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Gina Rinehart is a very successful business woman, but she polarises opinion in the Australian public, not only over her sometimes ill-advised quotes on what Australia does wrong, but also the very sad tale of how she has treated her own family.

In an upcoming double episode of Australian Story, Gina Rinehart addresses the topics of what her father, Lang Hancock, would think of her business successes, and of the way she has dealt with her own children.

In terms of business:

I know very well my father would have great feelings about what I have done.

But on the matter of what he would think about the trouble with her children:

This is not the sort of thing Dad would be thrilled with.

Something of an understatement, don’t you think, given the long ugly, very public court case in which she attempted to rob her children of their inheritance, and in setting battle lines between them?

“Dad knows how hard it is to build a company, to try and entice financiers to trust us to do the debt financing and yet still be whatever-ed by a whole lot of litigation,” she says in the new show.

Her friend Imelda Roche cannot understand why the public doesn’t have a better opinion of Rinehart.

Every time a news story breaks there’s usually something derogatory to say about her and about the family relationships and it puzzles me why Australia doesn’t take more pride in her achievement.

This two-part Australian Story episode will air on ABC1 at 8pm on Monday July 6 and 13.

Gina Rinehart may well be a billionaire, but it could be said on occasion that the public has a very poor opinion of her. What do you think of Gina? Do her family troubles taint her business success?

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  1. Gina Reinhart fosters Public dislike of her by her actions and the comments she makes, this woman who has made millions from Australia could be doing so much more to help Australians. Instead she hoards her money and tried to steal from her own children. I have no time at all for her

  2. She is not a happy woman. So sad to think of the good she could do if she really cared about others instead of focusing on accumulating more and more wealth. Her life would be much happier and she would be more likeable. I guess we will never really know what drives her. So sad that our society hails people with money when they wouldn’t give her the time of day if she lost it all.

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    • I wouldn’t know what its like to have a lot of money either but if I wont a couple million some would go to cancer research I can assure u

    • Yes, it really IS none of our business, just a shame the media have felt it is their business to intrude upon her life. Her dad would be rolling in his grave to see how unhappy she has become.

    • She does give her money to different causes but does not boast about it like some others and the media isnt interested in any good she might do. Her children are greedy money grabbing brats but then she raised them that way. Karma will get them. She is her fathers daughter and thats how he raised her and he did it very well because she took his wealth and increased it 100 fold so he would be proud of her achievements but sad that he couldn’t teach her to enjoy her wealth too.

    • An only child, and a female at that, trying to live up to daddy’s expectations. Remember Christina Onnassus?

    • janne kelly you are right .most wealthy people give money to charaties but dont skite about it . the stench of envy is in the air on this post .

    • I note that some people say that Gina is mean and unhappy and should give more of her wealth away. How do we all know she does not give to charity etc. .. I don’t ! Most wealthy people don’t advertise what they give away and unless we have proof then I don’t think we should make accusations against her unless you know it is factual. People are ready to jump to false conclusions and criticise without knowing the real facts.

  3. Greedy and selfish even with her own children

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  4. Her private life, her private business. Who are we to judge?

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    • when it gets splashed all over the media and her children are coming to the press is pretty hard to ignore, she is a horrible women who cares only about herself and her bank balance

    • I agree, her private life is her private life, and I don’t care to know what sort of mother she is.But when she tries to buy Australian politics, it becomes our business. With her money she has far too much influence on politicians, her views on a lot of topics are very out of touch with most Australians. I have never heard of her doing any charitable work. She believes people should work for a lot less money! Easy to say when you have inherited yours I suppose!!! I find her views offensive….

  5. No I don’t think she is good for Australia, she wants to bring in overseas workers so she makes more profit.

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    • She has absolutely no idea how the average Australian lives. She should be giving back to the country that has been so good to her. How many millions do you need before you start helping others. She doesnt give a ####### about Australia.

  6. Who cares about her??? Feel sorry for her family ??? Why not help the poor??? Homeless ??? And cancer research ??? To bloody greedy??? She can’t take It with her when she passes???

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  7. Her passion is her business and it does provide prosperity for the country. I don’t understand why people think this is a problem. We are a free country! Maybe we just love to hang onto our tall poppy syndrome.

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