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The proposed system by Andrew Forrest to have government controlled welfare payments last year will be going to trial in 2015.

The cashless welfare card restricts the spending of welfare recipients to prevent them purchasing alcohol or gambling in a bid to help people suffering from addiction and to help welfare recipients obtain positive financial habits. According to the ABC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Alan Tudge, confirmed the Government would go ahead with a trial in a number of locations around the country by the end of this year.

It will allegedly be trialled with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and Mr Trudge has said, “You could use it for anything, you could use it anywhere – but you simply could not purchase alcohol or gamble with it”.

A percentage of cash is believed to not be controlled but as it is a limited amount of cash, it will not be enough to buy drugs with.

The card has been welcomed by many – after all it’s the taxpayers who are funding this welfare. But some people aren’t in support of it.

The ABC reports that Greens leader Christine Milne has said, “I think it’s really offensive to all Australians to see our Prime Minister standing up with a wealthy and privileged other white man, a mining magnate, telling people throughout Australia who are less well off how they should manage their income”.

But if it’s people who aren’t buying the wrong things while on welfare, shouldn’t it be OK?

At the end of the day the big question about what should happen ultimately should be entrusted to the tax payer, as mentioned. They’re the ones funding the billions spent on welfare each year so we are the ones who should make the decision.

Tonight let’s chat – do you think it’s ok? Should welfare recipients be allowed to spend government hand outs on alcohol and gambling? Or do you support the concept of government controlled welfare payments… Share your thoughts in the comments below…



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  1. I think we are about to pay millions or billions for a system that is worthless. More taxpayers money down the drain.

    If I’m addicted to alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, or if I just want to buy a bottle of wine for dinner one night, how will this stop me.

    You just go shopping with one of your mates. Buy their shopping on your card and get the cash from them. Easy fix.

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    • You still will get some cash, but most of your money will be “quarantined”. I heard some politician say yesterday that you can use the card at ATM’s, well, just take the money out.

    • I think it will set a precedence and pensions will be next..this is what Forest wanted. and no one elected him

    • Andrew Forrest is just another rich arrogant piece of sludge that likes to dish it out. When he starts to pay his fair share of tax like the rest of the rich and famous perhaps this country will be able to look after those less fortunate.

    • LOL ha ha ha,fell out of bed laughing Janet. The rich and famous pay their fair share of anything. That’ll be the day. The Frasers aren’t exactly poor, but we will likely end up paying to bury Malcolm. They sponge off us till the very end.

  2. Here,s an idea if they have to go cashless..Why not go cashless for rent food and utilities and the rest in cash..Doesn’t matter who you are..we all need some cash

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    • I am currently unemployed my rent is paid by direct bank transfer my food is bought at markets that deal in cash only I buy second hand stuf off ebay all this just to survive would not be able to do any of this with that stupid card I would go under

  3. It’s a great idea yes yes yes

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    • They should not be wasting money on alcohol or be gambling with this money Miss Opinionated if they want to do that they will have to get off their asses and find a positive way to make the extra money required to waste on these pastimes.

    • If you want the right to spend money however you like there is an easy option , go earn it yourself . If you want a handout , there are now conditions . Self righteous is the attitude that you are owed money earnt by other people for doing nothing .

    • if you are an addict you will get your drugs or alcohol no matter what even by breaking and entering someone elses premises. oh or don’t people realise this.

  4. Aren’t politicians paid with taxpayers money? There is no restriction on them.

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    • They work for a living. Not welfare

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      • Working, your joking!!!!, Stuffing up things is more like it.
        But it is a good idea, maybe the druggies ans the druks kids won’t have to go without a feed.

    • Everyone who receives any kind of payment from center link is receiving welfare, this includes pensions and family payments.

