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We all remember the rompers and overalls our children used to wear with fondness.  Traditional baby blues and soft pinks, delicate frills and shirred decorations were all the rage.  And it appears our young royal is proving himself the Prince of Style, bringing back tradition to toddler-dressing with the perfect matching ensembles of yesterday capturing the grandness of his role as future king.

And while the whole world is watching in awe, it is worth stopping to look.

Prince George wore the exact same outfit as his father to the recent Trooping of Colour Event for the Queens Birthday. It makes you wonder what they did to store it so magnificently without yellow age spots or decline.

White button up shirts, knitted jumpers, contrasting belts and traditional colours make him look so elegantly well-dressed he could be his mother. There wasn’t too many people that noticed him wearing those awful crimes of fashion – Crocs – was there? [In fact there was – with these crocs selling out later that week in high street stores in the UK allegedly).

Buttoned up collars, complete with piped baby blue trims are the thing of yesterday, taking us back to the youth of our own. But some are not so impressed.

This vest sent London’s high street stores into, with it said to have cost just 26 pounds 95.

Knee high socks come from an era of tradition far earlier than today. Do you remember dressing your boys in long socks?

Overalls have been all the rage for boys all over the world since little George started to wear them as a toddler.

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Yes and they use second hand pass me downs… Good on them..

    5 REPLY
    • this page is one of the most royal slobbering of all …almost prostrate themselves with licking the ground the royals walk upon ..very odd,when their audience is intelligent older aussies ..yes I can unlike ..but they have some great articles … will try to hang on …

      1 REPLY
      • yet here you are still reading all this so-called rubbish
        pot kettle black

    • Rosaanna I am a anti Royal for Australia myself but even so I can still enjoy articles about a lovely baby royal or not.

  2. Yes , even futher back. l still have a variety of patterns for that era ticked away somewhere.Ladies as well. That was when we made our clothes.

  3. wait long enought and fashion does full circle

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  4. Sorry but am over seeing pics of the royals!! Every time you go on f’book..there they are

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  5. Only royalty can pass it off. Anyone else would be snickered at but I do like the ‘ not a mini adult’ look and hope to see more.

  6. I think that is what I love about this family, they are going back to older times. I dressed my little boy in the same. Dress our kids as kids and let them grow up when it is time. Actually looking at these photos this is how WE were dressed as children, always looking smart whenever you went out.

  7. Yes,,,,, I remember once seeing a 3mnth old baby dressed in jeans and a rugby jumper!!!!I dressed mine in white till they were 12 months old,it was the early 8o;s

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    • yes they grow up too quickly any how,my mum knitted a set of baby clothes for my daughter 40 yrs ago and I kept them wrapped in white tissue paper and she dressed her kids in them

    • Same my Mum when she could still knit made all the babies the beautiful feather and fan set. The booties, bonnet and little jacket all in white. She’s 91 now and can’t do it anymore but they are certainly much loved and treasured keepsakes

    • I used to use nighties, play suits, dresses, knitted jumpers, booties, bonnets etc until my kids were nearly 2, now a day kids aren’t babies any more.

    • My mum made the little dresses, changed color of ribbon for boys or girls, just passed down the line. same with most of the knitting , &clothes she made till they were much older. Were still quite good many years later.

    • i know what it is like sitting around in jeans and sometimes they are not very comfortable… so i can imagine how a baby/small child feels with a bulky nappy underneath jeans with no stretch…. also in shoes/boots that hamper their mobility. please young mums, put yourself in your babies place and imagine how they are feeling… from a concerned mother/grandmother.

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