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A school’s decision to screen a film about gay parenting during school hours has triggered a furious debate.

Several parents complained after Burwood Girls High School sent home a flyer informing them that all students would be attending a screening of the film Gayby Baby, which is a documentary written by a former student about growing up with two mums.

The screening was planned as part of Wear It Purple day, an initiative designed to promote acceptance and tolerance of diversity.

Local presbyterian minister Mark Powell told The Daily Telegraph he thought the day was an attempt to change students’ minds by promoting a gay way of life.

“Students are being compelled to own that philosophical view by wearing certain clothes and marching under a rainbow flag,” said the Reverend. “Schools are supposed to be neutral and cannot propagate a political view.”

Burwood school responded by saying students could sit the viewing out if they had a written letter from their parents.

Then final word came from above, with the state education minister Adrian Piccoli intervening.

“I have directed the Department of Education to ensure the film is not shown during school hours,” he said in a statement published on the ABC website.

The film is rated PG-rated and follows the lives of four children — Gus, Ebony, Matt and Graham —growing up with gay parents.

A Greens spokeswoman said the government’s decision is a “kneejerk reaction”, but Premier Mike Baird says the film is not relevant to the curriculum.

Watch the trailer below for the film everyone is talking about and tell us what you think.

 Do you think this film should be shown in school? 

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  1. If permission from parents then they should be allowed to watch it. You would only not want them to watch it if you were against it I would think.

  2. It must be hard but to be told by your mother “your not normal” would be the worst thing ever, these children need to be told that they are just as special as those with 2 gender parents , don’t let them feel that they are some kind of weirdos

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    • it is unlikely their parents would say (your not normal) be cause they are…by making a big deal of it we are making these children different. There is no difference to children with two same gender parents than a child being raised by one parent.

    • That at is what my comment meant children are all special and should not be treated differently just because of their different parenting

    • That is so true but that mother that told her child he wasn’t normal must have had some impact on him poor little bIy

  3. But it’s ok to teach them scripture of course….

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    • The fuss being made about this by the “anti lot” – will make the children of same sex parents feel that there is something wrong with them. I am concerned about the effect that this will have on those children. I agree with the comment that was made about children knowing more than parents realise, but then again there are a lot of parents who live under a bushel and don’t think that teenagers have sex and that they shouldn’t be taught about birth control and std’s etc. Seems like the olden days type of behaviour. Time to get with the times that we live in people, It is a reality that there are many children from same sex parents and people need to be informed instead of sweeping everything under the carpet and if we don’t talk about it – well it will go away and I won’t have to think about or deal with it. Wake up people.

    • that’s called living life & learning from your elders, not necessary a religious thing… early religious teaching were bible stories, which is all childern should be ‘taught’ as they are just stories…and again PARENTS should be teaching this everyday

    • Gordon Butterfield – if you don’t mind me saying – I don’t think that IS all that scripture teaches – Ethics teaches those things – but religion teaches a dogma and a belief system that isn’t always appropriate for some children.

  4. what are these parents scared of??? a film turning there daughters gay??? how stupid….some people have too many holes in their backyard….and there heads are in there toooo long!!

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  5. Why should our children be exposed to only one side of these issues — it seems to me these days that anyone who does not agree with these issues is biased and prejudiced and that we should all automatically embrace this sort of lifestyle. I am all for the students viewing this movie only if the other side of life is screened. It is a bit like evolution verses creation. Both sides should be taught in the schools but it is usually the evolution side that is only pushed down everyones throat.

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    • Most students in the school would have the normal, best family of a mother and father rammed down their throats often so this would just have shown there are other family constructs too. As for evolution versus creationism, science versus fable no contest, creationism has no place in schools.

    • Trust me – they get PLENTY of the “normal” Mummy, Daddy , two nice little children and a dog in a lovely brick house – but is that normal any more? I don’t think so…

    • this is where I beg to differ Barbara — I believe both sides should be on the agenda in schools — generally though it is just the Science version – evolution – shoved down the throats of our kids — you yourself have stated this should be the case by quoting — creationism has no place in schools – it is this sort of attitude that divides rather than unites. Evolution and Creationism should be equally taught. But no, evolution and this sort of movie can be exposed to our kids but heaven help if the Creationism or Christian concept of lifestyle is taught to them. All hell breaks loose and we are called biased. I believe both sides equally should be taught.

    • remember Paul – that is only your opinion. What I am saying is both sides should be presented not just one side. I am certainly not rubbishing Evolution — just saying both sides should be presented — likewise the Gay issue should not be shoved down the throats of our kids without hearing the other side.

    • Gayle Hoy it won’t matter how you present it , you will always be wrong in the eyes of those who disagree particularly on these sites, I am a Christian and have great discussions with Atheists , Muslims or just non Christians , the difference being they are intelligent articulate people who are genuinely interested in others point of view, plenty of disagreement but in a non judgemental way

    • The thing is though, religion ((including Christianity) is based on BELIEF..which is a choice and should not be imposed on anyone..

    • Neither should the evolution belief or the homosexual issues — that to is a choice Valerie — no one is ‘born’ that way — no more than they are born a murderer or a thief or a drug offender — life is a choice — but we are told left right and centre today — people are ‘born’ this way so one should accept it and embrace it. Well let them live this way — but give me the same respect in saying that they are wrong without making me feel like I am biased. If this movie can be shown in schools then give the other side the same respect of airing their views.

    • Well, actually Gayle Hoy.. gays ARE born that way! Good grief are we really still arguing this point? Back to the 50s everyone

    • Christine.. Thank you but I do perfectly understand the scripture in schools situation. Until recently, in NSW, those who opted out were not allowed to learn anything else during that time…now we have the Ethics alternative but it is not given equal opportunity as scripture classes. Is this really a good system in a STATE school?

    • The movie was not imposed! Parents were notified and given the choice as to whether they gave permission for their kids to attend,

  6. I dont think it is the schools place to be showing this as part of the ciriculum… if the pupils choose to go and see it in their own time all well and good. It should be discussed in social studies or what ever it is called these days.

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  7. As there is no evidence to show that children from same sex relationships are worse off than normal relationships, then why not. Stop hiding everything in the closet

  8. there will always be people who are gay its not an affliction is a natural process in the scheme of things. So what? everyone should just get used to it, its not going to change. If its your son or daughter, love must be shown, its an abomination to turn your back on them.

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  9. Why not it be shown in schools. It’s neutral what different is it that children be raised in same sex relation ship. When I was a kid we never heard of divorced or single parents. Let it be out in the open. I think it would be more educational than the movie I saw of some Italian historical theme of oversized overmuscled actors running round in a chariot race getting sliced up. I doubt this movie is going to encourage ppl to become gay. Same as wanting high school girls to go home n do some drag racing in their family cars. These movies disappointed me when I visited an Italian community the Italian males looked nothing like their assumed ancestors, very disappounted

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