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Breathalysers can be a necessary evil. you’re on your way somewhere and the police pull you over for a sample of your breath for blood alcohol analysis. It can be frustrating when you need to be somewhere, but because it’s not a regular thing, we just accept it. Well, that could be a thing of the past soon: Vicroads are brining in a policy that tests every single driver who leaves a public carpark.

They’re called ‘alco-gates’ and they’re a measure to stop road fatalities caused by drunk drivers. But should the rest of us be penalised?

The state government trial will begin from next year. The Age reports the alco-gates, which involve alcohol sensors linked the exit boom gates, were announced under the road safety strategy and action plan publicly released last week.


Sweden has similar technology that forces drivers to blow into a breathalyser when they arrive at a gate. If a driver blows over the legal alcohol limit, police are notified.

Roads Minister Luke Donnellan said the Andrews Government would invest $1 billion to implement the strategy, which aims to reduce annual road fatalities to 200 or less by 2020.

It begs the question, should this be implemented everywhere, from drive-thrus to service stations? Or should money be spent on something that the majority do, rather than the minority?

Let us know your thoughts today.

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  1. another lost of freedom , its full of crap

    1 REPLY
    • i wouldn’t mind at least the other driver wouldn’t be drunk or on drugs .

  2. Why not? I’ve got nothing to loose. I don’t drink. It would hopefully stop a few people getting killed on the road maybe.

  3. If they introduce breathalysers in car parks then they need to bring in drug detection devices also. I have no idea what the statistics are but I’m thinking the drug induced drivers would now outweigh drivers with alcohol in their system.

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