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Rumour has it the backbenchers want Tony Abbott to push Mr Hockey to the curb. Mr Abbott has responded today by insisting that the cabinet has “full confidence” in Hockey. And whether he does or doesn’t isn’t what I want to talk about tonight. I want to talk about the repetitive cycle of elect, sack, rinse, repeat that our country appears to be doing.
Sitting back from Australian politics this sounds like another low confidence political scandal in its early rumblings.

The Australian and Fairfax Media reported today that two cabinet ministers have anonymously said Tony Abbott is being urged to dump Mr Hockey and appoint a new Treasurer if the West Australian by-election goes badly for the Liberal Party.
We’re several years into the cycle and you can now see an opportunity as it is attempting to erupt through the media. Bronwyn Bishop was last month’s instability target… this month’s is Joe Hockey.
Let’s face it, Hockey isn’t doing much different to what he has done for the last 18 months. Sure his budgets have copped a lot of flack, but where’s the new news in that? Surely the fact that there is no news is the news itself that everyone is clutching at.
And the cycle begins again… backbenchers are usually the first to grumble, with the media picking up on it and applying polling, pressure and scrutiny that can only make everyone more uncomfortable before they force a watershed moment.
Kevin Rudd had a moment like this. 18 months later Julia Gillard had one too. 18 months again, and it was Rudd again. Then, 18 months along we’ve seen Tony Abbott, not long followed by Bronwyn Bishop, and now Joe Hockey. Could someone in the media enjoy the headlines for government instability in this country?
Do you think this attack on Hockey is warranted?


Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Jo Hockey will be Prime Minister of this country one day. And I don’t say that as a fan. Let’s see if I get it right. He is very charismatic and will win the voters when he is not hamstrung by his current position.

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    • Merrilyn Glynn Hockey has been a terrible treasurer but even more than that !! these words will never be forgotten “the poor don’t drive cars ” it is a very offensive comment and people won’t vote that, it shows how out of touch he is

    • I don’t see that happening Merryilyn, I don’t see him as being charismatic at all and after seeing him on TV tonight, with the weight he’s put on, he’ll be lucky to make it to 55. He’s done a terrible job and hopefully people will remember that.

    • I fear that even though I hate his policies, the way we are being aligned to global markets will mean that we will be aligned to global welfare policies in time. It’s all about the dollar.. Our economy can not compete with the 3rd world wages, and we are being screwed. This in turn will impact on wages, welfare, pensions, medical provision. It has already begun. I don’t see anyone coming up with solutions. We are losing our exports and industry to globalisation. I fear that we are heading into a society where the aged wait on tables like the Asian aged as there is no social security. Families will be expected to provide for their aged. Personally, I am afraid that the way we are heading, especially with the Chineese trade agreement that the inevitable will happen in years to come. This then will be right up Jo Hockeys field. Watch this spot.

    • At the risk of receiving unkind words (!), I’ll put my 5c on Malcolm Turnbull leading the LNP very soon. I have no affiliations with any party, but it seems to me he’s the only one with any imternational management, legal and financial background. Also, he speaks well and politely.

  2. Need to sack all of them, in all parties,and start again, it all needs to be brought up to date with the 20th century,and they all need to be made answerable for all the cheating and lying they all do, it is all archaic and in desperate need of change 🙂

  3. Kick joe out to put him and bill shorten on the same plane to the Middle East. They want a republic go and live in one leave us alone

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