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Today it was revealed that Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison has confirmed a deal with Senate cross benchers that will mean the government almost doubles the Australian annual refugee intake in exchange for the cross benchers support for the bill to resurrect temporary visas.

This is a move that will cost the government about $100 million but will allow 7,500 new people seeking asylum into Australia.

According to the ABC, the increase will occur over four years and will bring the total intake to 18,750 people. The temporary visa bill will mean that the 25,000 asylum seekers that are currently on bridging visas will be allowed work rights.

This is a huge breakthrough as Australian laws around asylum seekers have been under heavy public and political debate in the last few years. Mr Morrison is already undergoing the defence against accusations that officials mistreated two heavily pregnant Iranian women in a Darwin facility.

So tonight tell us, what are your thoughts on this? Is it a good move? 


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  1. It is a decent thing to increase our refugee intake, particularly if we give priority to those who are waiting in refugee camps or are under attack from terrorists like ISIL. In my view, a person’s status changes from asylum seeker or refugee to migrant once they pass the nearest safe country. Migrants need to abide by migration laws.

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    • these lot are country welfare shoppers.. they bypass safe countries so they can get our welfare payments…’

    • We have nowhere to put the refugees we have, let alone bring another load in. Bring those Christian refugees in if you must whose lives the ISIS ruined..then you might do something right, Morrison…it was bad enough when Labor was in charge.

  2. I know a lady whos brother wanted to emigrate here from England he had a job to go to to in the bank and yep he was refused.. he didn’t want any handouts from the guvment even was willing to get and pay for health fund and they still denied him to come but these lot the let in willy nilly… as for bringing more in I say NO.

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    • Of course….got to drain us…. Can’t understand your English reli being refused. Part of the Commonwealth. They let homeless bums from the benches of NYC in here who don’t work haven’t worked Bludge of our social networks too.

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      • It’s well nigh impossible for an American to migrate here unless it’s under a family reunion policy!

    • Excuse me… homeless bums of the benches of NYC… would you please provide me with some facts that support your statement?

    • Don’t you understand the government does not want educated Angelo Saxon people to come here because then they cannot brain wash the population with their rubbish reasons for bringing in cheap labour nurses who can’t speak English giving wrong meds to wrong patients ( Frankston hospital in 2012) I was there and witnessed it. Doctors who can’t speak English. Indians on dole getting cash jobs in factories in Dandenong, Hallam to name just two areas. Would you like me to go on I can give you a lot more examples. Alas we have brainwashed followers of both major parties who believe ANYTHING their so called leaders say or do. God help Australia.

  3. Where is the money coming to build them home . When no money to buy home for our homeless. So more Australian’s be toss aside put on the street. How will they get work when there no work for own. Government took jobs off Australian’s and gave them to oversea’s. So more strain on our welfare. When is this piss weak Government going to stand for us. They are so verey fee and easy giving away tax payer money.

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    • Joe if your going to be a rude azzhole. please..get it right? none of us live off “dolls” In the 60’s dolls were a drug..ever read The Valley of the DOLLS ? and Dolls are a toy that young children play with !! oh and by the spell Labor..exactly as I just spelt it.. none of us vote for Labour..unless we are contemplating childbirth

  4. No I don’t…. Too many here now we can’t feed house educate . no jobs even less now.. We are in deadly crisis with Jobs… I’m stuffed if I’m busting my butt to pay these people coming in here and wiping out our culture for their barbaric ways… What is wrong with this idiocy why don’t they show the real picture of destruction we facing .

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    • Barbaric ways? The sort of people that Australia take will be most likely refugees from wars that we are fighting in Syria and Afghanistan. Australia takes a TINY percentage of refugees compared to other countries who can afford it less than us. You commplain about people coming here in boats, well these would be taken from the camps where everyone screams that people should go first and wait. Australia has more than enough for everyone, people here are too greedy.

    • how many of these so called refugees will turn out like the ones that want there terrorist cells to destroy this country, people who are really in need should be helped in their own countries first before trying to get them to a another place where they may not be able to get jobs etc & become a burden on the social services of that country ie Denmark & the Uk & France just my opinion

    • Yes, I’ve noticed lately how greedy people are , as soon as this govt asks for someone to pay for themselves , or make a saving. Kicking and screaming , a bit like the ABC. But I’m sure ill get a lecture about politicians wages , the poor pensioners that are going to end up living on park benches due to a co -payment to help keep free medical afloat. And I’d be more than happy if it were the poor people from the concentration camps that get to come here. Not a religious group intent on staying isolated and blaming us for nog welcoming them enough

    • Lyn Mayfield – how exactly would you propose “helping people in their own country” who are being slaughtered for their religious beliefs?????

    • there are other countries they can go to but oh no they get welfare payments here so they tell all the family go to Australia they give u anything u demand.. while our own aged pensioners who have worked most of their lives and paid taxes get jack shit..they should be sent to other countries NOT ours

    • well all u dogooders out there why don’t u take these illegals into your own homes and look after them.. feed.. cloth..and do everything for them… and see how u get paid. bet none of u will ever do that …

  5. FFS you people make me sick

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    • So much hate and greed from so many defenders of their so called ‘christian values’ country. Perhaps they have forgotten what JC said “As much as you have done for these, the least of my people, you have done to me”. They are talking about less than 20.000 people… a tiny drop in the bucket compared to what other countries take.

  6. Not if they are Muslims , any other nationality but not them.

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    • Being Muslim is NOT a nationality for pete’s sake. It is the religion to which you belong and people come from all different countries.

    • they breed like rabbits like the African ppl they come here with that many kids and they all get FREE education.. while we have to pay fees and buy books and uniforms…

  7. somebody please work out a way to force these maggots into a double d election. We can’t afford him anymore. He’s destroying our country.

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    • yes he sent the poor refugees to new guinia OPPS no the kind and compassioate kevin rudd and the friendly labour party did that .

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