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“At the moment, we are spending over $100 million a day more than we’re collecting in revenue. Now that’s unsustainable, particularly given we’re spending nearly $40 million a day on the interest on the debt that we have.” – Treasurer Joe Hockey, interview with Alison Carabine on RN Breakfast, February 3, 2015.

Mr Hockey has made similar statements in multiple interviews to support the government’s position that cuts to spending are needed to reduce the deficit.

To get $100 million of “overspending” a day, the Treasurer has relied on the Commonwealth Government fiscal balance recorded in the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook statement (MYEFO). The MYEFO, released in December mid-way through our financial year, updates the figures from the May Budget – including the deficit.

MYEFO states that the 2014-15 estimated deficit is $40.362 billion. It’s listed in MYEFO as the underlying cash balance.

The estimated deficit is a net fiscal balance for the entire year, so it does not really make sense to think about it on a daily basis. But ignoring that quibble for now, the numbers in Mr Hockey’s statement more or less check out.

In fact, dividing $40.362 billion by 365 and rounding produces a figure of $111 million – even more than the $100 million a day that the Treasurer stated.

That’s up from the estimate of the annual fiscal deficit of $29.8 billion – $80 million a day in the Treasurer’s language – that was in the May Budget.

MYEFO also tells us that the expected 2014‑15 deficit, or underlying cash balance, is 2.5% of GDP.

The interest of $40 million a day also comes from MYEFO. It’s a figure for the interest on Commonwealth government-issued debt, listed in table D7 of that document as $14.2 billion. Divide that by 365 and you get $39 million: Mr Hockey’s “nearly $40 million a day”.

Let’s put it in context: with a population of 23,742,527 as I write, each Australian is “overspending” by $4.66
per day, or just over $1,700 per year. And we’re each paying $1.64 in interest a day on our debt.

What do the numbers mean?

Internationally, we are doing OK. In 2012, the latest year with full comparable figures, all OECD members except for Norway and Germany had an operating fiscal deficit and most of them had a larger deficit than Australia.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 6.16.35 am

What about government debt? This is difficult because there are different measures, including net or gross debt, central or general government debt, or the value of Commonwealth-issued securities.

In 2012, Australia’s gross general government debt (at all levels) was 57% of GDP as recorded by the OECD here. But at the Commonwealth level, the May budget indicated that government debt on issue would have a face value of 23.3% of GDP, while Commonwealth net debt is estimated as 15.2% of GDP in Table 3.4 in MYEFO.

Most other governments had higher gross debt than Australia. Some governments, like Germany, had a fiscal surplus but high debt (89% of GDP in 2012). The UK had debt of 101% of GDP and a deficit of 6% in 2012.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 6.16.29 am

The Commonwealth government is AAA rated. It does not have any problem borrowing.

As the deficit and debt trend up, the credit rating agencies have started to mutter. The agencies, like Moody’s, rely on the value of issued government securities – on this basis, Moody’s states that “consolidated gross general government debt, which includes state and local government debt, is about 32% of GDP, whereas the median for AAA-rated countries is around 45% of GDP”.

On any comparative measure of government debt, we are still ahead of the curve.

How can we fix it?

We don’t need to worry too much, not right now. Partly because, as others have recently explained, the government budget is not like your household budget.

However, both the Parliamentary Budget Office and the Grattan Institute argue that our fiscal deficit and government debt are structural and need fixing in the medium to long term.

To do that, the government can either cut spending or raise taxes.

Commonwealth government taxes this year are estimated to be $353.6 billion (total revenue is $385.9 billion) but government expenses are over $400 billion. More or less, that is what causes our “overspend”.

Today, our federal taxes are falling. They were estimated at $360 billion in the May budget for 2014-15, or 22.1% of GDP.

This is lower than a decade ago: under the Howard government, federal receipts reached 24% of GDP. And tax revenues are predicted to decline further in MYEFO, by several billions, because of lower commodity prices and because your wages are not growing as fast as before. The GST raises only a small percentage of GDP in revenue and revenue growth is slowing.

