RC is that a farce too! Oh sorry , no that’s real . Right ?
      Don’t be so disrespectful . Not once have I heard Abbott gutter sniping and trashing ALP politicians . Good god ! He sure has had a right too, and not once did he make a snide remark about shortens lack of integrity and honesty , he sure had a chance there ! But I he dosen’t get into the gutter with shorten , thank goodness , some one in politics has respect and pride in themselves .
      The ALP should hang their heads in absolute Shame at the way they make personal attacks on people and their immature name calling .
      Shorten is a disgrace , lying to a royal commission , then coming out and lying to the public on national television , saying he was cleared . HE WAS NOT CLEARED!!!
      so why would anyone think he has an honest thread in him . And where they get the ‘ %%%% for and against is beyond me since no one I know or myself have been asked who we support , they probably only polled the CFMEU.society .

  2. He’s Catholic, originally wanted to be a priest, overtly homophobic, make your own conclusion!

    23 REPLY
    • Years ago all Catholics I knew were Labor party supporters. Besides what has him being catholic got to do with the price of eggs?

    • Wendy Biden.. There is supposed to be a separation of state and church, but Abbott has made judgements related to his religion. In our town the majority of Catholics are Liberals.

    • Wendy it has a lot to do with it, he is forcing his beliefs on everyone else. All I can say he is not a very good Christian for all the lies and his treatment of women, pensioners and much more

    • Josue Abreu. If you remember my name when I play scrabble etc I must be beating you. Poor loser!!!!!! Get a life and stop trying to live mine.

    • Jodie Abreu. Has anyone called you nosy lately? What I do with my spare time is no concern of to you. When you work a ten hour day come back and make a comment. At least I won’t get dementia whilst I am playing word games. If you know so much come out and challenge me.

    • Hello Wendy Biden, sorry I’ve busy! Just got back from jogging! You should learn to secure your Facebook properly! Josie not Jodie is my name!

    • WendyBiden in your response to me being a loser, name calling is not in my vocabulary. Ever worked 2 jobs and worked 7 days a week? Travelled overseas? Worked 10 hour shifts whilst pregnant? Give birth to a baby in a foreign country? Me poor loser? Need I go on?

    • Can’t believe the juvenile comments here! Also John MacLaine. Fred Davis. He is not forcing his religion beliefs on anyone! In the matter of same sex marriage he has a right just like any other Australian to oppose same sex marriage. He joins a lot of people who think the same. A plebiscite is the only way that Australia can make that decision. It is not for a handful of politicians with dubious morals and ideas to make such a sensitive decision. To change our constitution!

    • By the way whilst you were snooping on my profile Josie Abreu, did you see my beautiful granddaughters. Pretty aren’t they?

    • Darling Josie you know nothing about me. I don’t need to jog as I’m not fat. I have done more than that in my life but unlike you I don’t need to skite as my family and friends know most of what I have done

  3. You would think they would check what is going in before they show it. I think whoever is running this show is getting too arrogant

    3 REPLY
    • Surely they can check what is coming through Twitter. Those so called LIVE shows are delayed. Y a minute or two. I bet that show could be as well. You don’t watch the clock whilst your watching it.

    • Another storm in a tea cup, and guess who’s pouting? The man’s got problems, anyone know a good shrink?

  4. an apology is not good enough – it should never have been posted – it’s easy to apologise after the damage has been done.

    4 REPLY
  5. What is being Catholic got to do with anything NOTHING, and Wendy then they can take a look at Andrew Bolt show I know its not the ABC but arrogance big time bias big time but don’t let the truth get in the way of a great story

    8 REPLY

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