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We all know it exists, the “Australia Tax”. It is that ridiculous extra fee we pay to international retailers just for living in Australia. If you’ve ever tried online shopping you will know that buying something and having it sent here is ludicrously expensive – and not because of the postage or the exchange rate.

But, Australia Post has done something incredibly consumer oriented, and we can all wave goodbye to that Australia tax.

They have launched a new service that gives local Australian shoppers a US postal address, so they can shop at websites that offer cheaper prices but only deliver within America. The service is called ShopMate and Australia Post initiated the service last week in order to capitalise on the Christmas gift-buying rush.

According to the Daily Mail, Parcel Post general manager Kelly Heintz says the service will cut the annoying price difference suffered by Australian consumers. Something that has been coined as “digital discrimination”.

This will also mean that we no longer have to wait for Australian retailers to catch up to their American counterparts as we now have access to so many products so much sooner than when they actually reach Australian shelves.

It isn’t the first time a service like this has been available, but it is the first that doesn’t solely rely on couriers.

To find out more or set up your own ShopMate account, simply head to the Australia Post website:

So tell us, will you be using the new ShopMate feature? Does this excite you? Tell us in the comments below…

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  1. I would be interested.
    How do you access it.?
    Google Shopmate I guess.
    More information please.

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    • great idea to register just go to the australia post website

  2. Sounds great but what’s the point if it only delivers to the USA? I’m sure it does get here but it would be nice to have mentioned in the article how they go about it! I even read it twice to make sure I hadn’t missed something 🙂

  3. Apparently nobody on this site is a small business owner.
    Buying locally gives you a touch and feel experience, easy to try on, easy to return if wrong and keeping your money in Australia keeps jobs.
    In many other countries there is a financial limit to how much you can spend on your online purchases from overseas.
    The UK for example only allow you to buy products up to £19.99, that’s roughly $40.00 Australian. After that you pay tax, just as you would buying locally.
    If we want to keep jobs here our government needs to consider similar legislation.

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    • How many more companies do you want subsidized, THE MONEY IS THEN SENT OVERSEAS TO THEIR PARENT COMPANY.?

    • Thats find Pam I’m a great believer in “Buy Australian” .but some goods just aren’t available here.

  4. Well I’m a small business owner. Enjoy your OS shopping, because eventually there won’t be much choice here in Oz and that’s all you will be left with. All the small specialty stores will be gone. And please don’t try and tell me that if we give great service, we’ll keep our customers. Price beats service. Don’t believe me? Shop at Coles and Woolies?

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    • You are so right, but I do shop at Foodland, SA ownde and try to buy as many Australian products as I can afford, and yes they are disappearing at a rapid rate. Good luck with your business:-)

    • Thank you Pam. There is a big difference in service in an owner operated business to a chain store business. It’s just that there are so few of us left in retail.

    • Except in Australia you are at the mercy of Australia Post or inefficient couriers. Over priced and under serviced.

    • Did you vote Liberal ?? market economics it’s called, now you know how the car manufacturing workers and all the other manufacturing businesses greedy bosses and LNP have driven offshore and left their workers on the scrap heap. Eventually there aren’t enough workers to be customers unless they’re on 457 visas of course

    • I try to shop locally because I like to keep money in the area but it isn’t always possible as a lot of small shops charge quite a bit more than large ones and on a limited budget, price really matters!

    • Agree, I have on the odd occasion bought online when the product is not available here, but never to save money. I was a small business owner, and everything we required to run the business was purchased in our town , unless it was unavailable and then we were always happy to order it and wait for it

    • Mark Rich- stop making this a political issue. It has nothing to do with that. It’s just the push of the big retailers to expand their products, pushing out the specialty small retailers and the union demands on wages and benefits that makes everything else, associated with operating a small business, so very expensive.

    • Not sure why our voting choice had to come into this , we could have a long discussion on jobs and tariffs , but let’s not.

    • I buy SA produce and shop at Foodland whenever possible (bit of a trip for me unfortunately) and Aussie products when there are any. We all have to start helping each other or there will be nothing left that is made here. What we have lost in this country in the last few years is appalling.

    • I work hard at shopping local. IGA etc. have only used Coles twice in past 4 mths and that was convenience. No woolies. My personal protest against the big ones

    • Well the form a co-opperative and buy overseas and then charge 300% , just like harvey norman etc

  5. I wonder what the postage costs would be? Probably enough not to make it worthwhile. I stopped sending gifts to my family overseas because the postage cost more than the gift was worth. I shop online for them now and ship to their address. I would also prefer to support our local business because if we don’t they will disappear and our choices very limited.

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    • I checked the postal rates on the website. Too expensive for this to be a goer even if you did want to shop online!

  6. I fear for the future of retail specialty shops in Australia. Online shopping and the big players will kill them. Having said that I am guilty of seeking online bargains.. We are all price driven and loyalty is sadly a thing of the past.

  7. My first preference is still buy Australian goods and services. Not all American consumer retail goods are favorable in general. Just saying…

  8. I buy Australian whenever possible!

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    • Me too. I like to see, touch etc before I buy. Like to support local as much as I can. If only more people would do likewise. Save our small business and keep our money in our country.

  9. Unfortunately we live in a price and availability society. Even in Viet nam things are 1/4 the price as here. Doesn’t matter what you buy. So I wonder why the hike in difference in price…. I don’t shop on line at all. I do most my specialty shopping in second hand shops or garage sales or markets. Or not at all. Call me a scab call me what you like . local shops are closing fast ,banks even are disappearing. Forcing online banking. Soon we won’t need people even.

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