George Bush does an awkward dance at memorial for Dallas police 9



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Former president George Bush is known for his public ‘stuff ups’, but this latest episode might go down in history as one of his worst.

Bush was attending a memorial service with his wife Laura and Barack and Michelle Obama when he was caught acting up at one of the most poignant moments in the service.

A series of moving speeches had just come to a close and everyone in the room rose to their feet as the choir sang ‘Glory,Hallelujah’.

While everyone else was bowing their heads in respect, Bush started to sway slowly with a smile on his face, seemingly enjoying the music.

His sway soon turned into an enthusiastic dance complete with arm movements and a big grin.

Michelle is seen looking over at him as he pulls on her hand, while his wife Laura throws him a few pointed glances.

You can almost feel the cringe-worthy factor seeping through the camera, with many people saying they felt sorry for the First Lady.

President Obama soon realizes what is going on and unable to do anything to stop him, he and Michelle seem to throw a ‘pity smile’ towards Bush.

Bush has been berated by people on social media, with many slamming him as disrespectful and just plain weird.

Take a look at the footage below and tell us what you think.

Was he being disrespectful?

Meagan Lawrence

  1. No, I don’t think so. He was NOT dancing. It is a piece of
    march music.

  2. I think given his age before people denounce him for being disrespectful they should consider it could be failing mental health such as dementia etc.

    1 REPLY
  3. i think he was just enjoying the music

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