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When Trent McCain’s daughter, Joselyn, approached him to look after her much-loved doll, Abbie, he couldn’t resist.

Knowing how important Abbie is to his daughter, the truck driver from Kansas, United States, took his tiny ‘granddaughter’ to work with him and documented the entire day’s activities for his daughter’s amusement and approval.

“I didn’t want Joselyn thinking I threw Abbie in the sleeper and forgot about her,” Trent told his wife. “She [Joselyn] has been sending instructions via Facebook all day.”

Joselyn was particularly concerned with what Abbie was eating for a mid-morning snack, but Trent pointed out that it was more important Abbie ate something.

“I informed her that Abbie ate what I ate, and didn’t complain. Hopefully she took note of this,” Trent wrote on Facebook.

He also took photographs of Abbie playing in the wheat.

And of Abbie hanging out on the truck.

Naturally friends and family loved the photographs and when Trent posted the images on his business Facebook page he quickly discovered just how fast the word gets around; the posts have been shared across the globe.

“We really had no intention of this getting past our neighbourhood,” Trent told BussFeed News.

We don’t think this will be the last time Abbie goes on an adventure with her grandpa.

What funny things have your grandkids asked you to do? Do you have a favourite adventure shared with your grandchildren?

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