In the May 2014-15 budget, the government proposed to cut expenditures including unemployment benefits and the age pension, and raise fees for doctors and universities. The government claims that $10.6 billion in budget savings have not been enacted because of the Senate’s refusal to pass these unpopular budget measures.

We could collect more taxes, if we choose, to fund public goods, redistribution and services.


It is true we are spending over $100 million a day more than we’re collecting in revenue and nearly $40 million a day on the interest on the debt. However, we compare favourably to other countries on deficit and debt.

You don’t need to worry too much right now about your $4.66 a day in “overspend”. But you do need to join a debate about tax reform that asks what you want government to do, how we can reform taxes to ensure prosperity, and how we can fund public goods fairly and sustainably for the future.


The article has verified the statement made by Treasurer Joe Hockey, and put Australia’s budget problem in per capita terms. Each Australian is overspending by $4.66 per day of which $1.64 is to service the debt.

The article also notes that Australia’s budget problem is not dire, although there is some concern that the problem is structural. The verdict deserves support – we need to discuss the prospect of raising taxes and/or cutting government expenditures in a framework that considers the long-term implications for growth, employment and income inequality. Economic sustainability requires an understanding of key economic rates (the interest rate, exchange rate, growth rate and the inflation rate) but let us not forget that changes to taxes and government expenditures also have implications for welfare and equity. – Guay Lim

Since publication a change has been made to clarify the correct percentage of tax receipts collected under the Howard government.

Have you ever seen a “fact” that doesn’t look quite right? The Conversation’s FactCheck asks academic experts to test claims and see how true they are. We then ask a second academic to review an anonymous copy of the article.

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Miranda Stewart

Miranda Stewart is a Professor and Director of the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute at Crawford School of Public Policy, The ANU. She is also a Professor at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne. Her numerous edited or coauthored books include Not-for-Profit Law (2014, with O'Connell and Harding, Cambridge U Press); Tax, Law and Economic Development (2013, with Brauner, Edward Elgar); Housing and Tax Policy (2010: Australian Tax Research Foundation) and Death and Taxes (2014, with Flynn, Thomson). Miranda was a consultant to the Henry Tax Review on housing and has authored many articles in national and international academic journals. She is currently researching tax in a global economy and institutions of tax reform.

  1. If we are …… How can it be stopped? …. And hopefully not by further disadvantage get the already disadvantaged people

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    • Hi Dianne.


      STOP BORROWING, and vote the bankster friendly polititians out of office, and create your own interest free money as Australia once did.


  2. I have heard many experts say the problem is not dire, it is being hyped up to make it look worse than it is, even before they were elected Hockey was talking in England of reigning in welfare, this has been a long term plan of the Liberals. But Abbott promised no cuts to Pensions and many believed him instead of listening to what Hocky was saying. They are liars, they lie about everything

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    • I think the G20 was a big discussion on how to get blood from a stone. If you read what David Cameron is doing in Britain you will see he and ABBOTT are working from the same instruction sheet. Both are targeting healthcare and welfare. These instruction sheets appear to have been printed and handed out by Barrack Obama at the G20, because the system’s Britain and Australia are trying to implement are the same ones America has. The American economy despite these heartless systems of healthcare, welfare and education, is in the toilet. Im stuffed why Britain and Australia would take economy advice from a country who just over a year ago had to close down all its tourist attractions, they couldn’t afford to run them. Obama needed permission from the senate to “borrow MORE money” because there wasn’t going to be enough to pay the defence force, public servants or pensions.

      Yeah, the america systems a ripper, let’s all copy that.

    • They are following the British template for sure and look at the poverty they have cause is Britain and that British PM of ours wants to do it here

    • You all know there are so many people out there getting welfare when they shouldn’t. If people are doing the right thing, no problem. Go after the welfare cheats please!

      1 REPLY
      • Hi Florence.

        Do you mean the cheats who are ripping off the tax system world wide to the tune of BILLIONS of Pounds Dollars ?

        Or those struggling to make ends meet?