    • Young people annoy me all ways got comments on how us oldies live they have all got a long way to go

    • they don’t work..they are a bunch of spongers and rorters..wonder how much Hockey has paid his wife for rent on his own house so far

    • dawn bruce do you call what there doing a JOB your right tho they get 250.000 a year but DONT SPEND ANY all put on tacpaper expence id love to do that id be MEGA RICH yea im on a OAP not on drugs or drink

    • Contrary to popular opinion, politicians are working for their money. That’s the difference. Don’t be ridiculous

    • your not wrong their they spend our tax money on whet ever they like go on trips gosh I cant afford a holiday the pension is lousy as it is and he wants to control what I do with my money ,go to hell Mr Abbott

    • I wonder which politicians are on $250,000? This idea is not a punishment , it is a trial to see if it stops alcohol fuelled violence and people gambling the money they should be using for rent and feeding their children. Somebody has to make start to do something about these problems.. If any of you on his site have better suggestions, let’s hear them.

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      • Very sensible comment Marie! I work with many of these families & see children going hungry whilst parents drink, smoke etc. I don’t care what people do with their own money but this is taxpayers money meant to help people in time of need, not turn into a long term career!!

    • Pay the rent strait to the Owner (you an than check up of all is above board ) give then food vouchers alcohol and smokes not on list.

    • Yes, as are public servants, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, ambulance drivers, teachers, external suppliers and consultants ……welfare recipients etc.

    • Bev Parratt you are so right. Most politicians on both sides will be better off financially if they persued their profession.
      So let’s cut the crap that the media is feeding us.
      Like a silly fish we swallow the bait.

    • @Dawn Bruce and all you fools who believe politicians “work” for their money. There is absolutely no comparison. Please do not be so gullible as to believe that politicians do it tough or have much integrity.

    • sounds sensible BUT and there is always a but .what about those who need their drugs and will steal break. in beat people can’t stop them …not saying who they are but we are talking about drug addiction. any other ideas …

    • Couldn’t agree more. I suggest politicians are also given the cashless card, that way they would also be accountable for what they put on their tax payer funded credit cards. No more booking up private services on their credit card. Call girl services and trips to wine regions ring a bell.

    • All of you talking about politicians work have any of you researched how much they get when they are not working? Mega dollars for the rest of their life for doing nothing. This should stop before anything else

    • And Teresa politicians don’t get $250 000 a year either .
      And no I. Not one ! But I did always wonder what we paid them so I did some research . Our PM gets less than most other countries leaders .
      However , contrary to whether you believe it or not ,
      politicians work for the money our tax pays them , what work do welfare recipients do ? IF and ( this is only for some not all ) you sit at home on your A%^*# and collect a free pay check in the form
      of welfare ( people’s
      taxes ) yes , food and
      bills should be the
      priority , it is an
      assistance package , NOT -a right if passage .
      And what about all the citizens who worked all their life paid taxes all their life and because they own a house and have savings they are NOT entitled to a pension . Where does that seem fair ? Why should they pay you ? Or anyone else , if they don’t have any entitlement to any of the $ $$$$$$$& they paid in taxes over 50 years of hard work . ? That’s why people get cranky .
      I’m sick of you people putting down people who work bloody hard to get where they are . Without them there would be no money for welfare .

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      • The pm is on over 500,000 a year and the base salary for a back bencher is 190,000 let alone all the perks they get even when they leave politics.

    • Everyone quick to call beneficiaries doll bludgers, my partner has been looking for full time work for two years now with no luck. He’s has work here and there but not enough to support his family instead of pointing fingers what about work incentives for employers to hire full time.

  5. For the people who smoke, drink, take drugs and gamble instead of feeding their kids it could help

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    • You’re naive and gullible if you think this about curtailing alcohol and drug abuse. If they wanted to do so, they’d shut down or even regulate bottle shops and casinos and even stop splurging money on booze themselves right wing politicians and CEOs, I’m looking at you.

  6. Yes they should be restricted, I know far too many people who are just spending it on drugs and booze and theri kids are going without food and clothing. A lot of them are on the dole and refuse to work and usually the grandparents have to make sure the kids are fed. I really hope it is put in place in all areas very soon.

