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Former Labor PM Paul Keating is known for pulling no punches, but he took his brutal honesty to a whole new level last night. What has got him so hot under the collar this time?

In a no-holds-barred interview with ABC presenter Kerry O’Brien at the Sydney Opera House, Mr Keating spoke of his desire to see Australia become a republic. This, of course, includes getting rid of the royals and doing away with the union jack on our flag.

According to The Guardian, he spoke high hopes that Malcolm Turnbull, who shares some of his pro-republican views, will make this a reality if re-elected.

“What are we going to end up with?” he asked. “Charles and Camilla, for God’s sake?”

He said Prince William was “the nicest royal to show up for donkey’s years”, but Australia did not need him and his lovely wife as our head of state.

“It’s an affront to everything we’ve created here,” Mr Keating said.

“It’s a spoof of everything we’ve done with ourselves in history to be landing back there waiting for Prince Charles to inherit the throne. It’s deeply sick”.

Mr Keating said no great country has a monarch of another country as their head of state, and that no great country has the flag of another country in the corner.

He also spoke at length about the need for Indigenous recognition, which he said was essential to make Australia a truly great country.

Mr Keating had the sold-out Opera House crowd in the palm of his hand – and was cheered and applauded whenever he delivered a particularly good line with his famous pithy wit.

He did not address what, if anything, should be put on the Australian flag to replace the union jack, or how Australia should elect a new head of state if we become a republic.

The Guardian said the interview will later be broadcast on TV to promote Mr Keating’s new book, the aptly-titled Keating.

Let’s talk: Do you agree with Mr Keating that the royals should be dropped as our head of state? Should the union jack also be axed from our flag? What about Indigenous recognition?


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  1. should stick to his Pigs !!!!!

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    • He’s trying to sell us a pig in a poke. No mention of how this wonderful “head of state” is going to be selected. And the winner is…..the richest, the biggest, the strongest, the name pulled out of a hat? No thanks. Republicans have a lot of work to do to convince me we’d be better off being a republic.

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  2. Who really cares !

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    • I do. They’ve got to get this right and so far its all smoke and mirrors, We need to know exactly how and where this glorious golden head of state is going to appear. So far, it will be out of a magicians hat – and we’re the bunnies who’ll be stuck with him.

  3. No I do not agree with mr Keating nor do I think he is a good influence for Australians

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    • A lot of people call Keating priscilla.

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      • Paul Keating is absolutely brilliant. Either you are too young or too green to understand what he did for this country. In his years as treasurer he did more for this country than any other treasurer has even aspired to!

    • Turnball is a turncoat anything to get you to vote for him once their in the promises are broken, here we go again.

  4. A brilliant mind,head and shoulders over any present day politician.

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    • If he’s so smart why didn’t he tell us how this god/goddess is going to be decided upon? Costly elections where the man with the most money and advertising wins. May as well have a show of bank accounts and the richest one wins. One thing’s for sure the idea that any Australian could become top dog is pure fantasy.

    • bring on republic the bloody poms who immigrated here want to be tied to englands apron strings but many Aussie’s don’t

    • Rubbish David, how can you speak for everybody there are a lot of Australians who want to keep it the way it is

    • Julia Metcalfe and did he say exactly how this President is going to be appointed? Selected by the low down filthy politicians who have greased their way into power at the time? How long between Presidents? Can we keep one longer if it is a good one? Can we get rid of one that is a bad one? Politicians to chose? NO thanks.

    • Leone O’Sullivan If Howard hadn’t derailed the republic debate, we’d have all those answers now. Short answer: a person chosen by 2/3 of parliament (i.e. not a pollie from either side)

    • I think he is right, it is time Australia stood on it’s own feet, bring on a Republic and it is not just ALP pollies, Turnbull wants a Republic too

    • John Howard said words to the effect of “Do you want an American type President?” and the answer back then – including from me was NO.

    • That’s because the republicans hadn’t decided on what type of republic to push. If they had presented a well thought out plan, it might have got through last time. I voted against it then and if it still has unanswered questions, I will vote against it again. Show us the proposed system and the costs involved and how long each president stays and how his pay is decided upon. (Does a female president get paid less?) etc etc

    • Leone O’Sullivan I totally agree, it was rushed without due diligence. However, the design of the referendum was compromised.

    • Even now – I don’t know too much about the GG. It’s important to know about his replacement. Not fussed on the GG being an army man who ignored the sexual assaults he apparently didn’t know anything about. He didn’t have his finger on the pulse did he.

    • I really like Paul Keating and admire his honesty but I do not agree with all his views on becoming a Republic except for the statement regarding the indigenous people. Eventually Australia may become one, but it should be thought out in great detail. At the moment we don’t need to become a Republic….more things to worry about and get sorted out.

    • Mike here-show me one single area where having a pres will make one squirt of goats piss difference. Will it cure the employment problem? Will it cure the drug scourge running through our country? Will it even do anything about the domestic violence problem we have? Will it give us a fairer level of fuel prices? Will it stop our present gov from giving more of our country away to the lowest bidder?

    • Exactly Christa. There is no need to go rushing into the dark. The pro republicans need to form a party, present a complete plan for the public’s approval and then hold a referendum. I’m not against a republic but I am against throwing out a system that works very well.

    • Keating looking for a new job. Hates Australia & Australians but still telling us what we should do. Lucky Australians can spot a fraud

    • Leone O’Sullivan your obsessed with this, I can’t see it happening for awhile but eventually it will happen. I would not get to worried about it now, by the time they make up their minds we will probably all be dead

    • Agree with Mike Dennison (June). What difference will it make to making this country a great place to live in? Having a President or changing the flag won’t make any difference; actually, it could get much worse. Be careful what you wish for!

    • I don’t think PK is an arrogant prig BobJoyCrowe, but he does sometimes come across this way because of his very dry sense of humour and wit. This was what lost him the Election to John Howard. He is a very savvy and intelligent man, but I don’t agree with all he says. Wish he would take over from Bill Shorten! Now that would be something…..him and MT going head to head. Great viewing eh?

    • Keating was a arrogant arsehole when he was in Parliament. Still an arrogant arsehole now. Go away we’ve had enough of his bullshit.

  5. This pissant old deadbeat needs to be locked up for treason, he definatly should not be listened to.

  6. I don’t know. They can’t run the country as part of the Commonwealth. Whose to pull them in line if we don’t have a governor general!

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