    • The G20 is an organisation set up by the world powers to bring in the “new order” which in effect mean that their one aim is a one world money system, enter the euro, and a one world government. This is why England , America, Germany and Russia to an extent are aligning themselves. Australia was welcomed into this little hierarchy of power and is also trying to align it’s governing of our nation with what they demand. All this will take a few more years yet to be achieved but it will happen so in the meantime we will see many more vicious changes and cuts to our economy by governments. Abbot is a bit of a loose cannon for them being a Christian and an anti feminist so he won’t last but beware of whoever replaces him. What goes on behind the closed doors of power worldwide is astounding in its contempt of human rights and care of people. They are wicked through and through and are puppets to their master who we will se arise from the ashes of democracy.

    • Florence cooks source of information is Paul Murrray lmao.. someone should put you in goal Florence Cook if you know cheats and don’t report them, then your as bad as they are

    • @Florence Cook how about going after international companies that do not pay the taxes that they should? What about corporate welfare?? Stop screwing those who can least afford it.
      @ Lyn Joseph…. Well said. The fact that Abbott IS a loose cannon to the NWO is a good thing, even though he’s a twerp.
      The Australian Constitution is also unique in its structure as well.

    • Elise Kolar I simply said go after welfare cheats who are people lying to get benefits, what on earth is wrong with that, so I should be put in goal, you silly old woman, Paul Murray has nothing to do with anything I say, I don’t even watch his show! Yes go for international companies, for sure.

    • Florence Cook if you want to whinge about people you don’t know who may or probably not be cheating welfare start your own post. I don’t believe people are cheating, I certainly don’t know anyone and if I did I would contact Centrelink and report it. I think the biggest cheats are the Gina Reinhart and the big miners who get subsidised off the taxpayer ..read Bronwens post

    • Florence I do agree with you so much welfare money is handed out to people who have no right to it married couples one working away the other here with the kids lets give them the solo parents pension no I am not just refer to single parents either the are people who cheat the system. Weekly

    • Its Labors debt that Labor in the Senate prevent from being paid down. Labor have refused to pass even their own savings bills. Let Labor rule again. The Australia is truled f***d.

    • Neville Mander. No good saying anything here, just get idiotic memes thrown up, debate falls into name calling. Rich should pay more, but what they seem to miss rich are the people who employ, so raise taxes, less employment.

    • Naturally our debt will get larger as it is calculated on the DAILY interest on the Labour Govt BORROWING as usual.. Never had a labour govt leave with a surplus … FACT .

  3. Collect the same percentage of tax that we pay from the major corporations. Ptoblem solved. Not the few cents in the dollar they pay now. This is on record not a conspiracy theory. This includes overseas companies like Apple.

    10 REPLY
    • Ellie major company’s pay massive taxes, but labor MPs don’t tell you this they just want to get everyone up in arms against them, so if we tax them more it’ll make them think whether it’s worth doing business here, and if big business close or move all that will do is cut jobs and make us pay more tax, but you probably wouldn’t understand,

      1 REPLY
    • It’s not just labor MPs Gary. Big companies are making huge profits here and use tax loopholes to ship profits offshore without paying the appropriate tax. Liberals identified this pre-election as something they planned to crack down on, but haven’t yet. You really think Apple if they only make 80c in the dollar profit instead of 90c will refuse to operate in Oz? Get real. Same with mining companies….they go where they can rape the land. Australia is rich in resources, and gullible people. They won’t leave either.

    • That was a highly offensive comment Gary. I probably wouldn’t understand? I have multiple degrees and diplomas and have studied politics for many years. Please do not make comments like that because people don’t agree with you.

    • Its only common sense how the overseas companies come here and then send their profits back home – there are too many tax rorts going on. Labor is trying to shut liberals up by all their media propogandas etc

    • Ellie, you have inadvertently contributed…a ‘Flat Tax’…i.e. No free dollars, we have the debt divided by the population to give us the required percentage…who could argue with; if you earn 10x you pay 10x tax…the problem with fair – it’s always interpreted as fair to the individual asked!

    • Gary that’s the same old threats we hear from big business all the time. We know for a fact their tax payments are not what they should be. Totally agree with Richard Scott –

    • No I don’t think a flat tax is the answer. However, the amounts paid need to reflect more the amount earned. There has to be enough of an incentive for a company to trade here as we are a small market. This does not mean we need to beggar ourselves and destroy our country to do that.

