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Tony Abbott’s concession speech on Tuesday was a dignified one, however there was a hint of anger towards one particular group of people – that was echoed today in ex-QLD Premier Campbell Newman’s first interview since losing office – the media.

The ex-PM said, after losing the party room ballot to Malcolm Turnbull, “If there’s one piece of advice I can give to the media, it’s this: refuse to print self-serving claims that the person making them won’t put his or her name to. Refuse to connive at dishonour by acting as the assassin’s knife”.

Speaking to ABC’s Landline in his first interview since his Liberal government were ousted in a shock March election, Mr Newman said while he considered it an honour to have served as Premier, he would never return to politics, as his time in office was marred by incorrect reports, with the media portraying him as “a bad person”.

“We see particularly the electronic media portray politics in the same way as a reality TV show,” he told the program.

“It’s not about voting the bad guys out of the house.

“I took a stand on a number of issues that were misrepresented. For example, in relation to the National Disability Insurance Scheme – [I’ve] always supported it.

“What was then portrayed? Somehow I was uncaring and [a] bad person … there is no real debate.

“The media do have to take a big responsibility for what’s going on. It’s all about advertising revenue … you need people to click on your story online, so the more outrageous or inflammatory or exciting or titillating, the thing is, the more clicks you get.

“That’s what driving journalism.

“Journalists are just so important in keeping governments honest, I get that. What the community needs though, is to know that journalists are actually going to really properly manage themselves, and their profession”.

He went on to say that journalists are some of the least trusted professionals.

Campbell Newman was a polarising leader of Queensland, and was given a beating by the media in most peoples’ eyes. But the question is, was that fair?

Our ex-PM Tony Abbott also clearly felt strongly about the media, and also was no stranger to humiliating headlines, speculation and rumours. It’s had some wondering if that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, or if in fact the two former leaders are making a good point about how the media portrays those in power.

It opens a broader discussion here in our own community of over 60s, and we wonder what you think about the media. Are they biased? Are they unfair in their judgements? Or do they give a voice to those who cannot be heard? Do Newman and Abbott have a right to complain?


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  1. The blame game both Abbott and Newman cannot accept that they were not liked both had bad policies that hurt ordinary Australian’s. Abbott from day one has blamed everyone but himself. If the Government was a good one then the media would have had nothing to report

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    • Well Libbi I agree – Abbott was well known to use the media (Murdoch’s group) and the leaks where did they come from???? Also he was not averse to Ray Hadley and Alan Jones the high and mighty know it all radio shock.jocks. He took 14 hours to front the media aftef his losing the secret ballot convincingly to Turnbull and did not turn up to Question Time – mmmm leaves me wondering. Other former PM’s who have been ousted have had the good grace to show up, face up and accept what has been dealt. Not only a poor excuse for a PM but a great advocate for poor me and utilisation of the blame game. Guess if all print media TV Radio or social media was to his liking there’d have been no swipes. I find him a sad sad person who believes his own worth. Maybe he’s a nice bloke but as a PM he sure as hell didn’t cut the mustard. As for Newman well can’t say but maybe he too is like the former PM. AND I am not Liberal or Labour – have to really really think whom I shall vote for as too date we haven’t been too blessed!

    • Margaret Foster your entitled to your opinion..go out and put it in the forum but what I have posted is how I feel

    • when the ALP was in power and the Murdoch media was slamming the ALP, Abbott said exactly what Libbi Elliot has said..”if it was a good Government the media would have nothing to report ” are you saying Abbott was wrong Margaret Foster ?

    • I kinda agree – but o think the media is being kind to abbot they crucified both Rudd and Gillard – and are about to do the same to the current labor leader – repetitively feed us their self opinionated spin/propaganda to overflow. I wish they just report the fact I think most of the public a savvy enough to know what’s going on

    • A little unfair Libbi. As I’ve said before never let the facts get in the way of a good headline.

    • My observations is that those who bleat the most about media bias are thecones who generallt get more positive coverage but don’t like to be questioned and challenged. Abbott and Newman were turfed because they were not good enough for the positions and their policies stink Very simple really

    • if you care to step out of the political arena for one moment you may notice that there is a very valid point being raised here. The media are constant scare mongers and trouble stirrers, consistently stirring up strife and and inciting the public to believe stories that are not true and it just snowballs from there. Mankind by nature loves a tasty morsel of gossip at the best of times and that sells news in whatever format it is published – THIS is the point being made in this article

    • You actually believe what’s in the media? Seriously? I just look at what is actually happening.

