Federal pollies fly into Rainbow 82



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If the mountain won’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain.

It’s an age old adage that describes if one cannot get one’s own way, one must bow to the inevitable.

However, as our federal politicians flew into Canberra last night, they could be excused for thinking that on this occasion, the mountain has most certainly come to Mohammed.

Canberra Airport was awash with the rainbow colours of the LGBT movement and Australian Marriage Equality’s new national campaign slogan #WeCanDoThis, ahead of a cross-party bill to support gay marriage.

As reported in The Age, the Snow family who own and operate Canberra’s airport, hope that their very visual endorsement will add to those of more than 500 other Australian business and organisations to bring about ‘the end of “ridiculous” discrimination against same sex couples, including Snow’s brother Tom Snow, who married his husband Brooke Horne in New Zealand last year.’

The airport’s Managing Director, Stephen Byron said, “it struck me at this time how ridiculous it is that my relationship, and my wife and children, are afforded the protection and support of our government, yet Tom and his family are forced to travel overseas to get married,” he said.

“This issue transcends politics”.

It seems that it might be corporate Australia, that forces the government to act on this issue.  Australian businesses appear to be more in touch with popular opinion and have weighed in heavily. They know that it is the right thing for their staff and their customers.  Corporates from the Commonwealth Bank, Qantas, Kmart, the AFL, the NRL, SBS, Ten, Virgin and Westpac, have all thrown their support behind Australian Marriage Equality.  The impressive full list, a who’s who of corporate Australia, can be found here.

The bill, which is likely to be introduced next week by Warren Entsch MP and co-sponsored by  fellow Liberal colleage, Teresa Gambaro MP, Labor’s Laurie Ferguson MP and Terri Butler MP, and  crossbench MPs Cathy McGowan, Adam Bandt and Andrew Wilkie.

The Liberal Party, or should we say Tony Abbott, has not yet decided whether the Liberal Minister will have a free vote or will be forced to tow the Party line, which up until now has certainly been to oppose changes to the Marriage Act.

Mr Abbott, maybe it’s time to listen to popular opinion; to secure a well timed distraction from Choppergate and its wide-reaching, never ending fallout, and jump on board the bandwagon that both public and corporate corners of the ring are fighting for.

After all, the mountain is coming.  You may as well climb it before it runs you over.

Do you think it’s time for our politicians to live and let live?  Should ministers be forced to tow the party line or should they be able to cast their own vote?  If discrimination has no place in Australia, is equality not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?


Brett Wilson

  1. Politicians have got more important things to do than worry about a few dykes and poofs that wanna get hitched. Starting with unemployment

  2. That comment was not called for, any wonder why some people feel a pressed with bigots like you around….it is a very big issue and needs to be dealt with as it is not going away….yes there are lots of other issues on the table, like unemployment, pensioners, education, disability, mining, global warming, renewable energy, farming, drought etc, etc, etc but the marriage equality bill is just as important…..

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    • It maybe crap to you but it is important to gay people, they may not be as interested in the things you are does that make them less important no it doesn’t, the quicker it is dealt with the quicker it is off the table…..and everybody can move on…..

    • R u for real !!!! way less important then a child that is being hurt!!!! Hell yes!!! U are laughable !!!!

    • So if someone disagrees with YOU then you name call and in my eyes once you use the bigot or Nazi word you have lost a debate .

    • One way and one way only to put an end to this time and money consuming issue ! – a mandatory vote yes or no by the people. Not by politicians supposedly representing the people. Once done people of either persuasion will have to live with the decision and get on with other matters affecting our country needing urgent attention .

    • There are bills in place for abuse of children, bills for education, bills for this and that but the equality bill well who cares just move on, no it is very important to those who want equality……I called a guy on here a bigot because of what he called gay people sorry but it was uncalled for….I have never called anyone a nazi and never will, I did not call anyone a bigot for not agreeing with gay rights either. It will be put forward one way or another probably early next week.