    • Ellie I don’t know you and I don’t care who you vote for..come and sit with us on the non Liberal table. I think your right in what your saying..cheers

  4. They are not as bad as labor, they try very hard to bring the economy into the black, unlike labor who madly spent on stupid schemes, one which cost lives and thought up by Rudd and written on tissue paper.. We do need to pull in the purse strings and those hands.

    26 REPLY
    • Yes we do but it needs to come from those who can afford it not from the most vulnerable and those working hard to feed their families.

    • And the big bad budget emergency is just LNP spin and msn rubbish. Everyone is happy to pay tax but why not the rich. Let’s have a fair country and everyone will be happy because no one can argue with fair.

    • Actually I am not a Labor supporter. I dislike dole cheats and people who use the system as much as anyone. PAYE tax rates and access to services are being targeted while multinational corporations use every loophole made possible by brilliant lawyers to avoid paying what they should. Labor is not the only party who uses spin. The LNP has used scare tactics, focusing on terrorism and other issues to avoid the mistakes they have made. We need to really look at all parties and attempt to find anyone who puts Australia first. We should not be selling assets to China or anyone else.

    • At the time Florence, spending is what helped to keep Australia from suffering the same economic hardships as other economies during the GFC. The economic term is called ‘the multiplier effect’ which means giving money, jobs to those who need to spend, creates income for others, who then spend etc. It was the philosophy that Keynes? put forward during the Great Depression- when governments thought the had to tighten their belts for their economies to recover-he said, actually they needed to spend. Spend money to recover from a recession. The money needs to be in the hands of the poor, who have to spend to live-not the rich who already spend to live. Any extra to them, just builds their bank balances.

      1 REPLY
      • Well said fay!!!!

        The only problem is that we are only taught a PART of what Keynes had to say on the subject.

        He said that the money that needed to be injected into the economy should be at ZERO or NEAR ZERO interest.

        He called for the euthenasia of the Rentiers.


    • This government and the previous one are practically on a par. The thing I have most against the current one is that they created a non existent budget crises. Our economy was the fourth best in the world. This government has targeted the most disadvantaged people in an effort to fix something that is not broken. Come on people do a little research before you start believing what they say just because you vote for them.

    • Ellie Todd Tony Abbott is in the process of stopping Chinese or any other country from doing that. Google it and you will understand. And all this take from the rich and give to the poor. Pure socialism, so much of that money he gave to the poor ended up in pokies, bottle shops etc, I’m sure it could have been better spent. If you keep raising taxes on the rich, they will take their money and invest outside of Australia.

    • And what about tge billions abbott has forked out for fighter jets that don’t fly or the millions spent on new cars for himself and his cronies or the millions spent on the G20 or his personal round the clock protection team. What about his pay rises for himself and his boys club. Don’t go on about labor spending money which went out to everyday Australians when all the money Abbott has spent is for himself and his cronies and to try and make him look good on the world front.

    • Ruth you are spot on, they are spending like drunken sailors on themselves and making cuts to the needy, it seems we are going down the Greek way Big Banks and the politicians cleaned the country dry with corruption and then made the average person pay it back with their austerity measures!

    • The contract was started by labor, Rudd spent much more on personal security(and very rude to them.) Tony stays in federal police dormitories, you could see Rudd doing that. We have to keep up with protection and have bullet proof cars. Everyday Australians, give me a break. In some ways i hope labor gets back into power so all the above can see for yourselves just how bad it really can get. Doesn’t bother me too much, but I live simply and don’t expect handouts. They have no cuts whatsoever to the needy Douglas. What a load of garbage.

    • the government (any party) need safe vehicles these days to protect our government fighter jets i am sure will be needed we must protect our country G20 was planned by Labor and by getting together with other like minded countries is needed

    • Oh Florence Cook you have fallen for all their lies and spin! Fay you are spot on! We still have a triple X rating. When will they stop blaming everything on Labor. We are over it!

    • Thank you Helen, felt like I was in the trenches. Ha. Alana, did you read the article? It is no use trying to debate with people who just read rag papers or listen to the six PM news. I love labor, they look after ya, just like the unions do, yeah good Aussie way to go. Sheeples.