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    • tattoos do cost a lot of money Julie , I agree, they are a problem too. My ex son in law is such a waste of space, as long as I’ve known him he refuses to work , he doesn’t pay bills, he got my daughter on drugs and that.s where alot of the money went, also on play stations and games, anything but the children. my partner and I spent most of our money paying their rent, feeding the kids and trying to keep them clothed. I just don’t understand why something like this wasn’t done ten years ago and why nothing is done about these dole bludgers.

    • Lofty most pensioners paid taxes so why shouldn’t they get the pension. FYI, I am. Of age but do not draw a pension!

    • I’m not talking about aged pensioners, only single mother’s and father’s and dole. There are so many young people in this area that are using their money for drugs and booze and the police are here every day and night trying to deal with them.

    • We used to own a motel where we housed DOH tenants who had been evicted for various guy decided on tatoos instead of supporting his children and even bragged about it!

    • my partner has worked really hard all his life and was made redundant 12 months ago and he can’t even get a payment from Centrelink, at the moment we are desperately trying to get money from his Super which is very difficult, we have $300 in the bank and that’s not even enough to pay our rent, so we are living off bread and milk and the meat that I was fortunate enough to have stored in the freezer. we have each other and that’s all that matters and we will muddle through and my partner is waiting to have his cataracts done before he can find work, his eyes are that bad he can no longer drive.

    • Don’t stereotype people. Single parents and people on welfare do it pretty tough and not all are drug addicts or alcoholics. You obviously live in an area where there is a big problem but please don’t judge everyone the same

    • I’m not judging everyone but unfortunately this sort of thing is quite common especially in housing commission areas and something needs to be done to stop it now, if people aren’t buying drugs and booze then what is the problem? if I was in that position, I’d be only too happy to have one of these cards.

    • Let’s hope you never need social security thro’ Centrelink, dianne, as you’ll likely waste it on drugs and booze!!

    • we have $300 in the bank, do not own our own home and I am unable to work because of disc problems in my neck and I’ve lost the use of one arm because of it.

    • My husband got a redundancy and we can’t get centre link for 2 years that’s the rules. We put it in his super and we draw a pension from that. He is 61.

    • … let us all just try to imagine how we could walk a mile in their shoes B4 we ‘box’ people….

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      • That is the most sensible thing I have read today

    • Why should genuinely honest law abiding citizens who due to unforseen circumstances are on welfare, have to suffer because of those who rort the system.

    • We have 2 / 1/2 % of our population…that will never work in their lifetime… this is 3 generation of people in our community… that lives on welfare… this is not acceptable …..Note people on disability… or mental health are not included in this…as this people need our full support….this card the government is bringing out.. is very good.. (Not this card is not for Pension. )… it will target the people that to the wrong thing….we must not forget..we as taxpayer don’t like to support someone… that will never find work in there life time…that will take money away from… Pensioner… mentally ill… disability people…its not the government that is paying pension.. or for mentally ill.. disability… unemployment…this money come from as all the taxpayer….we need to help the people that are in need…. but not to make a lifestyle out of the taxpayer money…..

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      • Brigitte, I agree with you mostly but I can guaruntee you, as someone on a partial disability pension… it’s not a lifestyle choice. It’s super hard to get the pension and it’s not exactly huge when you do get it. The only way we manage is that my husband works (hence the partial pension) and I have become very good at budgeting. I would never have chosen this life for myself or my husband… I would much prefer to be out doing something productive in society. I actually miss working!

  7. is this Tony Abbotts Lifestyle choices adults have the right to make their own decisions in life. I do not drink smoke or gamble but that is my choice, I don’t need some politician telling me what I can and cannot do. the moment Scott Morrison got this portfolio I knew the poorer people would be getting stomped on. Shame on the Abbott Government I hope they never get back in.

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