    • OMG Time is being taken and wasted !!! What is the worst that can happen if they can’t get married????? All them poor children suffering waiting to be rescued, to be protected!!!!! And if this makes me a bigot ??? Well I’m a bigot and proud of it!!!!

    • Can you get off this please, there are bills in place for just this….time taken up and wasted by this well how narrow minded of you….

    • I am gutless and stupid for standing up for Equality am I, well I would rather be them than be a narrow minded idiot that can’t see past their own nose.

    • I agree with you Stephen Rado, it should be a vote put to the people of this country, not by Politicians or any other group. Not everybody is of the same opinion. At least that way everyone has a say. I don’t need our Prime Minister to VOTE for me, something like The Marriage Act is a sensitive issue and I should be afforded my Democratic Right. If not, that’s Discrimination.

  3. If Abbott is smart he will allow a conscience vote, if only to cover the back his own MP’S many of whom have gay people in their electorates, but I am not convinced that Abbott is smart, time for this issue to be dealt with and we move on. Marriage equality will not affect us in any way, except to make some Australian’s happy

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  4. It’s about equal rights for everyone. Discrimination is not allowed in this country so pass the bill and let everyone enjoy the life they wish to lead.

  5. I think politicians should have a free vote but I hope they vote on the side of semantics. No ambiguity in the English language.

  6. Way to go Herbie, what will be, will be. Don’t need this crap being pushed the way the minority seems to feel is justified. The country has more important issues at the moment.

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    • 73% is a fantasy poll number, more than likely polled in LGBT friendly neighbourhoods and peddled by dreamers to the rest of the population, no doubt helped by some friendly media types also.

    • Your living in a dream world Carl, just get out & talk to people about this ( not just oldies) & you’ll see what the attitude amongst people is, or follow other FB pages & see the support for equal marriage.

    • Carl Mitchell
      I guess you must mean that 73% of neighbourhoods in Australia are LGBT friendly.
      You sure walked right into that one……. LOL

    • We who believe that marriage should be betweeh one woman and one man and their children have just as much of a say in our nation as those who believe two men and one woman or two women and one man and children raised without either a father or a mother in their life. The marriage vows are sacred and not to be entered into lightly which means that people make a lifelong commitment and nowhere does it say in the vows until someone better comes along or until you decide to be unfaithful with a person of the same sex or someone else’s marriage partner. No amount of bullying will change these views.. .

    • So Irene Hough
      What happens when either the mother or the father die. Do you just get rid of the children because they are no longer living in your ideal marriage?????

    • You can think what ever you like into this,Ruth. Doesn’t change my opinion or thoughts. So I didn’t walk into anything.

    • Ruth I take it you put this suggestion because you also believe in abortion of unwanted children? Nobody else would think along your line of questioning. If you can’t work that one out for yourself then I’m not going to work it out for you.

  7. The government is hypocritical Centrelink a government department has recognised same sex couples who claim any form of benefit since 2009.

  8. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman as long as man has been on this planet.
    Gays have full civil union rights now and are free to love each other.
    Dolce and Gabbana are outspoken gays and believe in traditional marriage between a man and woman, and they aren’t the only ones!
    Wake up Australia!

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    • Same sex people are not saying there’s anything against straight marriage, there are straight people that choose not to get married & there are same sex people that choose not to marry, but everyone should have the right to marry if they want.

    • You have a legal union Lyn, what the hell more do you want, homosexuals cannot procreate with each other, so therefore they don’t need the traditional ‘marriage’.
      No matter how hard you try to be more normal than normal, you will never succeed..
      Just be yourselves and enjoy all the rights and privileges that married heterosexuals have.
      Do not invade our Marriage Act It is for the union of male and female ONLY.
      Make up a ceremony and vows of your own, specific to your same sex union. Then you will succeed and everyone will be happy.

  9. There’s a lot of pressing problems than the noise of ‘marriage equality’. Let us move on to help govern this country for the benefit of all. God bless!

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