    • Where have you been living Florence Cook? They have cut so many essential services – cut out hundreds of jobs (each job was someone’s life line) made cuts to health, education. Tafe in this country is all but gone – and universities are going to be for the rich only. You think this is all rubbish? DEAF DUMB AND BLIND comes to mind. Wake up!

    • Bit nasty there Alana, all those degrees teach you to yell, very handy. Perhaps you should be a politician and you could put them to use. Anyone can still go to uni, but they will pay more for it. Now, excuse me I need to fix my Braille machine, hearing aid and alarm clock. Have a nice day….

    • If you use google as a source of information you will learn only what the mainstream media wants you to. The same media controlled by the multinationals.

    • Yes Florence. He stays in police barracks at a cost of around $3000 per night. Yes, Rudd ordered the jets but Abbott signed off on them. The contract had NOT been finalized when rudd left. Yes, the G20 had already been organized. However, that was done more than 10 years ago by the LNP (Howard). And Abbott more than doubled the amount that was to be spent.
      They already had bullet proof Australian made cars. Abbott didn’t like them so has ordered 6 overseas made vehicles at iver 6 million dollars. Abbott has spent more money on personal security than any other Australian politican since 1901.
      The reason Abbott stays in the police barracks is because he wasn’t happy with the work being done on Government house and has ordered another 5 million dollars worth to meet his standards.
      You say you don’t expect handouts. Do you pay $100’s for uour medications or do you get them for $20 under the PBS. Do you have a medicare card. Do you on drive on roads paid for by tax payers. Do you rely on the police or fire service when in need. Do your grandchildren attend schools either private or public funded by the taxpayer. Do you have a seniors card and get cheap bus or train fares.
      We ALL rely on government funding in one way or another.

    • We all rely on gov funding, that is why we pay taxes, we don’t all expect to live fully on gov assistance, big difference. Why not crack down on people who are rorting the system, that was what I said. I have nothing at all against the aged pension. This attached note may clear up The Lodge propaganda that you spouted.

    • Florence. you are so wrong, it is tragic. Reading from the IPA Manifesto, and congratulating yourself that you are above the melee. I hope that you have a tidy large nest egg stashed away, and inaccessible to this Government’s grasping hands, because they ARE going to robs pensioners!

    • I beg your pardon. How dare you, this for your information, is not a labor party web site and unless you are blind would notice comments that support both parties. If you are going to call people names, you should get your facts straight, which makes you now look pretty stupid. Oh dear, another fraught with paranoia rears it’s ugly head. IPA manifesto, Wikipedia …

    • And while you are all bickering, there are people out there madly fund raising AGAIN for those teenage “leaners” with cancer as government funding has been pulled!! Canteen is finding it hard to survive now!! A high horse is fine if all is working for the serfs but it isn’t expect a revolution!

    • They have cut services to the blind, the deaf, down syndrome children, your an immoral person to vote that Florence Cook

    • For goodness sake, what is wrong with you all a person makes a comment on how they feel about a topic and you jump out and tell me I’m a troll, immoral, gain information from a shock jock. Last time I looked this was a country where freedom of speech was allowed, but all your vitriolic comments appear to me to be nothing more than pitifully mean. You have taken it upon yourselves to define who I am ,yet know nothing about me. Pathetic and a very good reason to ignore you…

  5. There are many measure they could take without hurting the poor..try taxing the rich more, you would not here a peep out of us if they did they..instead they target the poor.

  6. As I have said before, we MUST stop borrowing from other countries so that we can donate to some other countries! Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is a recipe for disaster. Rather than increase taxes or further disadvantaging those that have paid tax all their working life, i.e., pensioners, STOP overseas aid until we don’t have to borrow.

    1 REPLY
  7. It is time that the wealthy started paying the same taxes as the ordinary taxpayer, also the overseas companies have to pay Australian taxes not taking their money overseas so we miss out here. I have paid my taxes for 65 years and haven’t complained paying them it’s just normal. Everything is given to the wealthy and big companies it is time they started doing the right thing and pay proper taxes

  8. All we need to do is cut all payments to X Politicians e.g.Prime Ministers,Premiers etc and cut Politicians pay rises and hand outs and we will save Pensions for those who have worked for it. Cut the Welfare payments , dole, single Mothers (only for 1st child) then see how many more they won’t have!