  2. I didn’t hear Abbott complaining about “unfair headlines” when the press were airing his “ditch the witch” slogans

  3. Abbott is a hypocrite – no news to most of us of course. He was more than happy for the media to tear into Rudd and Gillard. Doesn’t care for the same treatment..

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    • Perhaps we should all remember that we are all hypocrites, that is we all say one thing and often do another. It would be wise to not condemn others too readily before we look at ourselves.

    • Margaret Foster we are not the Prime Minister of this country, if you lie , those lies only extend to your family and friends. But when the Prime Minister lies he lies to all 24 million Australian’s and no good was ever going to come of that

    • Firstly,speak for yourself Margaret Foster,secondly we are not elected to govern our country…..HUGE DIFFERENCE !

    • Margaret Foster I appreciate your admission that your a hypocrite but you don’t speak for all Australian’s and don’t put us all in same liar and hypocrisy boat as you !!!

    • Margaret Foster speak on behalf of yourself ………..as all politicians and under handed liers…….these men and women suppose to be running our country instead of in house fighting all the damm time………..they only thats on our politicians minds are their pensions and all the Perks thats Margaret is ripping off the voters of Australia

    • Must we be so silly as to correct spelling….if you can’t buy into the discussion, ,without childishly adding or correcting,, I haven’t got the time to be bothered with the nonsense. …..it is after all ,on a 60plus site….

    • Linda Helman – ? If you are commenting on Maria correcting her own post, why shouldn’t she. Otherwise what the hell are you talking about?

    • Mr Abbott and his supporters also conveniently choose to forget it was they who knifed Mr Turnbull in the first place. Too easy to blame others and the media. Abbott, like Gillard and Rudd was also lied to the people. All three were duds. Shorten will also be a dud. Hopefully Turnbull will do better.

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      • Hi Allan, I have been gobsmacked by the media claiming all will be corrected by one flick of Mr. Turnbull’s magic wand! This man represents the exact damaging policies as Abbott, in other words “SAME HORSE DIFFERENT RIDER” All the media have been making out Turnbull is the modern day saint.Well believe me he is no saint, he is definately smarter than Abbott was, but that only makes him more cumming and devious. Turnbull has sold his sole for power. He has turned his back on what he believed in previously and by so doing has proved just how corrupted he is.I do not believe this unit is our saviour. Rich class, born to rule, no idea of how the poor class live, no his type of person has no idea of poverty or hard times.

    • The media have a lot to answer for when they only print half the story and then run with the side they like the best for the money.

  4. Oh cry me a river, they were both bad Politicians who lied broke promises and hurt ordinary Aussie’s

  5. All media are a bunch of lying two faced hypocrites, couldn’t lie straight in bed if they tried.

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    • You do too, and I am not a pot calling the kettle black at all. I am saying that THE MEDIA are a bunch of lying two faced hypocrites of which I am NOT. What I am saying here is not lying, two faced or being a hypocrite.

    • Good for you. It doesn’t bother me when it is telling the truth but most of the time it isn’t. It prints headlines to sell papers and magazines with very little ethics.

  6. I think that both these gentlemen have a point. You have to wonder about impartial reporting when you have people like Rupert Murdoch owning some many and varied media outlets. That is an enormous amount of power. I have often though that a lot of reporters push their own particular beliefs on us. The power of the written word, the pen is definitely mightier than the sword.

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    • It’s not only the paper media, but the TV current affairs shows. Both the morning shows are terrible for sensationalizing rumors. They jump to conclusions, make accusations, and when proven wrong, never apologize.

    • But both these men used and malipulated the media in their attempts to win power from Anna Bligh and Julia Gillard and Rudd….but that was ok …wasnt it?????

    • I was speaking in general terms, not so much about politics, although I feel the media is more likely to be following their own agenda.

  7. If the media keep up this type of reporting we will end up with a dictator as our respected citizens would not put their foot forward. Good reporting should be about govt policies and where our country is going and how we as citzens can help make our country a great place to live.

  8. Abbot seems to be without insight into his own arrogance, it’s that which angered voters who do not need media to tell them the obvious. On a personal level, you insult my intelligence Tony.

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