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The Grand Final for the Eurovision Song Content tomorrow morning is hot!  Guy Sebastian is hotter, with the pollsters placing him in the top 5 to win the competition in which he is a wild card entry for which his own countrymen cannot vote!  Awesome to think such a thing can happen to such a terrific Aussie talent.  And one media personality had the good humour to ask if Tony Abbott will knight him if he wins.
Some would say the positive publicity he is bringing both inside and outside of Australia is well-worthy of a knighthood seeing as Abbott is handing them out like cookies this year.
Meanwhile, back in Vienna, Sebastian, and his song, Tonight Again, is one of 27 finalists in the final which starts at 5am tomorrow morning, and has been listed by bookies in the top five according to SBS News.  He’s a clear favourite here and abroad, but he still has his humility in tact, something every Aussie loves him for.

“A little competitive side of me just doesn’t want to come dead last,” he told reporters at the Stadthalle arena on Friday night (Saturday morning AEST).

“Because it wouldn’t be nice doing interviews in the morning with Australia and them going ‘So you embarrassed us – don’t come back’.”

When asked by a reporter whether he thinks Prime Minister Tony Abbott should knight him if he won, he laughed and responded.

“Well, he’s handing them out willy-nilly.”

Sebastian is to perform in the 12th slot on Saturday night European time (the event kicks off at 5am AEST)

Will you be watching?

image: Instagram: guysebastian

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  1. This comment doesn’t deserve an answer. Of course he shouldn’t , how can he be compared to Charles, who has done so much, AND a few Labor PM s thought so too, they gave him Gongs. BUT that is forgotten by new Gen.

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    • Just checked , Prince Phillip AND Charles gt it on 14/3/1981, Heir apparent to Aust Throne , The other one wasn’t a Royal it was Cricketer Tandulker , Given to him by J Gillard , when she was in India , was watching a cricket match in the slums and the boys were talking about their hero , she told them if they said nothing she would Knight him. So wasn’t discussed and wasn’t published in every newspaper . No one knew about it

    • Janet Farmer Prince Charles 14/3/1981, AND Cricketer Sachin Tendalker very quietly given by Julia, no one seemed to know anything about it . Certainly wasn’t broadcast .

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  2. Dawn do you mean Prince Phillip?

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    • she is such a sour person and a good reason not to vote Liberal or you to could end up like that 🙂

    • Janet Farmer Just like you are devout Leftie, I bet many over 60s have never heard of him. . I didn’t realise this had turned into a Labor page, What has Guy DONE. The Question was about ABBOTT, so I mention an opposition politician &am wrong .

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      • The question was about Abbott? The post was about Guy Sebastian!

    • only 2 people were knighted by your PM Dawn Bruce Prince Philip and former Defence Force chief Angus Houston and shame on you for not knowing that

    • Janet Farmer I didn’t say by whom I meant any Knighthoods. given by any PM s over the years, You were having a go at PM for knighting Phillip, my mistake it was Charles , I said others gave them out , too Gillard did, AND someone gave Charles one in 1981.

    • Christa Caldecott Yes I meant Phillip, But Charles got one too In 1981, and Tandalker , the cricketer got one from Julia Gillard !!!!! . But was not advertised . was a surprise to all. You all made a big fuss over PM giving one to Phillip, but forgot to mention The cricketer . Maybe you didn’t know ,either. !!!!!

    • Anne….startsatsixty brought politics into it & for this reason I think I will delete them. They should not be showing their political persuasion.

  3. Well in my opinion it would be no sillier than Knighting man who already has a title that out ranks Knights, yes I mean Prince Phillip.

  4. I watched Eurovison last night ..Guy has some fantastic competition, even he wins he sure deserves something.. I am hoping he does win , he is a talented young man

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