    7 REPLY
    • Absolutely agree Mary-Ann. Especially about payments to X politicians. I don’t know how all that started but no other profession as far as I know continues to be paid when they leave their job. Makes my blood boil. I worked 22 years of shift work for two major banks. Do I get a pension or any remuneration from them? You’re damn right, I don’t. They should all take a huge pay cut immediately. We pensioners have worked all our lives and paid our taxes and we’re still paying. When we were starting out raising a family, once you left your job to have a baby, your job was gone. No such thing as parental leave and being paid for 6 to 12 months. The world has gone stupid.

    • Yes cut the jerks and perks that all politicians get make them wait till they are pension age before they get a pension(not when they quit politics) stop giving themselves big pay rises and we will be fine

    • Yes, there are a plethora of “sacred cows” who do, and/or are perceived to, have an unfair portion of the pie. You missed one significant portion.

    • Very very well said Mary-Anne Oliver, here is Hockey preaching to us telling us to “tighten our belts” whilst sitting there with his snout so far in the tax payers trough, utter contemptuous moron.

  9. Anyone here that thinks the Govt shouldn’t be targeting the Welfare cheats needs to think about what their grandkids will inherit ( as in the country ). Welfare in this country is ridiculous, they pay retirees a pension that you can’t live on, and then pay a heap of dole bludgers to live on the beach and surf each day AND don’t start me on what it costs to maintain the tens of thousands of refugees that Rudd / Gillard let it. You all might dislike TA but he has done one thing very well, stopped the bloody boats and saved us billions in more Welfare payments.

    20 REPLY
    • your a rude man, I know many over 50’s who have been made unemployed since the Government came into power, they try their best to get work but there is none, did you know they have stopped funding the job network system that helps the unemployed find work? Instead of creating jobs , thousands have lost their jobs under this Government , we have the highest unemployment rate for 12 years

    • I’ve been called many things in my life RUDE is not one of them , it’s called an opinion Libbi Elliot, you have one, I have one , we may not agree but it’s NOT rude!!

    • we have many unemployed who come here Mark Tramby, you have given no thought or consideration to those people, they want to work, there are no jobs

    • Bindy Jones I have no issue with the genuinely unemployed or disadvantaged getting welfare, no where did I say ” cut welfare”, but there are thousands of welfare cheats who have no interest in working and these are the ones to be targeted. I know of ( and thus is a good example ) of a woman with 3 kids whose husband is a FIFO worker on $180k a year, she claiming deserted wives pension and rent assistance . Those are the ones I’m targeted not the Pensioners, the unemployed who want to work and the disabled who can’t , unlike what Libbi Elliot rinks I do have a heart !!

    • You are all right. Mark is correct in that it is entirely unfair to pay people to surf etc or think Australia owes them a wage. But it also true that many that have worked, paid taxes, find themselves retrenched, and won’t get anything from the new system to help them get back on their feet. There are over 750k unemployed in this country, and only 240k jobs. Of which only 20% of the unemployed are qualified to apply for! It’s about time job creation and targeted re-training took place. The more people working the better for us all!

    • No argument with that Scotty, my post suggested that the dole bludgers be targeted , not people who have lost jobs and can’t find another!! Welfare is a huge issue in our budget and in 100% for people getting it that need it but let’s cut out the waste so that money can be used for better things.

    • And I wasn’t aware the Government had cut out job employment companies , funny I’ll have to ask my mate who works for Joblink Plus in northern NSW if he’s loosing his job, when we spoke two weeks ago he’d just taken a promotion travelling around to their 10 or so offices in his area , doesn’t sound like they got the chop!!

    • Didn’t say cut job employment companies. People can’t approach them until Centerlink gives them a number and tells them which one they can use.

    • Libbi said they stopped funding the job employment companies , my response was to that . And is there an issue with Centrelink referrals , I guess this evens out the workload ?

