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Three years ago, it looked like Katelyn Lambert would never grow up to be an adult, and it was expected she would suffer enormous disabilities throughout her short life.

The little girl from the Central Coast of NSW was born with a rare condition called Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of childhood epilepsy that caused up to 1000 seizures a day. Some days that meant a massive seizure every every 15 seconds.

Katelyn’s father, Michael flat out refused to let his daughter live like this. He set out on a quest to find alternative treatments and discovered the miraculous effects of cannabis oil, which eased Katelyn’s symptoms overnight. He made headlines as the father of five who would would happily break the law to save his daughter’s life.

Who wouldn’t, right?

Imagine how Katelyn’s grandparents felt. Not only was their precious baby granddaughter effectively being tortured by her condition, but their own son was putting his freedom on the line to save her.

So they found a way to help. Barry and Joy Lambert yesterday donated $33.7 million donation to the University of Sydney to fund research into medicinal cannabis. It is the single largest donation made to an Australian uni.

Mr Lambert is the founder of Australia’s biggest independent network of financial planners, he is listed on the BRW Rich List.

“The experience of our granddaughter, who suffers debilitating epilepsy, has opened our eyes to the extraordinary possibility of cannabinoids treating not only her condition but a range of chronic illnesses that often don’t respond to conventional treatments,” said Barry.

“We believe this investment in the future of Australian science and medicine will provide the much-needed evidence to rapidly advance the use of medicinal cannabinoids in the treatment of childhood epilepsy and other serious illnesses.”

University of Sydney psychopharmacology professor Iain McGregor said. “This gift will allow us to explore one of the most exciting questions in modern medicine. The new science of cannabinoids has incredible potential for relief of human suffering … and to repair damaged bodies and brains.”

Katelyn’s grandmother acknowledged that the treatment using cannabis oil was unexpected. “When you get to the end of the road you try desperate measures,” said Joy. “I never imagined [Katelyn] would be able to go to preschool.”

 Katelyn has indeed just started preschool, thanks to the bravery of her dad. Hopefully she will be the first of many epilepsy sufferers thanks to the kindness of her grandparents.
What do you think of the Lambert’s donation? Will it help move the case forward for legalising medical marijuana? 
 Photo: Michael Lambert

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  1. What a very lucky girl to have such financial grandparents. Hopefully lots of people will benefit from the research.

  2. That is lovely but would he have donated the money if it were someone’s granddaughter.

    7 REPLY
    • Maybe like most of us they wouldn’t have even known about this condition if it was not someone in or close to the family!

    • No not true as that is one of the reasons why they have been trying to legalise cannabis for medicinal use for years now

    • Sure he did Suzanne, but he can afford it. I wonder if he has given money to the stroke foundation, or heart, or MS or MN or any other dieseases people/ childrne get?

      1 REPLY
      • Wendy, why are you so determined to give this family a hard time? They have stepped up to help not just their grandchild but lots of others suffering from illnesses that can benefit from this research. back off, or just say ‘Thankyou’ like most people would.

    • Wendy Biden, I find your comment offensive. Who knows whether or not he would have donated the money if it was somebody else’s granddaughter. it is none of our business.The man has donated the money now motivated by his granddaughter’s demise/condition and from this very generous donation, hopefully many more granddaughters (and grandsons) will benefit. I don’t know this man but commend him for his generosity and hope that good things evolve from it.

    • He most likely wouldn’t have known about this medical issue, and how much the cannabis oil helps sufferers, had his granddaughter not been so ill. So, it isn’t fair to imply that he only donated the money to help his own grandchild. I think most of us would be more likely to respond at once if a member of our own family was in need….which does not mean we wouldn’t also help others once we were made aware of the need

    • Doug lambert the man has donated money. That is good but wouldn’t you think he would have asked that his name would not be released for doing so. What sort of an ego does he have. As I said he is a billionaire who has donated money. What tax relief does he get for that as we all know that any donation over $2 is tax refundable

  3. It doesn’t matter why they did it, a wonderful thing to there. There are many people out there that do great things like this we just don’t hear about them.

  4. Well done the Dad, I too would break the law if any of my family were suffering and well done the grandparents.

  5. A very generous gesture. I hope that the research given all of that money Katelyn’s grandfather has donated, will lead to the discovery and development of all sorts of cures for a wide range of diseases and conditions. I too have a granddaughter called Caitlin Lambert!

  6. In answer to the question “Will the Lambert’s donation help move the case forward for legalising medical marijuana?” The answer is “Not while these dinosaurs are in power.”

  7. It’s very generous, I hope it helps find the answers needed for the use of this product.

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