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Myuran Sukumaran’s mother, Raji Sukumaran, has written an open letter to Indonesia’s Joko Widodo expressing her emotions and berating him for refusing clemency for her son.  From one mother to another, leading into Mother’s Day, do you feel her pain?   

She asked him to imagine his own child standing in front of the firing squad and took him on the journey of torture her son had been through after his crime 10 years ago. The emotion is palpable.

“I am not sure where you were as the men you ordered to kill my son, and seven others pulled the trigger but I am sure you were far away,” she wrote.

“My son died knowing all his loved ones were close by waiting in a hotel room to hear the news that he had been executed.

“My son did commit a serious crime but he also apologised to your country and your people many times”.

“Myu spent many years rehabilitating so many prisoners. He hoped that he could help as many people as possible, to give them a chance to leave prison to go out in the world a little better than they came inside.

“My son never asked for his rehabilitation to be enough to free him from prison, all he asked was he he not be killed. Was it too much for you to let him live the remainder of his life in prison?”

“Mr President, do you think that your punishment towards my son after he had spent 10 years in gaol reformed and helping others and then executing him is fair and just,” Ms Sukumaran wrote.

You tortured him by making jokes about his life, making him guess the night he would be taken, openly discussing the way in which he would die, parading and humiliating our family.

“I hope that your children, your grandchildren, your nephews and nieces never make a mistake”.

“I also want you to remember when your child falls in love, gets married, makes plans for the future, that Andrew Chan also fell in love, made plans for his future and was executed. How would it feel if this was your son?”

“I asked to meet you, to speak to you but once again you could not even have the courage to face our requests to communicate with you”.

“Nevertheless, when there is any aid given from Australia, that was their effort to improve the partnership [with Indonesia], so it would be their right to give it, though we did not ask for development funds,” he said.

Sukumaran, 34, will be buried in Sydney on Saturday, and Chan, 31, on Friday.

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  1. This was a tragedy. To those who have condoned this, I only hope u never have to go through anything remotely close.

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    • Patrice Shakespear, do you know Frans children? if not your blowing smoke out your behind..Frans kids have enough sense not to do drugs

    • I am sorry if this has happened to you or people you know Patrice. I don’t condone drugs, sellers or users but most of all drug lords, which everyone seems to forget. Those who rope young people into doing these things. And please remember that these young men were just boys then. I f they were given the death penalty, then it should have been carried out in a reasonable time, not left them to rot for ten years. That is the issue and the fact that we all have the right to prove we have become better people, rehabilitated. It was the way it was done, not to mention Australia’s federal police heartless involvement. Drug runners or users, have the right to prove they can change. If you son or daughter took drugs and became a bad person and was caught, would you not want them to be given a chance to prove they could change?? My nephew did drugs for years and tried to kill himself and members of his family. Ten years down the track, he is a wonderful young man. None of us said, don’t give him a chance. He wasn’t forced to buy or take the drugs. As for you Berndt, it wouldn’t matter what I or anyone else said, you, in my opinion are and want to be a narrow minded unforgiving person. I am not trying to upset anyone, this is all my opinion and you all have the right to have yours, but you all miss my point. It is not the crime, but the way the punishment was administered over ten years and eventual death to young men who helped others and were not given a chance to prove they were better people now than when they went to prison.

  2. Say what you like, but being a mother I think this is very sad. I don’t know how I would cope if it was one of my children. We have them and we do our best to look after them and we all hope they will have a wonderful life. Then something goes wrong, but it doesn’t stop us loving them. I hope these mothers find peace. The gaols are full of some mothers children

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    • Well said Leanna we do the best we can for our children And sometimes some don’t conform But did these traffickers think about their families and how they would feel if their sons got caught I don’t think so Of course we feel for the families But these traffickers had done several trips before they got caught They thought it could not happen to them They knew the law of that country and they went against that law Knowing it clearly says It could be the death penalty

  3. I can not imagine being strong enough to go though what happened it is just so sad. I love my children and grandchildren without end I may not like what they do but my heart is not able to stop loving. Sad.

  4. Yes they are still our children we see no wrong in them god bless them

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    • They are our children but we need to see the wrong in them Dot…regardless of what they do wrong we will still love them.

  5. To those who ordered and carried out these murders karma will get you and I hope you suffer just as these families have

  6. My heart aches for these women, they have committed no crime but will have to live with this for the rest of their lives, always loving and missing their children

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    • what about all the mums of kids who died from drugs after being hook on them by drug lords WAKE UP

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      • Sadly, all those kids who have lost their lives to drugs made a mistake too. I don’t condone drugs at any level, taking, dealing, smuggling. I have stood beside close friends who have buried young sons with bright futures taken by drugs. I have wept with them, and I have grieved with them. I still believe these men had turned their lives around, and deserved a second chance – just as we all do.

    • Not hooked by drug lords -Nobody forces it into them -They choose their path the same as these two guys did !!!Surely a bit of compassion for there Mums isn’t too hard to give !!

    • I am glad I don’t you Amy Miller, you have a black heart with no compassion for 2 women who have lost their sons

    • Yeah sob sob maybe their worthless scumbag sons should’ve thought about that before smuggling drugs?

    • Diane am I am with you..heartless people to talk like that..let the boys RIP my heart a he’s for the mums a part of them died at the execution.

    • Yep and so will the parents who kids have died from the drugs smuggled in by these two . So stiff shite

    • I agree & my heart goes out to their mothers, however they chose to be drug dealers & my heart goes out to the mothers of children affected by drugs that these drug dealers have a lot to answer to

  7. Heartbreaking I pray for those mothers I can’t imagine the pain u are all going through..that President is rude and heartless

  8. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

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    • seriously? Wow. Don’t be too judgemental as you never know what your children are doing even if you think you know. At least have the courtesy to feel for their parents regardless of your opinions on what they did.

    • Maybe the political & media hype surrounding it…. But the discussion was about the parents. Until you have had a child predecease you……for ANY reason, you have NO CLUE!

    • DH. I have two kids and 5 grand kids and this subject is pathetic. I know all right. In my former life, I had to deal with this sort of shit and try to keep them off the streets in protecting DH’s like you from these low life’s. Bleeding hearts like yourself disgust me. F..k off and get a more productive life. Next we will be paying Welfare and benefits for one of their alleged wives. What a joke.

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