    • But that’s what happens when governments favour popular public servant cuts to get rid of fat cat public servants…it’s actually the frontline staff that suffer, adding to the unemployed list. So you don’t actually get public service.

    • I so agree with Mark Tramby and I cannot see why in any of these comments you Libbi Elliot could label him as rude. This should be site for everyone to express their opinion. If you don’t agree say so without attacking. The old saying two heads are better then one sure should be kept in mind. I can give three examples of welfare cheats 2 Men I know been on the Methadone program for 16 plus years. Both have been to prison and are now classified as disabled and on the disabled pension with rental assustance etc. Both of them are lucky to get out of bed before midday unless they need to go get their dose. Another man with 9 children on welfare but works from home as a Mechanic. These are the ones that should be targeted. The Baby Bonus was one of the worst schemes ever. I know people who were planning what they would buy with it before they were even pregnant. Now those children and parents are receiving welfare. I disagreed with the paid parental leave scheme and was glad it was was dropped. Has anyone had a look at One Nations apprenticeship policy ?? I really think it would work. The others that should be targeted are the company director’s that put their company’s into receivership but have set themselves up so they can keep trading under another name. They advoid paying Tax /Super /Employee Entitlements / Suppliers but do not loose anything personally. We The Tax Payers and The Suppliers pay the price. There are so many lurks that need to be looked into.

    • If anyone knows of a welfare cheat they should maybe advise Centrelink. No point in whingeing about it here. What is the percentage of welfare cheats? If there are any. OK I suppose there would be some. I wonder what the estimated number of tax cheats are in the business world. Would business cheats outnumber welfare cheats? Certainly the amount of money involved would be outrageously higher per business cheat than per welfare cheat.

    • Lots of valid points here. But Mark, telk me, are you going to be happy when your car gets stolen or your house constantly broken into by people who no longer have funds. All those thousands of bludgers you talk of will be out on the street looking for easy cash. It could be your wife or son or daughter or mother who gets hit on the head for a few bucks. It could be you who ends up in hospital with brain damage cause someone wants your wallet.
      Think about the consequences and what will happen once the money stops. If you don’t have a solution as to how these people will survive then don’t start the discussion.
      And don’t say they can get jobs. The jobs are not out there. Abbott has loosened the 357 visa conditions allowing big business to bring in cheap labour. Less money in the community also means businesses going broke and more people becoming unemployed.

    • Trish Honeybrook, I consider it to be rude, many people who come in here are unemployed through no choice of their own, there is no consideration for those people who survive or try to survive on $300 a week, I have read post after post about them struggling just to live..when I want your opinion I will ask for it.. have a nice day

    • The percentage of welfare cheats is marginal. Though it gets hyped up all the time. They are very quite about big business and their tax avoidance. Its easier to target a person on unemployment/pension because they are visible. The person in the expensive suit going to his office etc is perceived to be a hard working business person. I’m not targeting individuals, I’m saying its a perception. As for the boat people that’s another perception people have. More come through the airport and disappear into the community. Again they are not visible. Those job agencies are next to useless. All they want is the government contract.

    • Well sorry Libbi Elliot but I take your ” rude comment” as offensive , I was simply stating my opinion and if this is a blog site since when is stating an opinion ” rude”. I never used a swear word, I wasn’t racist and I certainly was NOT rude!!

    • And I certainly don’t have an issue with our country taking care of a fair percentage of fair dinkum refugees , and yes I’m very aware of the overstaying their visa issues BUT if they did that there’s no way they should be able to walk into Centrelink and get benefits . I have been belittled on here as being rude, but as I have stated I have a heart and can understand that many are not in the same position as me ( self funded retiree).

    • I think it is rude and uncaring to your peers who come in here, who have paid taxes all their working life

    • So another one for the rude comments, so Bindy Jones where in my original comments was I targeting the people on here that have paid their taxes ??? Oh right, no where! I defended the low amount paid to Pensioners, and said we needed to attack the dole bludgers . Not once did I say those on unemployment benefits genuinely looking for work . Fair dinkum ladies, it’s a waste of time with you lot, you’ll just attack me regardless of what I say.

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